Tuesday, September 20, 2005
  No idea.
Phew, these last days had been a crazed mugging session.

My days had been very much routinised. School. Home. A little computer. Mugging. Sleep. What a life?!

Sigh, today's supposedly to be E(asy) Maths turned out to be a utter disaster of a massive scale. Paper 1 is a killer, my brain nerve almost snapped whilst franatically scribbling away those damnable decimals places and fucked up significant places.
Paper 2 is okay, managable. Generally, the best scenario I can think of is getting a B and thank your luck.

Tomorrow is chemistry. Woot, those information zoomed into my head like a USB port! I have no idea why the more I study chemistry, the more clarity I gained for it. Perhaps, practise or mugging do make perfect. But success can be short-lived, as they always are. Let me just hope my accidental nirvana can help me a hand tomorrow.

Oh yes, it had been drizzling with several thunders these few days whilst those abdominable exams. Since I have been so addicted to metal, especially Cradle of Filth, I imagined the track one - A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon's narration : And the Earth was void, and dark. And Darkess was upon the face of the deep. MUHAHA! Then I'll grin from one ear to another like a real jackass.

Oh yes, last but not least, i have found out the principle of flourishes or evil. It is to have Control. Moderation of control. Fusion of the hands and the pasteboards, move as one. Love the pasteboards. Haha. i sound like a pro. But really, now I realised that I don't need very huge movements or strength to flourish anymore, everything just came to me just nice. I guess i have reached a decent level in my flourishing career. Woot. Yay!

Haha, I can be so cranky with my brother nowadays. He got this unidenitified fucked up thing embedded in his flesh, so he decided to operate on it. Using a tweezer, he plucked out a bone/shiny/puny thing. As we were discussing what the fuck is it, we came up with ideas like the Buddha's sacred bone, black holes and an ingrown tooth. The black hole idea is absolutely absurd and proudly came up by me! Suddenly, I love talking crap with my brother. He's a talented crapper.

Alright, i'm hitting the sack or kicking the bucket. Whatever you choose. Night!
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