Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  Slipknot gig, FINALLY!
Get to the the bullshit straight. So here it goes:

Corey said, Singaporean maggots are a bunch of fucking insane bastards, and it's one of the craziest crowds around.' And I loved it.
At the end of the show, Corey knelt down and bowed to the crowd! I think Singaporeans really impressed him. Cos during the Spit it Out, the crowd is automatic of getting the fuck down to the fucking ground, and the responsese were HUGE. I already loved the feeling of jumping down together as one whole maggot corp. FUCKING AWESOME SENSATION.

I was there early, so they were having a soundcheck. I saw all of them unmasked. Mick is one giant! When they left for dinner in mini buses, the crowd banged on the windows, it's really harcore.

2 females fainted, but not me, well, almost. Tired from that long 9 hour stand.

The show itself is like watching Disasterpieces with Vol 3 inside, but you get high very very easily. The Blister Exists (loved the part Shawn and all hit the kegs with those baseball bats) sounds amazing, Pulse of the Maggots and Before I Forget too. PURE amazing. The entire crowd sang along to Duality, nice feeling too.

I felt over the moon when Wait and Bleed started. This is a dream came too true. I felt abit dreamy watching, asking myself, This is fucking true?!

Oh yes, to my amazement, they sang Purity, Eeyore, Heretic Anthem (Corey said those people who oppose as ignorant people! Playing a such an evil song during Hungry Ghost Festival? Power.), and Everything Ends. The thing is that they didn't sing New Abortion and Liberate.

Generally a 10/10 gig!


Stay (sic), maggots!

I found out that I can mosh well and have endurance too, this being my first gig and surviving ''most brutal'' band ever. :) Oh yeah, I managed to crash into the $100 area, ableit getting separated from Sherman. No one practically cared. We said the fuck word to the cops and pointed the middle finer proudly as a whole when Surfacing was played. Woot! I LOVE that rebelling feeling. FUCK IT ALL, FUCK THIS WORLD. FUCK EVERYTHING THAT IS (i forgot the lyrics.) The sound is good, loud and impactful. But abit too ''raw'', they should have it more clear so that I can figure out what the heck are they playing instead of wondering until the chorus comes.

I'll go dig for the complete bootleg list, and post it here. :)

\m/ \m/ (remembers Corey's 'Put your devil horns in the fucking air!')
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