Thursday, September 01, 2005
  Another tired day...
Yesterday was sure a tiring day. Although, I slacked at the cross country run, by just walking around and chatting with teachers.

After that, Siping and Kailing gang took hell long of time to decide whether to take bus or take taxi, they suck!

So, we took taxi to Ang Mo Kio. I went separate ways to Orchard to meet up with Joesph Adeth for lunch. Went Macs for lunch. After that, took a slow walk to Plaza Singapura to see if there's any masks.

Then, Joesph met some of his friend, and did a devil horn lock. Haha.

Apparently, Spotlight is a very interesting shop. They have practically everything. Interesting! After combing the shop, i found nothing cheap and good except for a close up mat.

Then, went to Yamaha to look at guitars and etc. Went to Carrefour to play that lousy Casio keyboards, Her Ghost in the Fog!

What a boring noon! Then met with the bassist, Paul. They suggested to go to Parklane to buy some picks. Took another slow walk to Parklane, hanged out there for a while. Woah, I didnt know there are such interesting shops around.

Rei is coming! Yay! Meeting her at Peninsula, so we just took another walk to Bugis then to City Hall. Phew, the sun is indeed merciless.

Oh yeah, I showed Paul some tricks. I think he freaked out. Haha! Ownage!

In the midst of waiting for Rei, went to HMV, Raffles Place etc...

Woah there'a a very cool metal CD shop at Peninsula! The shop is better decorated than Far East's Iinokii. Cool!

So, we set off for a hunt for the witchcraft shop. NOPE. Case closed. But we had fun laughing at weird shop names, like Becuase We Like It, and corny Cowboys.

Then I have to rush off to Kovan to meet mom for dinner.

PHEW! What a long and perilous day!

The longest walk I had in my life. From Orchard to Douby Ghaut to Parklane to Bugis to City Hall. Phew.
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