Saturday, August 27, 2005
  One tired day...
Phew. It was sure tiring today!

Woke up at an unearthly hour of 6am for A Maths mock exams. I shan't talk about it, what's there to talk about EXAMS? Give me a break.

Then me and JJ rushed off to Suntec for Lawrence and Priscilla's The Spook Show, feeling abit excited, because it's a 2hr magic show at only $4!!! Damn, when we reached there, there were already swarming with people, mostly Christians obviously. I could almost sniff that stifling stench of those brainwashed and odd people. Yuck.

Anyhow, we went in. OMFG, that place is huge! I think there's around a good amount of 10,000 people, good enough for a decent mosh pit. And, the lighting/sound system reminded me of Slipknot's gig, it's the same! Haha, crazy me.

There were ghosts galore drifting around, trying very hard to spook people out, obviously to no apparent avail. Go back to Hades! I said to one female ghost with tattered clothings and long unkempt hair, 'Say Hi to Satan for me! Thanks! Oh yeah, your hair sinks.' Haha, FUN! And, I growled in front of one hooded mutilated dude, like Dani Filth.

The show itself is not bad, good concept on Fear and blah blah blah. I enjoyed the Fear Extractor, and that part where Lawrence said, 'Remember not to kick the bucket!' during the so-called Spirit Chamber. The Senace thing is very BORING! I give 9/10 for the show itself. The preaching part is -1.0 X 10^24/10. I want REAL MagicK!

Lawrence was so so so dramatic in his actions as if he's can't talk the next moment. Defamed The Beast, blah blah. They are so so so in total self-denial. Yes, Satan is living and it's getting stronger. The AntiChrist is here. So, you pathetic pricks, just Shut the Fuck up and accept this. Resistance will be futile. I think I freaked out some people, when I shouted out "Yes! Satan is ALIVE! I Love it! My Soul is darkened, so?! I like it!' Fun!

When Lawrence wanted the crowd to stand up, pray etc. I was observing those strange beings, scrutinising them. They looked so pathetic, like they can only live upon God, they cannot provide sense of security and well-being by themselves, so helpless like a piece of crap. GET A LIFE! Life doesn't revolve around God. Life revolves around You being Alive, there will be no life under the threat of death. They are like surviving on oxygen tanks given by God. Let me plug them off. Grow up! God is one deaf and blind person, realise that! Does praying help anything? Does it means you are assured that you won't sin again when you pray? i don't think so. It's like DECEIVE. An illusion of false security, so break free. Just think deeply and be mature, you won't need any God to order you around. Be a master of your own, that life is ours solely, take control. Enough said. All has been said. It's all left for you to decide your fate, either a SLAVE or a person with confidence and maturity. Teach someone rules, he will only obey for that moment. Teach someone to decide for himself, he will learn much more lessons and develop cirtical thinking.

Then, I rushed off to Orchard to meet my band mates. Joesph was wearing CoF's Jaded Mirror shirt, Rei the keyboardist is wearing some really nice black metal shirt. Melvin the drummer wore very mild corpse paint and all black. Woot, 4 people in black! Went to dinner at Long Johns. Damn that WOMAN is very boh chap, such a nonchalant attitude! You're fired! Then i have a weird addiction of calling people pricks. Went to IInkoii, damn! That shopkeeper got a picture of him and Joey Jordison!!!! Lucky PRICK. ARGH. They are selling that Slipknot poster at $15! What a direct rip off! Nothing much there except that picture of Joey.

Then, went to Borders to check out the metal magazines. Nothing much. Then, just hanged out and had fun. Really nothing much.

Oh yeah, thanks Mel for that neat compilation! I really appreciated it! Yeah, no need to buy Enthrone Darkness, Puritanica, Bitter Suites..., Dusk... And her Embrace! Thanks Melvin once again!

Alright, I'll stop here. In case, you are wondering 'when does this shit ends?' ;P

Alright, hereby signing off. May the Beast bless you for eternity! \m/
Believe in The Beast, and find yourself duly rewarded. :D
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