Thursday, September 01, 2005
  Project Superstar = Crap.
Argh! I can't take it anymore!

Project Superstar equals to shit and crap!!!

They are deliberating wasting airplay time and our recreation choices, by hogging up 4 hours. When the show started, those people up there seemed to me like lumps of abominable shit babbling Blah Blah blah...

They are all pricks who can't sing can't dance, simply cannot entertain.

I have no idea why some people are so fanatic to be about when you have like fantastic bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, HIM or Slipknot to idolize over. They are leaps and bounds better both in skills and the so-called X Factor. Sigh... Wasting your youth and energy away at such places. I pity you. Just accept it. Think about it after they sang, there's no vibe, no energy, no passion, no awe-inducing sensations, no sense of anything but a sensation of you just wanting to follow the crowd and shriek out in immature voices, "We support you to our deaths.'' in a similarly immature manner.

Gosh. You - ChinesePop so-called fans, are blinded and seriously restricted and narrow-minded. Open up, accept other choices of music, open up your damn heart and try metal music for once! Stop saying that Metal Sucks when you have not even tried once in your entire fucking life. Ignorant fools.

I can sense it, you are just wanting to follow the crowd which usually is on the dumb side, and trying to feel good and trying to be popular. Forget it, you will get nowhere by doing these. Just reflect, how long those those boybands and pop singers last? At most, I'll give them 1 year then they shall vanquish like vapour.

On the other hand, metal bands survived the rugged and mostly stupid and ignorant society. Cradle of Filth survived 11 years. Black Sabbath survived around 20 years, and they are still headlining Ozzfest.

Oh, please, for the sake of yourself and my sanity, grow up. All has been said.

Open up your hearts, stop stereotyping and acting foolish.
Shut up and listen.
Stop babbling in resistance, it is definitely futile.
Open your eyes, expose yourself to new heights. Or rot in the prick-infested wells.
Open your ears with an opened heart. And find yourself memerized for the first time in your life, in the briliant world of Metal. All the past ''hates'' have dissolved. With metal, then will you feel ALIVE, truly Alive.

It's all up to you now. Choose or die.

Call me an Anti or anything. This is me. :)

\m/ May The Beast bless you or destruct you into his diabolical abyss. \m/
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