Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  Aftermath of a chemical warfare.
Woot, chemistry was a breeze! My idea of chemistry took a 180 degree turn, and my morale for chemistry is surely raised. Tan Leng Chuan aka the setter is bound for a good life, because he helped us to do well and get karma points. Good job, TLC!

Indeed! Nirvana for Chemistry!

Alright, back to this cruel reality of being a goner for Physics and EMaths. And, I have yet to face the predictable Ansar's Elective Geography paper, and Eric's merciless Add Maths paper. Hell has yet to unfold itself.

Burdened by the mounting grim tasks of endless mugging, I almost feel as if my talkactive bullshitter crapper side of me is slowly fading away. That's a real con of this fucked up task of mugging.

But to think of the time after those fucked up exams, the wait and mugging sessions almost became somewhat bearable and humane.

I can't wait for jamming sessions with Infernal Saint! I can't wait to show the fucked up society what I'm made of and what Infernal Saint is.

I'm already thinking of what to do after my much-abhored bloody Os, which include learning proper German (so that I can finally understand what Rammstein is singing), learning drums from Mel (if he's wiling to take me as a disciple), working preferably at Peninsula (any metal merch shop, most keen on To Megatherion - Owned by Impiety frontman) and last but not least, slacking and devle into the realm of the famous Lazy Syndrome whom I was diagnosed from Fariza.

God damn it. Can i have a time machine?

Oh yes, Roadrunner Records are having a 25 Year Anniversy All Stars Album. Pity that only Dani Filth is involved from Cradle of Filth. Fuck. I can't wai for his notorious vocals and his poetic insane lyrics for The Dawn of A Golden Age. Dani, you rock so much I can't believe it. <3 Dani Filth! The End by Dino camp sounded like an Emo Anthem. Bleah. Annihilation by the Hands of God is superb, and most reasonably delievered by the Joey Jordison camp. But still, Dani is still going to own everyone's asses and legs.

Damn. I really cannot live without metal. Metal - my medicine to life, my source of bouniful motivation and energy. Hail to metal, you must. \m/

Alright, I'm logging off now, catch you later and may the Dark Lord bless you.

-- Inspired by mortal nightmares, Ebony dressed for sunset... --

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