Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  Noctural Creature...
Wow, I'm actually blogging at 4.30 AM!

Yes, I'm liking the way of noctural creatures.

Haha, this post is nonsense.

I slept at 7 pm last evening! Earliest ever! I just lie on my bed after dinner, staring at the ceiling, one hand doing charlier cuts... Then sleep overtook me. Fariza! Your lazy syndrome is infectious! Haha!

So here I am, 4.30 am and using the computer (which made alot of churning noises) and listening to my discman and munching on yummy Oreos.

Haha. Weird.

Later I'll be having cross country run, but i'm not running. I'll be one of a hell slacker and self-headbang and admire the scenery there and act blur. Speaking of this, I need to meet those helpers at Compass Point at 6am.

That's about it. = )

Hail Metal! \m/
In darkness and the Beast, we trust.
Sunday, August 28, 2005
  School of Metal!
Dear readers of this blog, me and my crap MSN crapper Fariza has somehow came up with a revolutionary idea of a school based on metal music and its various mannerisms. Wow.

Okay, to cut the bullshit stright, here are the details.

School Principal - Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.
School Vice Principal - Joey Jordison of Slipknot.
School Mentor - Ozzy Obsoures of Ozzy family (duh!) and Black Sabbath.
School Official Counsellor - Corey Taylor of Slipknot. (His counselling session will consist of Jumping the fuck up and to point the middle finger in the air and wildly flung insults.)
School English Lecturer - Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth. (This guy here has masters in English! I will do his comprehensions with lots of effort!)
School Finnish Lecturer - Ville Valo of HIM. (101% concentration in class!)
School Nowegian Lecturer -
Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir. (Death is in the air!)
School Italian Lecturer - Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.
School German Lecturer -
Till Lindemann of Rammstein.
School Arts Lecturer - Marilyn Manson of Marilyn Manson. (Way cool!)
School PE Lecturer - Shawn Crahan Clown. (PE lessons range from crowd diving to brawls on stage to throwing baseball bats accurately.)
School Vampirism Lecturer - Lestat de Lioncourt. (Lessons on victim selecting and coffin/fang care.)

Next, the school issues.
The School Motto : 'Metal for Life. Life for Metal.'
The School Sub-Motto : 'Fuck mainstream.'
The School Hall banner :'Fuck it all! Fuck this world! Fuck everything that you stand for!'

IMPORTANT : All forms of mathematics and science subjects are Banned, with the glorious exception of that notorious albeit useful equation of 'People=Shit'.

The School Assembly will be held every Saturday Midnight and it will last for 66mins and 6 seconds. School Assembly will consist of Bruce/Joey enlightening speeches, a mini gig, and Black Mass conducted by Reverend Marilyn Manson. Yes, there will be nymphs for sacrifice and loads of bloodlust, I assure you.

The school song will be Funeral of Hearts by HIM, as students are expected to give up their hearts and lives for Metal, and partially this song is easy to sing.

The School Anniversary will be on 31st October, yes, you guessed that right. It's Halloween or All Hallow's Eve or subtly known as Satan's Birthday. There shall be a coprse painting contest, gigs, and a massive scaled Black Mass to garnish up the event.

Students are expected to don ALL BLACK at all times at all places. Once a student found breaking this code, he shall suffer the ends of Shawn's baseball bat and to be exiled. Of course, admission of emo teenagers, wannabes, posers, pop-punks pricks who listens to Blink 182/Simple Plan/Busted/Chemical Romance/I'm too disgusted to type more, are immediately not considered and rejected.

School Final Exam is to play a gig in front of Roadrunners Staff. If it's a good gig, the Roadrunners will signal to you a \m/ sign. If it's lousy, they will slam a middle finger in the face! Simple as that!

School hours are from 8pm to 1am. After that, students are able to choose to follow Lecturer Lestat for a bout of blood appreciating or to do whatever they like. All students are to be tucked in their coffins at 6am.

The school compound is a seemingly abandoned castle with nymph-filled forests (wisphers my name *haha!*) around it, complete with modern torture chambers and at-your-fingertips convience with mortals and their blood. One spanking school campus of a whooping size of 6.66ha.

The school will provide 24/7 round the clock quality metal music radio spanning the whole school compound.

So, parents? What are you waiting for? Enrol your kid! We ensure quality and all rounded education. Spaces are limited! Ballot for vacant spaces! You gotta live within 1km to get in, mind you!

Saturday, August 27, 2005
  One tired day...
Phew. It was sure tiring today!

Woke up at an unearthly hour of 6am for A Maths mock exams. I shan't talk about it, what's there to talk about EXAMS? Give me a break.

Then me and JJ rushed off to Suntec for Lawrence and Priscilla's The Spook Show, feeling abit excited, because it's a 2hr magic show at only $4!!! Damn, when we reached there, there were already swarming with people, mostly Christians obviously. I could almost sniff that stifling stench of those brainwashed and odd people. Yuck.

Anyhow, we went in. OMFG, that place is huge! I think there's around a good amount of 10,000 people, good enough for a decent mosh pit. And, the lighting/sound system reminded me of Slipknot's gig, it's the same! Haha, crazy me.

There were ghosts galore drifting around, trying very hard to spook people out, obviously to no apparent avail. Go back to Hades! I said to one female ghost with tattered clothings and long unkempt hair, 'Say Hi to Satan for me! Thanks! Oh yeah, your hair sinks.' Haha, FUN! And, I growled in front of one hooded mutilated dude, like Dani Filth.

The show itself is not bad, good concept on Fear and blah blah blah. I enjoyed the Fear Extractor, and that part where Lawrence said, 'Remember not to kick the bucket!' during the so-called Spirit Chamber. The Senace thing is very BORING! I give 9/10 for the show itself. The preaching part is -1.0 X 10^24/10. I want REAL MagicK!

Lawrence was so so so dramatic in his actions as if he's can't talk the next moment. Defamed The Beast, blah blah. They are so so so in total self-denial. Yes, Satan is living and it's getting stronger. The AntiChrist is here. So, you pathetic pricks, just Shut the Fuck up and accept this. Resistance will be futile. I think I freaked out some people, when I shouted out "Yes! Satan is ALIVE! I Love it! My Soul is darkened, so?! I like it!' Fun!

When Lawrence wanted the crowd to stand up, pray etc. I was observing those strange beings, scrutinising them. They looked so pathetic, like they can only live upon God, they cannot provide sense of security and well-being by themselves, so helpless like a piece of crap. GET A LIFE! Life doesn't revolve around God. Life revolves around You being Alive, there will be no life under the threat of death. They are like surviving on oxygen tanks given by God. Let me plug them off. Grow up! God is one deaf and blind person, realise that! Does praying help anything? Does it means you are assured that you won't sin again when you pray? i don't think so. It's like DECEIVE. An illusion of false security, so break free. Just think deeply and be mature, you won't need any God to order you around. Be a master of your own, that life is ours solely, take control. Enough said. All has been said. It's all left for you to decide your fate, either a SLAVE or a person with confidence and maturity. Teach someone rules, he will only obey for that moment. Teach someone to decide for himself, he will learn much more lessons and develop cirtical thinking.

Then, I rushed off to Orchard to meet my band mates. Joesph was wearing CoF's Jaded Mirror shirt, Rei the keyboardist is wearing some really nice black metal shirt. Melvin the drummer wore very mild corpse paint and all black. Woot, 4 people in black! Went to dinner at Long Johns. Damn that WOMAN is very boh chap, such a nonchalant attitude! You're fired! Then i have a weird addiction of calling people pricks. Went to IInkoii, damn! That shopkeeper got a picture of him and Joey Jordison!!!! Lucky PRICK. ARGH. They are selling that Slipknot poster at $15! What a direct rip off! Nothing much there except that picture of Joey.

Then, went to Borders to check out the metal magazines. Nothing much. Then, just hanged out and had fun. Really nothing much.

Oh yeah, thanks Mel for that neat compilation! I really appreciated it! Yeah, no need to buy Enthrone Darkness, Puritanica, Bitter Suites..., Dusk... And her Embrace! Thanks Melvin once again!

Alright, I'll stop here. In case, you are wondering 'when does this shit ends?' ;P

Alright, hereby signing off. May the Beast bless you for eternity! \m/
Believe in The Beast, and find yourself duly rewarded. :D
Thursday, August 25, 2005
  Les Miserables rocks!
Here's one of the tracks, Master of the House.

Welcome, Monsieur, sit yourself down
And meet the best innkeeper in town
As for the rest, all of 'em crooks:
Rooking their guests and crooking the books
Seldom do you see
Honest men like me
A gent of good intent
Who's content to be

Master of the house, doling out the charm
Ready with a handshake and an open palm
Tells a saucy tale, makes a little stir
Customers appreciate a bon-viveur
Glad to do a friend a favor
Doesn't cost me to be nice
But nothing gets you nothing
Everything has got a little price!

Master of the house, keeper of the zoo
Ready to relieve 'em of a sou or two
Watering the wine, making up the weight
Pickin' up their knick-knacks when they can't see straight
Everybody loves a landlord
Everybody's buxom friend
I do whatever pleases
Jesus! Won't I bleed 'em in the end!

Thenardier & Drinkers:
Master of the house, quick to catch yer eye
Never wants a passerby to pass him by
Servant to the poor, butler to the great
Comforter, philosopher, and lifelong mate!
Everybody's boon companion
Everybody's chaperone

But lock up your valises
Jesus! Won't I skin you to the bone!

Enter Monsieur, lay down your load
Unlace your boots, rest from the road
This weighs a ton, travel's a curse
But here we strive to lighten your purse
Here the goose is cooked
Here the fat is fried
And nothing's overlooked
Till I'm satisfied

Food beyond compare. Food beyond belief
Mix it in a mincer and pretend it's beef
Kidney of a horse, liver of a cat
Filling up the sausages with this and that
Residents are more than welcome
Bridal suite is occupied
Reasonable charges
Plus some little extras on the side!

Charge 'em for the lice, extra for the mice
Two percent for looking in the mirror twice
Here a little slice, there a little cut
Three percent for sleeping with the window shut
When it comes to fixing prices
There are a lot of tricks he knows
How it all increases, all them bits and pieces
Jesus! It's amazing how it grows!

Thenardier & Chorus:
Master of the house, quick to catch yer eye
Never wants a passerby to pass him by
Servant to the poor, butler to the great
Comforter, philosopher, and lifelong mate!
Everybody's boon companion
Gives 'em everything he's got

Dirty bunch of geezers
Jesus! What a sorry little lot!

Mme. Thenardier:
I used to dream that I would meet a prince
But God Almighty, have you seen what's happened since?

Master of the house? Isn't worth me spit!
`Comforter, philosopher' and lifelong shit!
Cunning little brain, regular Voltaire
Thinks he's quite a lover but there's not much there
What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse
God knows how I've lasted living with this bastard in the house!

Thenardier & Drinkers:
Master of the house!

Mme. Thenardier:
Master and a half!

Thenardier & Drinkers:
Comforter, philosopher

Mme. Thenardier:
Ah, don't make me laugh!

Thenardier & Drinkers:
Servant to the poor, butler to the great

Mme. Thenardier:
Hypocrite and toady and inebriate!

Thenardier & Drinkers:
Everybody bless the landlord!
Everybody bless his spouse!

Everybody raise a glass

Mme. Thenardier:
Raise it up the master's ass

Everybody raise a glass to the Master of the House!
Pure wit there.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Here's a raw idea of what Maestro's logo gonna be like.

For your infomation, Maestro is made up of 2 people currently, namely me and Siyang. :)

Maestro is to be activated after the Bloody Os.
  Just wanted to share...
Children mutilated to make choir of seraphim, their songs a cry to heaven that heaven did not hear.
- Anne Rice 's Cry to Heaven pg. 510.

The death of one is a tragedy. The death of a million is just a statistic.
- Marilyn Manson's Fight Song.

I've felt the hate rise up in me.
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves.
I wander out where you can't see.
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed.
- Slipknot's Wait and Bleed.

Love's the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom

The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy
When love is a gun
Separating me from you

A prayer to a god who's deaf and blind

- HIM's Funeral of Hearts.

We are the new diabolic.
We are the bitter bucolic.
If I have to give my life, you can have it.
We are the pulse of the maggots.
- Slipknot's Pulse of the Maggots.

I won't let this build up inside me.
-Slipknot's Vermilion Pt 1.

For here, apart, dwells one whose hands have wrought.
Strange eidola that chil the world with fears;
Whose graven runes in times of dread have taught
What things beyond the star gulfs lurk and leer,
Dark Lord of Averoigne - whose windows stare
On pits of dream no other gaze could bear!
-H.P Lovecraft.

More to come. Having memory lapse now.
Sunday, August 21, 2005
  Infernal Saint is spawned.
Here are the evolutionised logos of my soon-to-surface band, Infernal Saint. The final one is the most decorated one. ;D Enjoy.

  The Aftermath.
It's been 5 days since that hellish experience of Slipknot's gig.

And, I'm like still stuck at Fort Canning Park in my spirit, still relishing that electrifying and exhilarating moment of sheer brutal insanity. All the madness. All the sic-ness. All engrained in my mind.

The aftermath is disasterous yet sweet. The disasterous side is that you regret not doing the things that you wanted to do, like mosh more or to shout louder. And then, you will despair why everything happened so fast, you cannot register into your long-term memories. You despair why you didn't get the VIP tickets. All the regrets. Why didn't I go earlier?

The sweet side is that you knew it that your dream is fullfilled, and that's enough said. That sweet sense of satisifation is overwhelming. That feeling can linger in your mind for a long time, and you will be grinning and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

I think the fact that my dream has been fulfilled, can spur me on to divert that energy of the madness to my studies and all, giving me more movitation. Cos, life is FUCKING great now. As the quote goes, A Slipknot gig a year, keep depression at bay. :D Ok, I will study hard for the love of Slipknot, of the love of the maggots worldwide, for the love of Metal Music. That sense of movitation is massive enough to fuel me. \m/

Oh yes, Singapore Slipknot gig will be featured in Slipknot's Live CD or DVD. So, when it's out, grab it!

Song blaring in my earphones now: Slipknot - Duality.

Stay (sic), my maggots!
Thursday, August 18, 2005
  Some pictrues of thy Gig of the Year.

ENJOY. Shawn Clown is effing comical with that mic aka 'gun'. Corey, you made my year!

Hail Slipknot. I know my wait isn't wasted.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  Slipknot gig, FINALLY!
Get to the the bullshit straight. So here it goes:

Corey said, Singaporean maggots are a bunch of fucking insane bastards, and it's one of the craziest crowds around.' And I loved it.
At the end of the show, Corey knelt down and bowed to the crowd! I think Singaporeans really impressed him. Cos during the Spit it Out, the crowd is automatic of getting the fuck down to the fucking ground, and the responsese were HUGE. I already loved the feeling of jumping down together as one whole maggot corp. FUCKING AWESOME SENSATION.

I was there early, so they were having a soundcheck. I saw all of them unmasked. Mick is one giant! When they left for dinner in mini buses, the crowd banged on the windows, it's really harcore.

2 females fainted, but not me, well, almost. Tired from that long 9 hour stand.

The show itself is like watching Disasterpieces with Vol 3 inside, but you get high very very easily. The Blister Exists (loved the part Shawn and all hit the kegs with those baseball bats) sounds amazing, Pulse of the Maggots and Before I Forget too. PURE amazing. The entire crowd sang along to Duality, nice feeling too.

I felt over the moon when Wait and Bleed started. This is a dream came too true. I felt abit dreamy watching, asking myself, This is fucking true?!

Oh yes, to my amazement, they sang Purity, Eeyore, Heretic Anthem (Corey said those people who oppose as ignorant people! Playing a such an evil song during Hungry Ghost Festival? Power.), and Everything Ends. The thing is that they didn't sing New Abortion and Liberate.

Generally a 10/10 gig!


Stay (sic), maggots!

I found out that I can mosh well and have endurance too, this being my first gig and surviving ''most brutal'' band ever. :) Oh yeah, I managed to crash into the $100 area, ableit getting separated from Sherman. No one practically cared. We said the fuck word to the cops and pointed the middle finer proudly as a whole when Surfacing was played. Woot! I LOVE that rebelling feeling. FUCK IT ALL, FUCK THIS WORLD. FUCK EVERYTHING THAT IS (i forgot the lyrics.) The sound is good, loud and impactful. But abit too ''raw'', they should have it more clear so that I can figure out what the heck are they playing instead of wondering until the chorus comes.

I'll go dig for the complete bootleg list, and post it here. :)

\m/ \m/ (remembers Corey's 'Put your devil horns in the fucking air!')
Monday, August 15, 2005
4 LONG years... Desparately waiting... Now, it's left with only ONE day in the countdown counter. The long, hard and perilous wait is soon over.

I can still remember, when I fell in love with the first Slipknot song, which happens to be Spit It Out, around 4 years ago. It's raw brutality and sheer speed of that song captured my heart. Soon it became a sought after passion for me, I went around hunting for the impossible-to-find-in-the-heartlands album, Iowa.

Iowa is the FIRST metal album that I listened to properly and then succumb to. I went around unearthing their Live videos from the net, feeling tons of jealously and envy that those people in the videos can watch Slipknot Live. Soon, the fever roared up so high, I almost made a mask which will look like Joey's.

Then I went to purhcase Slipknot S/T, it was a nice album as well, I loved Wait and Bleed.

Then came Vol 3. I think I don't need to say much for Vol 3.

Hooked to their explosive live performances, I was extremely tempted to get my hands on Disasterpieces DVD. The yearning was overwhelming. I Love you, Corey! And Joey too! You sure have some sick drumming skills there. Stay (sic), my master maggot.

My dad, luckily got me the DVD while on a trip to Hong Kong as it was banned in Singapore. That saved me from plunging into deeper insanity and despo-ness.

Now, they are coming.

I CAN HARDLY WAIT ANY LONGER. I'm practically living on adrenaline now.


Stay (sic), my readers. You are all going home in a bodybag. If you are 555, then I;m 666.

- Temporarily Insane.
Sunday, August 14, 2005
  2 more days to Slipknot gig
Wow, time passes fast! It's only 2 more days left to Slipknot Gig! I'm feeling the heat and madness of the Knot already. Can't wait for Purity, Left Behind, (sic), Wait and Bleed, Spit it Out (because of the notorious quote of, 'Get the fuck down to the fucking ground right fucking now') and the list of songs goes on.

One word, CAN'T WAIT.

Anyhow, went to Ning's Little magic Shop Auction yesterday. It was fun at Little India, Tekka Market stuff rocks. Cheap and generous servings. The auction is a very good catch although I got nothing. Collected my orders. Mini Zomie is a little disappointing... But I had fun with my spongeballs! :P

Then I went to Orchard to meet my family for dinner and some shopping.

And again, 2 more days to Slipknot!

Oh yes, I got a B3 for my Chinese O levels. Dang. But heck, I jumped 3 grades! C6 to B3!

Oh man, I'm feeling hungry...
Sunday, August 07, 2005
  Weird bloke on MRT.
Alright, today I met up with Siyang, Tham, Barney, Yanru at Orchard for a very very boring session. Sat at BK and blah blah, sniped for brevity.

Then, Tham suggested to go to Clark Quay to meet Tom for something. Then went to Liang Court Macs for dinner plus another session.

Then the exciting part, on our way back, on the train. This balding old bulldog-looking bloke stared at us when we were flourishing as usual etc. Then he blurted something like, 'Hey, you teenagers, don't play cards ah! You know you play cards, the police can arrest you. Ai yo, better don't play with cards. Later the police come catch you, be careful ah!' in chinese.

We were like stunned by his almost senseless comments and feeling quite pissed. But heck, we continued to flourish, challenging him right on. Who cares?!

Then, that fat flob went to tell one kid not to play with the train bars, then I caught something like 'Apes play with bars, you know?' That flob is seriously screwed up up there.

Then he went to on to tell that kid's parents about us and flourishing, then pointing at me, half giving a very very stupid and idiotic look on his fat-brim face which very much requires a session of face smacking. Fuck off, will ya?

I too can see that the parents are pretty much pissed off by this bloke.

Phew, if Clement is there, he will analyse together on his madness symptons that will qualify him for a long admission in IMH. Haha, the malay guy with his rosary beads at Kovan is one interesting encounter too!

Alright, that's it.

Tomorrow, school's going to be super slack. NC Superstar. Well, I'll sit at the back and flourish and seal my ears. :) Then going to watch Chocolate Factory at J8. Gonna be nice!
Saturday, August 06, 2005
  Wings of a Butterfly video
Here's a new video for your pleasure.

It's not yet released, and it's Wings of a Butterfly by HIM. Oh man, what happened to Ville? I prefer his semi-long hair that is semi-curly. That's more HIM-ish.

Monday, August 01, 2005
  More pictures
For your visual pleasures... :)

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