Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  MSN Fun with Fariza!
Due to some confidental purposes, click here.

Have fun! \m/ Hail.

Oh yes, apparently there's one metaller in my school besides me. I was browsing through my school newsletter, nothing in particular interesting as usual. I was merely scanning through the ever boring pictures, then one puny thing struck my eyes. A Devil Horn gesture. Yes, this \m/. Woot!

I'm so going to hunt that girl down and spawn the infernal revolution in that foul school of mine. Things are going to change! Brace yourself! For the Dark Lord is seizing his rightful dominance over the ignornant lands of this ever-retarded world. He shall walk the Earth and terrorize the living daylights of seemingly innocent passers-by.

Gosh, I do love describing the notorious ways of His Infernal Majesty! Bow down to him!


Oh yes, these few days had been heaps full of shit. All I can say is I can say bye bye to first three months in JC. Shut up! Don't ask for the L1R5 score fuck thing. Don't be a busybody! So, I'm setting my mind on polythenic and forgetting about whatever shitload JC fuck.

And yes, last but not least, I am King or Queen in my case for Chinese Prelims! Hail me!

\m/ In His Dark Realm, we dwellth.

HP Lovecraft so rocks!
Thursday, September 22, 2005
  Dark Light!
Dark Light is ripping into stores in only 4 days time!

Dark Light is going to dominate the music scene for the next few months!

Can't wait any longer, no more!!!

<3 Ville Valo.

And yes, I've been turning to a mega big time mugging machine. Great eh?! I don't know why the feeling of mugging has became so routinised for me and I have been numbened by it. The only thing I need is good metal music to last me through each session. Hehe. Can I say mugging quite rocks? Shit, I'm a real weirdo! Fuck. This can't be happening! But I guess it can be forgiven for this period of time.

Once again, <3 Ville Valo and HIM! Hail Dark Light!
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  Aftermath of a chemical warfare.
Woot, chemistry was a breeze! My idea of chemistry took a 180 degree turn, and my morale for chemistry is surely raised. Tan Leng Chuan aka the setter is bound for a good life, because he helped us to do well and get karma points. Good job, TLC!

Indeed! Nirvana for Chemistry!

Alright, back to this cruel reality of being a goner for Physics and EMaths. And, I have yet to face the predictable Ansar's Elective Geography paper, and Eric's merciless Add Maths paper. Hell has yet to unfold itself.

Burdened by the mounting grim tasks of endless mugging, I almost feel as if my talkactive bullshitter crapper side of me is slowly fading away. That's a real con of this fucked up task of mugging.

But to think of the time after those fucked up exams, the wait and mugging sessions almost became somewhat bearable and humane.

I can't wait for jamming sessions with Infernal Saint! I can't wait to show the fucked up society what I'm made of and what Infernal Saint is.

I'm already thinking of what to do after my much-abhored bloody Os, which include learning proper German (so that I can finally understand what Rammstein is singing), learning drums from Mel (if he's wiling to take me as a disciple), working preferably at Peninsula (any metal merch shop, most keen on To Megatherion - Owned by Impiety frontman) and last but not least, slacking and devle into the realm of the famous Lazy Syndrome whom I was diagnosed from Fariza.

God damn it. Can i have a time machine?

Oh yes, Roadrunner Records are having a 25 Year Anniversy All Stars Album. Pity that only Dani Filth is involved from Cradle of Filth. Fuck. I can't wai for his notorious vocals and his poetic insane lyrics for The Dawn of A Golden Age. Dani, you rock so much I can't believe it. <3 Dani Filth! The End by Dino camp sounded like an Emo Anthem. Bleah. Annihilation by the Hands of God is superb, and most reasonably delievered by the Joey Jordison camp. But still, Dani is still going to own everyone's asses and legs.

Damn. I really cannot live without metal. Metal - my medicine to life, my source of bouniful motivation and energy. Hail to metal, you must. \m/

Alright, I'm logging off now, catch you later and may the Dark Lord bless you.

-- Inspired by mortal nightmares, Ebony dressed for sunset... --

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
  No idea.
Phew, these last days had been a crazed mugging session.

My days had been very much routinised. School. Home. A little computer. Mugging. Sleep. What a life?!

Sigh, today's supposedly to be E(asy) Maths turned out to be a utter disaster of a massive scale. Paper 1 is a killer, my brain nerve almost snapped whilst franatically scribbling away those damnable decimals places and fucked up significant places.
Paper 2 is okay, managable. Generally, the best scenario I can think of is getting a B and thank your luck.

Tomorrow is chemistry. Woot, those information zoomed into my head like a USB port! I have no idea why the more I study chemistry, the more clarity I gained for it. Perhaps, practise or mugging do make perfect. But success can be short-lived, as they always are. Let me just hope my accidental nirvana can help me a hand tomorrow.

Oh yes, it had been drizzling with several thunders these few days whilst those abdominable exams. Since I have been so addicted to metal, especially Cradle of Filth, I imagined the track one - A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon's narration : And the Earth was void, and dark. And Darkess was upon the face of the deep. MUHAHA! Then I'll grin from one ear to another like a real jackass.

Oh yes, last but not least, i have found out the principle of flourishes or evil. It is to have Control. Moderation of control. Fusion of the hands and the pasteboards, move as one. Love the pasteboards. Haha. i sound like a pro. But really, now I realised that I don't need very huge movements or strength to flourish anymore, everything just came to me just nice. I guess i have reached a decent level in my flourishing career. Woot. Yay!

Haha, I can be so cranky with my brother nowadays. He got this unidenitified fucked up thing embedded in his flesh, so he decided to operate on it. Using a tweezer, he plucked out a bone/shiny/puny thing. As we were discussing what the fuck is it, we came up with ideas like the Buddha's sacred bone, black holes and an ingrown tooth. The black hole idea is absolutely absurd and proudly came up by me! Suddenly, I love talking crap with my brother. He's a talented crapper.

Alright, i'm hitting the sack or kicking the bucket. Whatever you choose. Night!
Monday, September 19, 2005
  Some pictures...
Now, dearest Emo kids, are you true enough? MUAHAHA!!!

  Dani, spare me a life!
Due to the killer physics exams, my brain has somewhat came to a instaneously rest after a gruelling 5 hours of acceleration in that -10'C school hall. You can go calculate the force i have used, and the latent brain matter fusion/vapourisation whatever.

Due to being partially brain dead, I accidentally typed ''dusk'' and ''ducks''. I have no idea why, don't ask me. ''Ducks and her Embrace.'' OOPS! Dani, don't kill me please!!! I'll find you a nymph for your vulgar delight.

Tomorrow is E Maths, I really hope E stands for Easy. But usually, that's not the case.

I'm a goner for my physics aka faeces. (faeces, physics, sound-a-likes) I must go pray to Guan Yin Ma for blessings and to print out tailsmans from www.guanyinma.com.

Haha, I have no idea why my head keep looping Cradle of Filth songs whilst exams. Perhaps, Dani is trying to help us The Filths somehow. Thanks, Dani! Haha, I was headbanging inside silently, somehow enjoying the time there amidst the nerve-wrecking bout of crapping through and maddening rush to finish the paper.

Bleah, in the ultimate end, exams are still there to piss you off.

STUDY! I hate this conformed and brainless society who just sought to do well for ther certificates, and not for the passion of the subject. They are just too brainwashed. I see no point in it, at all.

Oh yes, these 2 days, I'm getting hooked to Parkour videos. Those guys are fucking insane! Real life spidermans! Woot! Admire their death-defying jumps and drops.

- Song blaring : Dimmu Borgir - Relinquishment of Spirit.
- Mood: brain dead.
Friday, September 16, 2005
  Norwegian Black Metal addiction.
Okay. I'm getting real hooked to Nordic black metal. It's good!

Haha, this post is useless.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Rei ROCKS!
Hey fellow accursed readers, introducing my band's keyboardist, REI! She's our band's Nordic heroine! Hail her, not The Beast will hurl into his firey caludron and make stew!
  Random feelings
Sheesh, it's been a month since the raw carnage of Slipknot! But it only seemed like yesterday, all the visual madness and the heart-thumping experiences. Sheesh. Time flies. I think now my life is separated into two different portions, before Slipknot gig and after the gig. Serious, I have realised that a new person is merged after witnessing a Slipknot's gig. That new person is transformed, driven by an unseen force and who really don't give a fuck to the shit of this world anymore and somehow attaining a new level of clarity and purpose in life. Woot. What a change! I'm a testimonial to it.

And, I really hope that The Knot will come again as promised by Corey. I so want to relish that ground-breaking experience once again.

Anyhow, on a saner side. I really pity those people who are forced to stay back every fucking day to revise their work. Pity.

School, to me, is like the shittest place on earth where the most pricks and fucks exist. To name a few, pricks who likes Project Superstar and become totally fanatic about it, fucking wannabes/emos/wannabe-goth/wannabe-cool, people who speaks chinese, people who are just I-Don't-Like-Them. Reasons can be endless, and I don't want to list them here because it's even an offence to voice out my own views. Sheesh.

School has this mystifying effect of making me feel damn controlled, imposed, fucked up, and most of all, STUPID. And, I don't like that feeling. Enough said. School, after much discussions, still sucked. HAHA.

Oh yes, Family Guy rocks! HAHA. Watch it!

Here is one line or rather two lines that I enjoyed alot;
'OMG! Mom, I think I have a moustache!' the daughter shrieked in exclaimation.
'Nah! It just makes you look more distinguished.' said the mother.

Like what the eternal hell???

HAHA. Briliant show.

Song that I'm listening right now: Eeyore - Slipknot ( Do you want something heavier?! - Corey)


In Darkness and the Great Beast, we trust.
Sunday, September 11, 2005
  I'm not an Emo! Yeah!
I am 13% Emo.
Anti-Emo  ...hrmph.
Okay... so you're not emo at all.. you're probably not even goth, because goths are just messed up emo kids... you're probably a metal head(Hell yeah!) or into boy bands (NO for this!)

Make more tests at: If you are serious bored.

Anyhow, this is diagrammatic figure of how a fucked up emo is liked. I like the tears part. haha.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  Oh yeah!
Hey fellow maggots of Singapore, check this link out!

Click here. =)

Stay (sic)!
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
  Infernal Saint The Prototype logo.
Rei has diabolically created this kickass logo, and I made it even more kickass by merely inverting it. Hehe. Of course, the white-based is the prequel. The black-based one is the final one. And moments later, I have made it even more kickarse, but putting 'Draconian Offsprings Spawned' onto it. Haha. This shows how boring can holidays be.
Monday, September 05, 2005
  Effing Gay !

Muahaha! This is cool!

Kill the damn frog!
Sunday, September 04, 2005
  Withdrawal symptoms?
I have no idea why I suddenly felt high once again. That kind of high sensation I got at the Slipknot's gig.

The wounds will prevail. The scars of it is uncurable, no medicine can heal it.

I found this review, so decided to post it up to feed my withdrawal symptoms.


Set List

August 16th 2005 Slipknot Vol: 3 Subliminal Verses World Tour
Fort Canning Green, Singapore

Both my sister and I attended a Slipknot concert on Aug 16th 2005. I started queuing as early as 9.30am, crazy-yes, who knows when the next concert will be. I got some help from a friend to queue for me whilst I went home to change and came back at 2pm with my sis. The weather was hot and humid! My sister who waited inside got to meet Jim and have our tickets signed. The actual crowd didn't form up till about 5.30pm or so. By that time Slipknot had already went in to the stage area for their sound check. They arrived in 2 separate vans that caused quite a commotion for some over hyped maggots. We got treated to the insanely intense sounds of Eyeless and Purity coming out from the arena. The gates were supposed to open at 6.30pm but we were allowed in earlier, one by one though. Each of us had to be tagged according to our tickets. My sis was the first one in. She was so excited, she tripped and rolled over the floor and was cover in grass and dirt from head to toe, bruised her arm pretty bad too.

We were totally pumped up because we bought the VIP cage tickets a.k.a. mosh pits and the stage was 5 feet away. We stood ourselves right in front where we thought Corey would be. Sid with his huge black shades on came up the stage and stood behind the amps and equipments. The crowd recognizes him and began chanting, "SID! SID! SID!" and "STARSCREAM"!! He then got out his DVD cam and shot towards the crowd who then went wild. Although Jim was barely visible, seeing parts of him got another round of "JIM! JIM! JIM" from the crowd. He was nice enough to wave before leaving. Even Shawn from Stone Sour was there acknowledged the crowd. Thankfully there were no opening bands cause the crowd would've 'kill them off'. The only ones we wanted to see were Slipknot. We've waited hours, days, weeks, months and years. We couldn't wait any longer.
It wasn't even 8.30 when the lights dimmed and Prelude came on…I'm like, what the….the crowd just went wild! There was a tiny glitch so Prelude started again. The maggots were raring to burgeon on the subliminal mayhem that is Slipknot. Even as the smoke rise up, blanketed the stage, even as the fans sang each word, all eyes were peeled on the stage. As Prelude played on, the members came on Joey stood up..Mick was checking the crowd through his slits, so was Clown. It was awesome to have him back!!!!

Once The Blister Exists kicked in, those at the front, including myself were pushed forward, pressed against the metal barricade and the chain of impetuous moshing and head banging began. At times, you couldn't even breathe. All the way through the nihilistic 17-song set, there were no gimmicks, Slipknot stayed focused on the music and nothing else. Even with a series of clinical, un-maggot like and illogical rules that were administered by the local authorities, every song generated a massive response and each 'Knot member played a rock-solid performance. They're pure musicians and great performers.

Corey spoke after a few songs and said "They said it would never happen, we would never cross the border and now here we are." It was awesome to hear him said " to play for our fans no matter what it takes". "Singapore is just like any other country we played, just a little more strict. We have played before in countries with strict rules and we came to have a good time with our kids (fans).' Great to see a band that doesn't cower from local authorities to fulfill their fans wish.

Spit It Out went well and the highlight was when they played Purity which something they haven't done in a long time. Corey asked how many have Iowa and that he wants to see it in our eyes when singing. Guess he wanted to check how many knew the words and knew the words they crowd did! Sid came on down during Vermillion and walked past closely to check the crowd out. He was his usual hyper, manic self. I'm not sure if he even dive into crowds anymore though he did tantalize the crowd by standing at the edge of the stage like he was about to jump off especially when he adjusted his pants like "ok, get ready, here I come.." kind of gesture. He paid his dues by making the sets his home ground! It was awesome!

Clown was back in full action! Both Chris and he did incredible on the percussions. Joey was a killer on the drums-it was insane! Jim and Mick, man, they did a full on assault with their guitars. What's awesome was that we could hear Craig's samples! He ruled!! Paul has a new, cool looking Ibanez bass, which we could feel thumping. I thought his death mask that day was awesome! Craig had a hood over his death mask.

The sound system augmented every brutally beautiful note from each 'Knot member. The concert was chaotic but in a very good order, Slipknot reign it back and didn't let things get way out of hand-that's being smart unlike some egotistical pricks. At the end of the concert, Corey took time to thank the fans; he knelt down and bowed to the crowd 3 times! That's some serious shit. Us maggots were taken aback and let Corey know how much we appreciate Slipknot coming here. Corey said Slipknot would be back, so that's good.

While music is and always a priority, Slipknot proved its shows are both visual and musical experiences. Even as I write this review, 2 weeks later on I still get goose bumps thinking about it. I'm still reeling over the unbelievable realization that I have witness and was a part of the most powerful, ass-kicking, awe-inspiring and cathartic musical experience of my life. I know that the only way I'll come close to it again is at another Slipknot show.

- Courtesy of ProstheticScream of SOFT.com.sg. Thanks! Good review!

Stay (sic) and may the \m/ be with you.
Saturday, September 03, 2005
  Great writeup of Cradle of Filth by Real.

Black Metal history's earliest, most monumental moments were fraught with exaggerated claims and overt acts of evil that found bands' unceasing attempts to top each other with examples of hatred and misanthropy. While the claims were (for the most part) merely pretense, many bands turned the spectacle into a more overt form of theater. The most realized band in that realm is Cradle of Filth. A cunning sense of dark drama and spectacle looms over their music like gargoyles that keep watch over a castle; but just as imaginary as the gargoyle, Cradle of Filth's claims toward evil are poetic, not actual, though as many Christianity advocates have vehemently claimed of this ungodly band, there is perhaps no division between the two. But to dwell on Cradle of Filth's pomp is merely an overture to the reality of their sound -- patently evil. Not the sort of evil you learned in Sunday school, but the evil that is eked out of dusty books and reveals some form of ancient, forbidden knowledge. Their albums are elaborate, rococo orchestrations that are closer in construction to a Wagnerian opera than a rock song. Symphonies of guitars, heavy organ chords and female vocals play off of wickedly complex percussion. The most unmistakable element of Filth's sound is Dani Filth's vocal acrobatics. He screams piercing notes that find harmony with your night sweat's shivers, then drops to a dark, purgatorial growl. His lyrics dwell on typically gothic subjects: death, eternity, sex, blood and suffering. Their album Cruelty and the Beast is entirely based on the legend of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory -- cliche perhaps, but Cradle of Filth always create with an intelligence and self-awareness that reveals a great art.

I so agree with this writeup. Hail Cradle of Filth! \m/

  Cruelty and The Beast review.
Let's see individual tracks one by one.

Once upon Atrocity - Although just a short instrumental piece, I can sense the evilness surging up already.

Thirteen Autumns and a Widow - 4.5/5. I could feel the despair and the libertine in Eilzabeth and her relationship with her husband. Impressive lyrics belted out by the Man, Dani Filth. The atmosphere is well instilled.

Cruelty Brought thee Orchids - 1000/5. One thumping stone cold classic. You could almost smell the blood and witness the onslaught of torture meted out by the Countess. Madness at its peak. Enough said.

Beneath the Howling Stars - 5/5. All about the decadence of Elizabeth and her desparation. Rather good!

Venus in Fear - 20/5. Loads of nymphs screaming their lungs out as if in extreme pain, makes you shiver in your spine, resulting in you beginning to feel the actual harm done to the virgins by Elizabeth. Chilly instrumental piece.

Desire in Violent Overture - 5/5. About the desire of Elizabeth and the overall damage done. You could feel the triumph of evil and the felons. Nice track.

The Twisted nails of Faith - 10/5. The vainity of this abomindable wanton and her twisted thoughts. Twisted. Sick.

Bathory Aria - 50/5. 3 songs merged into one deliciously foul track. You have got to listen to experience the breathlessness after the song.

Portrait of the Dead Countess - 10/5. The Countess is dead! Loads of despair and decadence, sorrow and melcanholy.

Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of Carnivorous Winds) - 30/5. Recallation of the sins of Elizabeth. One impressive track!


Anyhow. Check this out, http://ruthlessreviews.com/top10/10blackmetal.html.

Thursday, September 01, 2005
  Project Superstar = Crap.
Argh! I can't take it anymore!

Project Superstar equals to shit and crap!!!

They are deliberating wasting airplay time and our recreation choices, by hogging up 4 hours. When the show started, those people up there seemed to me like lumps of abominable shit babbling Blah Blah blah...

They are all pricks who can't sing can't dance, simply cannot entertain.

I have no idea why some people are so fanatic to be about when you have like fantastic bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, HIM or Slipknot to idolize over. They are leaps and bounds better both in skills and the so-called X Factor. Sigh... Wasting your youth and energy away at such places. I pity you. Just accept it. Think about it after they sang, there's no vibe, no energy, no passion, no awe-inducing sensations, no sense of anything but a sensation of you just wanting to follow the crowd and shriek out in immature voices, "We support you to our deaths.'' in a similarly immature manner.

Gosh. You - ChinesePop so-called fans, are blinded and seriously restricted and narrow-minded. Open up, accept other choices of music, open up your damn heart and try metal music for once! Stop saying that Metal Sucks when you have not even tried once in your entire fucking life. Ignorant fools.

I can sense it, you are just wanting to follow the crowd which usually is on the dumb side, and trying to feel good and trying to be popular. Forget it, you will get nowhere by doing these. Just reflect, how long those those boybands and pop singers last? At most, I'll give them 1 year then they shall vanquish like vapour.

On the other hand, metal bands survived the rugged and mostly stupid and ignorant society. Cradle of Filth survived 11 years. Black Sabbath survived around 20 years, and they are still headlining Ozzfest.

Oh, please, for the sake of yourself and my sanity, grow up. All has been said.

Open up your hearts, stop stereotyping and acting foolish.
Shut up and listen.
Stop babbling in resistance, it is definitely futile.
Open your eyes, expose yourself to new heights. Or rot in the prick-infested wells.
Open your ears with an opened heart. And find yourself memerized for the first time in your life, in the briliant world of Metal. All the past ''hates'' have dissolved. With metal, then will you feel ALIVE, truly Alive.

It's all up to you now. Choose or die.

Call me an Anti or anything. This is me. :)

\m/ May The Beast bless you or destruct you into his diabolical abyss. \m/
  Another tired day...
Yesterday was sure a tiring day. Although, I slacked at the cross country run, by just walking around and chatting with teachers.

After that, Siping and Kailing gang took hell long of time to decide whether to take bus or take taxi, they suck!

So, we took taxi to Ang Mo Kio. I went separate ways to Orchard to meet up with Joesph Adeth for lunch. Went Macs for lunch. After that, took a slow walk to Plaza Singapura to see if there's any masks.

Then, Joesph met some of his friend, and did a devil horn lock. Haha.

Apparently, Spotlight is a very interesting shop. They have practically everything. Interesting! After combing the shop, i found nothing cheap and good except for a close up mat.

Then, went to Yamaha to look at guitars and etc. Went to Carrefour to play that lousy Casio keyboards, Her Ghost in the Fog!

What a boring noon! Then met with the bassist, Paul. They suggested to go to Parklane to buy some picks. Took another slow walk to Parklane, hanged out there for a while. Woah, I didnt know there are such interesting shops around.

Rei is coming! Yay! Meeting her at Peninsula, so we just took another walk to Bugis then to City Hall. Phew, the sun is indeed merciless.

Oh yeah, I showed Paul some tricks. I think he freaked out. Haha! Ownage!

In the midst of waiting for Rei, went to HMV, Raffles Place etc...

Woah there'a a very cool metal CD shop at Peninsula! The shop is better decorated than Far East's Iinokii. Cool!

So, we set off for a hunt for the witchcraft shop. NOPE. Case closed. But we had fun laughing at weird shop names, like Becuase We Like It, and corny Cowboys.

Then I have to rush off to Kovan to meet mom for dinner.

PHEW! What a long and perilous day!

The longest walk I had in my life. From Orchard to Douby Ghaut to Parklane to Bugis to City Hall. Phew.
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