Sunday, August 07, 2005
  Weird bloke on MRT.
Alright, today I met up with Siyang, Tham, Barney, Yanru at Orchard for a very very boring session. Sat at BK and blah blah, sniped for brevity.

Then, Tham suggested to go to Clark Quay to meet Tom for something. Then went to Liang Court Macs for dinner plus another session.

Then the exciting part, on our way back, on the train. This balding old bulldog-looking bloke stared at us when we were flourishing as usual etc. Then he blurted something like, 'Hey, you teenagers, don't play cards ah! You know you play cards, the police can arrest you. Ai yo, better don't play with cards. Later the police come catch you, be careful ah!' in chinese.

We were like stunned by his almost senseless comments and feeling quite pissed. But heck, we continued to flourish, challenging him right on. Who cares?!

Then, that fat flob went to tell one kid not to play with the train bars, then I caught something like 'Apes play with bars, you know?' That flob is seriously screwed up up there.

Then he went to on to tell that kid's parents about us and flourishing, then pointing at me, half giving a very very stupid and idiotic look on his fat-brim face which very much requires a session of face smacking. Fuck off, will ya?

I too can see that the parents are pretty much pissed off by this bloke.

Phew, if Clement is there, he will analyse together on his madness symptons that will qualify him for a long admission in IMH. Haha, the malay guy with his rosary beads at Kovan is one interesting encounter too!

Alright, that's it.

Tomorrow, school's going to be super slack. NC Superstar. Well, I'll sit at the back and flourish and seal my ears. :) Then going to watch Chocolate Factory at J8. Gonna be nice!
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