Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Random feelings
Sheesh, it's been a month since the raw carnage of Slipknot! But it only seemed like yesterday, all the visual madness and the heart-thumping experiences. Sheesh. Time flies. I think now my life is separated into two different portions, before Slipknot gig and after the gig. Serious, I have realised that a new person is merged after witnessing a Slipknot's gig. That new person is transformed, driven by an unseen force and who really don't give a fuck to the shit of this world anymore and somehow attaining a new level of clarity and purpose in life. Woot. What a change! I'm a testimonial to it.

And, I really hope that The Knot will come again as promised by Corey. I so want to relish that ground-breaking experience once again.

Anyhow, on a saner side. I really pity those people who are forced to stay back every fucking day to revise their work. Pity.

School, to me, is like the shittest place on earth where the most pricks and fucks exist. To name a few, pricks who likes Project Superstar and become totally fanatic about it, fucking wannabes/emos/wannabe-goth/wannabe-cool, people who speaks chinese, people who are just I-Don't-Like-Them. Reasons can be endless, and I don't want to list them here because it's even an offence to voice out my own views. Sheesh.

School has this mystifying effect of making me feel damn controlled, imposed, fucked up, and most of all, STUPID. And, I don't like that feeling. Enough said. School, after much discussions, still sucked. HAHA.

Oh yes, Family Guy rocks! HAHA. Watch it!

Here is one line or rather two lines that I enjoyed alot;
'OMG! Mom, I think I have a moustache!' the daughter shrieked in exclaimation.
'Nah! It just makes you look more distinguished.' said the mother.

Like what the eternal hell???

HAHA. Briliant show.

Song that I'm listening right now: Eeyore - Slipknot ( Do you want something heavier?! - Corey)


In Darkness and the Great Beast, we trust.
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