Wednesday, June 29, 2005
  Woohoo. This is too good to be true.
From Today Papers:

SLIPKNOT is accustomed to disgusting its audiences. Judging by its morbid, creepy image, it's even safe to say that the heavy metal band revels in doing that.
The nine-piece outfit from Iowa, one of America's most conservative states, is probably unlike any other band lurking in the realm of popular music today. While their sound may be uncompromising and even offensive to some, many agree that they also possess one of the most distinctive sounds in metal, a rarity in a genre that is too often overloaded with manufactured angst and predictability.
But perhaps the most striking thing about Slipknot is their grotesque image — the band's nine members have never appeared in public without their facial masks and oversized industrial boiler suits, each marked with its own identifying number.
Not unlike that of Marilyn Manson, this is Slipknot's signature attention-grabbing gimmick, an image that mirrors the angst-ridden sentiment of their music. It is a move that has attracted equal amounts of ridicule and awe from fans and detractors alike.
Controversies aside, however, the band's record sales have been staggering despite the lack of radio support — its 2004 album Vol 3: (The Subliminal Verses) debuted at No 2 on the Billboard charts and chalked up a Grammy nomination for Best Heavy Metal Performance earlier this year.
But it is its performances that Slipknot is most well-known for. Live, their music — stories of alienation, obsession and dementia — reaches fans on a level too deep to ignore, sending crowds into a state of euphoria, where self-loathing and shared negative energy is cleansed by a volley of gargantuan riffs and thunderous drum beats.
It is an experience that devotees in Singapore can soon participate in as the band will perform at Fort Canning Park on Aug 16.
Concert promoter Lauretta Alabons of LAMC Productions said: "Slipknot is the biggest metal act to play Singapore since Metallica first came here in 1993. It's a real milestone to bring them here."
Slipknot's history is a genuine small-town-to-bright-lights success story. But despite all they have achieved since they appeared in 1996, critics would still rather demonise them, just because they wear masks and don't sing love songs.
Speaking to Today from his hotel room in Zurich where the band had just played to a sellout audience, Slipknot bassist Paul Gray said: "It is mind-boggling that people still focus on image after all these years. When we (came up with our image), we thought it would be a cool way to get honest reactions from people at our shows. People didn't know what we looked like, so we could get truthful opinions about our music!"
Gray is soft-spoken and surprisingly affable, something you wouldn't expect from a man who wears a bloodied pig mask during his performances.
"People get us wrong all the time. We got banned from playing in Greece and Ireland, which was funny. We do get all these moral groups calling us evil and Satanic but I suppose that happens when you form a band and play heavy metal," he sighed.
However, there is an upside.
"This may be cynical, but the way I see it, negativity brings us fans. People get curious and we win some new fans along the way. The truth is, I'm not worried too much about what people say about us," Gray said.
Calling himself an outsider, the bassist added that, rather than being influenced by Satanic scriptures, Slipknot is actually a product of the band members' surroundings.
"Slipknot is the result of growing up in Iowa," he said. "It's a very bitter, bleak place, basically the worst part of America. There's nothing for young people to do, so they end up messing up their lives."
"Growing up in a place like we did, I think we can safely say that we know about isolation. Maybe that's why kids take solace in our music. They can tell that we know exactly what they're feeling — that reality is tough."
Gray also puts paid to claims that a typical Slipknot show, while being an intense sonic and visual experience, is also incredibly violent.
"Our shows may be brutal but they are also therapeutic. That's what we do — the kids come to our shows and go crazy. Then they walk out, cleansed of all the bad stuff that has built up in them."
If nothing else, he added, Slipknot is about being unpretentious.
"We have always wanted Slipknot to be totally and just about the music," he said.
"Why should anybody see our faces? What have our clothes got to do with anything? All we care about is developing the most insane live shows and making our fans happy. When people tell us we're intense musicians, we take that as a huge compliment."
what: Baron's Strong Brew presents Slipknot — "The Subliminal Verses" World Tour 2005
where: Fort Canning Park
when: Aug 16, 8pm. Tickets from Sistic.
Saturday, June 25, 2005
  Stormblast by Dimmu Borgir.
This song kick some major ass. \m/

Here's the lyrics.

Gjennom tideløse morkne drømmer
I fuktig høstvind ober landstrakte vidder
Mot Sorias fjellheim
Kommer jeg, en fandens ridder

Glatt er runen på det høye fjell
Gnidd vekk av regn og vind
Dragende kraft av ondskap lurer
Her ved trollheims muldne grind
Fortumlet av dette mørke byggverk
Med røvet gull fra lyets pakt
Brukt som spott til å senke
Deres murer

Vi grunder over dette riket
Så vakkert fylt med tideløs skumring
Som en stjerne i tomsindighetens juv
Det bringer frem en nattlig mimring
Over tanker fra en vissen tid

Drott til himmels er det reist
Av tidens endeløse svarte minner
Stormblåst ut av det sorte indre
Har bergflint rullet fra mo til kneist
Undring og angst samler seg i natten
I mørket som ruver om spiret
For ingen dag kan veien hit
Intet lys kan luske frem

Der sorg har beseiret alle gleder
Og bygd et land på menneskets jord
Fylt med isklad prakt og heder

[English translation:]

[Storm blown]

Through timeless, decayed dreams
In a moist autumn wind over deserted plains
Against Sorias mountains
I come, a Devil's Knight

Smooth is the rune on the high mountain
Washed away by rain and winds
Enchanting force of evil lurks
Here at Trollhome's moudly gate
Perplexed by the dark building
Made of stolen gold from the pact of light
Used as mockery to make their walls fall

We ponder over this kingdom
So beautiful, filled with timeless dusk
As a star in the gorge of emptiness
Brings forth a nightly wondering
Over thoughts from a long gone time

Straight to the sky it is erected
From the endless black memories of time
Storm blown out of the black inner
Has rock rolled from heath to bottom
Wondering and anxiety gather in the night
In the darkness looming about the spire
For no day knows the way here
No light can sneak in

Where sorrow has conquered all joy
And built a land on human's earth
Filled with ice-cold splendor and glory

  My catch at the warehouse sale.
Yesterday was a partially enjoyable day.

Got lost in the CDB area, that's not my area, everywhere look the same -- skyscrapers and roads.

In the end, i got myself mini cups and balls set, disappearing card case, paddle thing, and scotch and soda. Now my collection is decent, no more boring and half-dead card tricks. =) But then, I'm very very broke.

Then during the Auction, I had a terrible bout of stomachache, went to the loo to release. Gosh. And the toilet is a little creepy, you get to see some shadows drifting around. Cool.

Then, we went home.

Nowadays, things are getting more and more boring...
Thursday, June 16, 2005
  It's confirmed!
It's confirmed!

Slipknot is definitely coming to Singapore!

Fort Canning Park is the place where sicness will prevail!

Darn, Roadrunner Records said Singapore is in China?! Sigh...

I'm saving for it now!
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  The Wait is Over.
From the news on Lamcproduction.com,

I can conclude that the long and definitely agonising wait is over and my paitence in waiting wasn't wasted.


August 16th, Singapore shall never be the same again.

Let the Knot Coven terrorise this island and let the (sic)ness reign over those mindless herds of people.

But, I hope that the Knot won't play much of their new album. Stick to Self-titled and Iowa please. :) And, please play Purity or Eeyore. Of course, Heretic Anthem, Left Behind and (sic) are essential in this mass brainwashing session.

The dream of mine is finally coming to reality. I can't really believe it, I have waited so long, till the feeling of waiting has became all numb. It's around 3 to 4 years of hard waiting, mind you.

Let Slipknot conquer you!

Corey, I'm waiting for your Great Big Mouth!

Joey, please do an insane drum solo!

Please sell some masks or jumpsuits!

If you are 555, then I'm 666.
Monday, June 13, 2005
  No words can describe....
I didn't win a fucking shit.


Enough said.
Friday, June 10, 2005

The definitive guide to the dark side.

The most realized band in the Black Metal realm... Cradle of Filth always create with an intelligence and self-awareness that reveals a great art.
- Rolling Stone magazine

Black Metal was the most vibrant and volatile force on the musical underground in the 1990s. It exploded into worldwide infamy with a violent spree of suicide, church-burning, and murder. Foremost among those who rode this infernal whirlwind were the British band Cradle of Filth, who transcended the genre's cult boundaries - and their own brushes with the law - to grace the covers of countless Metal magazines and sell hundreds of thousands of albums. All without compromising their unique vision, which artfully combines Hammer horror style schlock, dripping with eroticism, backed by an authentic interest in the Black Arts and a wicked sense of humour. Cradle mastered the Gothic aesthetic's evocative marriage of sex and death, with an ethos which is both tempting and terrifying. The impish wit of Cradle's eponymous singer and lyricist Dani Filth completes the decadent package. In The Gospel of Filth he collaborates with acclaimed author and internationally lauded occult expert Gavin Baddeley to lift the lid on the world's most controversial Metal band.

Baddeley is the patron saint of Gothic journalism.
- The Journal of Popular Culture

Cradle of Filth are not only titans of the vibrant black metal underground, but hugely successful recording artists whose sales figures eclipse those of many household names. Significantly, the band's success rests not only upon their musical abilities, but also the literate quality of their lyrics - which evoke Gothic figures like Byron and de Sade - and Cradle's peerless visuals, which have become works of art in their own right. Combining formidable arsenals of contacts, Baddeley and Filth have assembled a list of contributors and interviewees for this book - from actor Christopher Lee and Satanist Anton LaVey, to serial killer expert Robert Ressler and necrophile Karen Greenlee - that will dazzle devoted disciples of darkness while drawing many novices and newcomers into the Filth fold.

Gavin Baddeley is a sharp cookie.
- Anton LaVey, 'The Black Pope'

The Gospel of Filth dissects the Satanic sources that have influenced and informed Cradle of Filth over the past decade, in the process providing a roadmap to every significant landmark in the domains of darkness. From the arcane secrets of Black Magic, via the sex rites of vampirism, to modern horrors such as the serial killer cult, the author lays bare the fascinating underworld of contemporary culture. Meanwhile, Mr Filth himself applies his considerable wit to these kindred topics, adding his own anecdotes and experiences to this already heady brew.

Table of Contents

1. 'Invoking the Unclean'
Esoteric England
Cradle of Filth is distinguished by their roots in the genre's English birthplace, roots that have coloured Cradle's attitude, appeal and approach throughout their career.

2. 'Goetia'
The Black Arts
Black Magic forms the central theme of Cradle of Filth's image and lyrics. But just how much of it is image, and how much a serious dedication to the dark arts?

3. 'The Principle of Evil Made Flesh'
The Femme Fatale
The imagery that dominated Cradle of Filth's debut, and has continued to do so ever since, is that of the lethally lovely goddess, as deadly as she is desirable.

4. 'V Empire: Dark Fairy Tales in Phallustein'
Fun and Fear
Fairy stories are the direct ancestors of the modern horror genre, and the same puckish blend of fear and fun that lies behind the common childhood delight in the monstrous and macabre, informs Cradle of Filth's impish sense of humour.

5. 'Dusk... and Her Embrace'
Gothic Romanticism
Another vital element in Cradle's black metal cocktail was a liberal dash of Gothic Romanticism, which helped distinguish them from the competition.

6. 'Cruelty and the Beast'
The Mythology of Murder
Serial murder has exerted a growing, fatal fascination over us over the past few decades, so perhaps it is inevitable that the phenomenon has become a feature in Cradle's lyrical chamber of horrors.

7. 'Midian'
Tales of Terror
The name 'Midian' is borrowed from horror legend Clive Barker, though this is far from the only time Cradle have made reference to horror film and fiction.

8. 'Bitter Suites to Succubi'
Deviance and Desire
There can be few better symbols for the sinful side of Cradle than the succubus, a ravishing yet rapacious demon who rides the innocent while they sleep.

9. 'Damnation and a Day'
Demonic Doctrines
It was perhaps inevitable that Cradle would eventually record an album devoted to black metal's patron, the Prince of Darkness.

10. 'Nymphetamine'
Just what is it about the dark side that appeals? What is it that draws Dani, Cradle of Filth, and so many of us towards things that things that we know will harm, even ultimately destroy us?

-- I'm really anxious about this!--
Thursday, June 09, 2005
  The Big Day -- Magic Unlimited 2005
Well. Today's the Big Day!

To cut a long sotry short. Went to SM early today. That place was already bustling with lots of people. Happening man!

Then things started to happen so fast, I don't know how to say.

Went to the stage, seasoned myself to the atmosphere there. Didn't feel much then. This is the Prequel of the Apocalyse.

Then went to SM to open our Brand New decks. Wei Ping got my name wrong! Now I'm LS, not LX... What the... Nevermind that.

Anyways, I'm still not very tensed up or anything. Prequel still.

Then we need to go the the backstage already. Still fine and going. =)

Then Pei Hong went up. He restarted his routine.... Wooo...

Ok, then it's MY TURN!

I went up, feeling numb, emotionless, just want to end this real quick!

Got my decks, feeling the stress now... Mounting, like dead bodies.

Ok, Creatures that Kissed Cold Mirrors blared. I can feel that Dani Filth The Man is with me, the Fitlh is with me.

But Stress was with me more.

Ok, so I started my bullshit. Very dull, monotonus. Lousy Opener.

Then, I trembled so MUCH, I had a little trouble starting a simple sybil...

I took a deep breathe and brace myself. DO IT, I commanded myself. JUST DO IT.

Ok, so I went on and on.

Bad Habits, Madonna, WTH (alot of these!), Werm, Crucifix Disarray, Vertigo Variations, Damn Straight... And that's what I remembered.

My mind was in a state of pure blankness and void then. Blank. Just numbed out.

I think I had dropped a total of 5 to 7 cards. Sigh.

Anyways, it's OVER! Muahaha!

And yes, the MC is weird, calling Bone as Mr. Bone. -.-

Bone is da Man!

He's cool, very XCM-ish, and god-like. Perfect Fans, Perfect Filpback fans with brand new deck, and an insane L Cuts.

Bows down to him!

After jamming and all, and sitting as the Stoner's Gang. Went to Macs for dinner.

That's the end of my day.

  Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614), often referred to by her Hungarian name, Erzsebet, was a Hungarian noblewoman, born to one of Hungary's wealthiest and most influential families. As with most European aristocratic dynasties, the Bathory clan was fraught with mental illness resulting from a long tradition of inbreeding. King Stephan of Poland ranks as one of Elizabeth's more memorable relatives; the less savory included a bisexual, sadistic aunt and a schizophrenic uncle. Small wonder, then, that Elizabeth began suffering from epileptic fits at the age of four or five. The young Countess was a spoiled child, raised by a string of governesses employed to cater to her every need. Though her erratic fits and stand-offish personality were bothersome, she was generally regarded as an intelligent and capable young woman.

At the age of eleven (or fifteen, by some accounts) Elizabeth became engaged to twenty-six-year-old Count Fernencz Nadasdy, a renowned war hero whose sadistic flair would ultimately earn him fame as "The Black Hero of Hungary." As was not uncommon in aristocratic circles, the marriage was a purely political union engineered by Elizabeth's opportunistic mother. The Nadasdy clan also climbed a few rungs on the social ladder - the Bathorys were a more powerful family with greater seniority. Though much speculation has been published with regard to the Countess' marriage, Fernencz's frequent absences were a hard fact. The first few years of their marriage produced few children, and it was during these long periods of solitude that Elizabeth's sadistic nature took rein.

Before we explore any further, I must mention an incident from the Countess' childhood that clearly influenced her brutal actions as an adult. At a young age, Elizabeth witnessed the execution of a traitorous gypsy; the accused was stuffed in the dissected belly of a live horse and sewn inside. The gypsy's death was presented as a public spectacle (one particularly titillating for the nobles who attended); no sympathy was shown for the man's death nor was any remorse present on the faces of his executioners. This incident convinced young Elizabeth - in whom the seeds of cruelty had been sown at birth - that commoners could be killed with impunity and without fear of retribution.

In her early twenties, Elizabeth, perhaps in a fit of boredom, discovered that torturing servants "tickled her fancy," if you will. No clear reasons have yet been given as to why the Countess took such exquisite pleasure in the pain of others, but overwhelming evidence proves that she did. Unfortunately for the teenage females in the servant population, Elizabeth's choice targets were adolescent girls. She began by ripping their bodies apart with red-hot pincers, setting them on fire, and torturing them with "star-kicking," which entailed oiled bits of paper being placed inbetween the servants' toes; the paper would be lit on fire while the Countess delighted in the spectacle of the girls attempting to kick away the flames. (How utterly delightful.) She was known to rip girls' heads apart - literally - by pulling their mouths open until they tore at the edges and the neck snapped. On her better days, she delighted in humiliating girls by forcing them to strip naked and perform their household duties in full view of men.

When Fernencz returned home from war, he often indulged in the torture spectacles with his wife, though most accounts note that his capacity for administering agony was vastly exceeded by his wife's - Ferencz would storm off in disgust while Elizabeth squealed in delight. In her late twenties, the Countess bore two daughters and a son, all of whom were promptly relinquished to the care of wet nurses and governesses shortly after birth. Though the Countess ignored her children, she did not include them in her tortures.

As the Countess grew steadily older, her thirst for innocent girls' flesh heightened. She invented new forms of torture, such as "honey torture," in which a girl was covered with honey and left outside to be devoured by insects and predators, and "water torture," in which a girl was stripped naked, taken out into sub-zero temperatures, and showered with cold water until she froze to death. Following the death of her husband (which some attribute to the Countess herself, though no strong evidence exists), she became ever more concerned with her fading beauty and began the regular blood-baths which earned her notoriety.

When an unfortunate servant girl pulled the Countess' hair while styling it, Elizabeth slapped the girl so hard that blood splashed on her hand. As she went to wipe it off, she believed that the skin touched by the blood had regained the smooth, creamy complexion for which it had once been famous. She consulted her accomplices - witches known as Darvulia, Helena Jo, and Dorka - who assured her that the blood of virgins was indeed the proverbial fountain of youth for those who bathed in it. Elizabeth ordered the maid's throat slashed and her blood drained into a large vat; she bathed lavishly in the blood while it was still warm. Thus began a horrific ritual; hundreds of girls were kidnapped, brought to the castle, and drained of their blood. Often she bit their necks and breasts herself, drinking the blood and eating the flesh from their open wounds. Elizabeth ordered torture devices from German clockmakers and blacksmiths; soon Csjethe Castle, where she lived out much of her adult life, had a full-scale torture chamber in the basement. Aside from the notorious vat and a kitschy iron maiden, there were spiked cages and a spike-filled metal orb hanging from the ceiling. Girls were placed in the cylindrical spiked cages and prodded with red-hot iron pokers until they impaled themselves on the spikes; others were placed in the spiked orb, which was rocked back and forth like a pendulum until the girl's flesh had been shredded. The cages were fitted with drains at the bottom so that the Countess could stand beneath them for a "blood shower."

Elizabeth's reign of terror continued for years. The casualty list grew into the triple-digits; this was later verified by the roster of victims the Countess kept in her writing desk. Bodies of dead girls were burned, buried beneath the castle floors, or left in the wilderness to be devoured by scavengers. Shockwaves of terror penetrated the surrounding countryside from which most of Elizabeth's victims had been abducted, but few dared speak out for fear of the Countess' infamous wrath. Even the clergy - supposedly responsible for protecting peace and justice - remained silent.

But even a powerful aristocrat cannot commit 600+ unavenged murders. Towards the end of her murderous marathon, the Countess became sloppy, ordering dead girls tossed over the castle walls to be devoured by passing wolves and asking clergymen to perform burial services for mutilated girls. However, no direct action was taken until the Countess, having exhausted her supply of adolescent girls in the area, began preying on noblewomen of lesser rank. She established a sham "school" for teenage girls of noble birth, inviting them to Csjethe Castle with the promise of education, only to torture them to death for months at a time.

A clergyman finally notified King Matthias of Hungary, who commissioned Elizabeth's cousin, Count Thurzo, to conduct an investigation of the Countess' activities. A raid on the castle proved ghastlier than Thurzo and his men had prepared themselves for: one dead girl in the main hallway, another, still alive, whose entire body had been pierced with holes, and several more hung from the rafters of the basement ceiling like gutted deer, their blood emptying into Elizabeth's now-legendary vat. Fifty bodies were exhumed from the basement of the castle; the roster, discovered in Elizabeth's desk, listed the names of 650 girls who had been murdered. The Countess' accomplicies - Dorka, Ficzko, and Thorko, among others - were taken into custody, while the Countess herself was placed under house arrest in her castle.

In 1610, the Countess and her accomplices were placed on trial. Dorka, Helena Jo, and Ficzko confessed after lengthy torture sessions, though their attempts to diminish their roles in the terror were blatant; "life in prison with the possibility of parole" was not an option in seventeenth-century Hungary. All placed the majority of blame on Anna Darvulia, a witch consort of Elizabeth's who passed away several years prior to the trial. Over 200 witnesses were called, many of whom had little more than hearsay to offer; nonetheless, confessions of those close to the Countess' court, as well as the grisly evidence uncovered at Thurzo's raid, provided ample testimony to her guilt. Elizabeth herself never physically appeared in court or admitted to any crime.

Here I must briefly digress. Elizabeth's failure to appear in court was not by her own choosing; in fact, she pleaded constantly with her captors to publicly present her own side of the story. Unfortunately for her, King Matthias was not privy to her demands, having engineered her trial as a public spectacle to check the unruly nobility. Although there exists ample evidence proving Elizabeth's guilt, it is important to note that she was not permitted to testify at her own trial.

Her accomplices, however, were shown no mercy. Dorka and Helena Jo, whose hands had "spilled Christian blood," had their fingers torn out with red-hot pincers before being thrown into a fire; the others were beheaded and burned at the stake. Another cohort, Erszi Majorova, was later beheaded when evidence surfaced linking her to the Countess' sadistic activities.

By law, Elizabeth's noble birth prevented her from sharing the fate of her accomplices, but her cousin Thurzo sentenced her to "perpetual imprisonment in [her] own castle" in 1611. (Legend holds that he pronounced this judgement upon raiding the Countess' torture chamber, but we have no evidence that this ever happened.) Elizabeth was walled into a small chamber in her castle, with only a small hole left open for air and food. The tower still stands today in the modern Slovak Republic. A full transcript of the trial was produced and remains today in the Hungarian State Archive in Budapest.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory never confessed to her crimes, nor did she utter a word of repentence or remorse. After refusing the services of a battalion of priests, she was found dead in her prison in 1614, three years after her initial imprisonment. She was fifty-four years old. Folklore has attributed her death to deprivation of virgins' blood, but old age was the most likely culprit.

A complete transcript of Elizabeth's trial was compiled during the proceedings but spent the next few centuries locked away in the Hungarian State Archive in Budapest. Csjethe Castle fell into ruins, which can be seen today in the modern Slovak Republic. (For pictures of what remains of the castle, please see the "images" page.) Elizabeth was interred in the Bathory family tomb, and the act of speaking her name was declared a criminal act by the Hungarian Parliament. Only after the demise of Communism was the Archive opened and the trial transcript released. The prior lack of evidence, though, did not stop Hollywood from turning out a handful of cheap horror flicks based on the Countess' story. The 1970's film Countess Dracula was the first to deal explicitly with the Bathory story, though the villainess is named "Mathory." Movie insiders say that a newer version of the Bathory story (starring (gulp) Linda Blair, which offers some insight into its predicted quality) is in the works right now.

-- Indeed, a Highborn Wanton she was --


Tuesday, June 07, 2005
  2 More days...
That's it! 2 More days to my Judgement Day!

I'm number 2. Pros and Cons. End the crap fast and quick. And, relax myself after that. And, the crowd might be thinner then, not much stress then! Cons, I will feel extremely stressed to go out so fast.

Well, no use babbling. Bribe Bone!

Wish me well!
Sunday, June 05, 2005
  The Audition results...
The Flourish Audition's results are out!

Guess what... It's so saddening, that I have no choice but to continue and endure sky high adrenaline in front of the audience and crap. Darn!

Yes, if you are thinking...

I effing GOT in.


One step closer to my Jerry Nuggets.

But I have to endure more stage fright and trembling hands...


But for Jerry Nuggets, I don't mind it all. =D

Gonna ballot for the performance order tomorrow evening. =)

So, yes, I'm gonna skip that day's lessons, and train and prepare myself mentally. Have to remain real calm that day.


Wish me good luck!

May Dani Filth bless me. \m/
  Babble babble the Fourteen.
Fri -- 3th June.

Went to a so called haunted Post World War 2 Army Barracks with Miss Mudblood Fiona and MapleNoob Calesta and some strangely enough Church people from Fiona's church.

And, God has wonderful hearing! Their prayers were like bullet speed and on par with those rap artists. Wow! Prowess. They OWNED the Shady Records. Woot. 1337 H4XXoRs.

So NOT happening. Just walk and walk and walk and walk and walk.

Pitch black everywhere... Utter boredom...

Then, I went home.

Sat - 4 June.



Bone was the judge, luckily he isn't the Simon Cowell type. Phew.

Imagine this,

" God sent me to do sybils..."
" God has made a terrible mistake then''


I was trembling the whole while.... Wobbly sybils, lousy Veritgo variations.... Bleah. Hate myself.

Hope Wei Ping will call me today.


Saturday, June 04, 2005
  I'm Her Ghost in the Fog!
You are "Her Ghost In the Fog". You're a bit of a romantic. You're also heartbroken from a love lost.

Take the Quiz here!

Have fun!
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  I won't let anyone meddle with Cradle of Filth. NO ONE.
Tonight is a rather shitty night.

Someone got the mere guts to come up to me to say blatantly that Cradle of Filth kinda sucked. You know who you are. Cowering in fear... I can almost smell it. Is it because that you have a super low ego that you start acting like that 3-nob and get attention?


Some people, or rather, the whole wide fucking world, just like to stereotype and follow the crowd mindlessly, aimlessly, like a BLIND fucking goat. Don't you people have a mind of your own? Why follow what others feel and think? You are being a slave to the world. And the world is stupid. So go infer yourself.

Next thing, have you ever SERIOUSLY tried listening to metal music even for like a minute?

I Do Not Think So.

So stop insulting, when you have NO idea of what is it. What it really is. STOP. Your. Foolish. Act. That. Got. People. Hating. You. Be smart. Don't act smart. Your attempt is totally futile.

Now, I can sense that you have gotten a taste of what is it like to be insulted.

Good. So think thrice before insulting and having nonsensical comments on things that you have no idea of. It's dumb.

And, I have an interesting question for you to ponder.

If metal and Cradle of Filth is SO bad, and they ''kinda sucked'' in your mindless context, why do they have so many fans WORLDWIDE? Why do they have so many albums released? Why do they have the funds to continue for like 20 YEARS? WHY? I wonder why... Hmmm...

Ask Clement Sim on his comments on Metal Music. I can gurantee that he's a pure non-metalhead before I met him. I have testimony, you? Try digging, you will most probably find nothing but filth.

And, The Filth legion is coming for you. Haunt your ass down. Slay you.

I shan't waste anymore efforts. As Anton LaVey (in case, you are being ignorant again. He's the FOUNDER of Church Of Satan.) says, don't waste too much an effort on your enemy. (yes, you have earned the title.) Or your curse or hex's success rate will drop. (And, again, you can infer all you want.)

Think about it.

Courting trouble, young fellow. Learn the way before sprouting. It helps.

Stop watching Russell Peters, he's insulting Chinese. You are Chinese. Go Infer.

Go read more. Talk less. God gave us 1 mouth and 2 ears. (God wants us to listen more, be more open minded in opinions. You aren't the right one all the time. Be more receptive. You may find something worthwhile.)

No offence, as you said.

Go beg the Pope for forgiveness. It works.
The human destiny is forever limited by the idiocy of bureaucracy and the excesses of social expectations. - LingNemesis, 2007 C.E.

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Metal-Listener. Card Flourisher. Aspiring Philosopher. Selective Mugger. Ubermensch-to-be. Inspired by Dharma. Nihilist. The Almost Misanthrope. Yogini. Film Enthusiast. Into everything Occult and the Esotercism. Anti-Pretentious Social Situations. Anti-Religion. Anti-Normal. Observer of This Fucked-Up World. Autodidact. Philomath. Capricorn Cusp Aquarius. Leo Ascendent. Taurus Moon Sign. Economic Left/Right: -1.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.05.

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