Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  I won't let anyone meddle with Cradle of Filth. NO ONE.
Tonight is a rather shitty night.

Someone got the mere guts to come up to me to say blatantly that Cradle of Filth kinda sucked. You know who you are. Cowering in fear... I can almost smell it. Is it because that you have a super low ego that you start acting like that 3-nob and get attention?


Some people, or rather, the whole wide fucking world, just like to stereotype and follow the crowd mindlessly, aimlessly, like a BLIND fucking goat. Don't you people have a mind of your own? Why follow what others feel and think? You are being a slave to the world. And the world is stupid. So go infer yourself.

Next thing, have you ever SERIOUSLY tried listening to metal music even for like a minute?

I Do Not Think So.

So stop insulting, when you have NO idea of what is it. What it really is. STOP. Your. Foolish. Act. That. Got. People. Hating. You. Be smart. Don't act smart. Your attempt is totally futile.

Now, I can sense that you have gotten a taste of what is it like to be insulted.

Good. So think thrice before insulting and having nonsensical comments on things that you have no idea of. It's dumb.

And, I have an interesting question for you to ponder.

If metal and Cradle of Filth is SO bad, and they ''kinda sucked'' in your mindless context, why do they have so many fans WORLDWIDE? Why do they have so many albums released? Why do they have the funds to continue for like 20 YEARS? WHY? I wonder why... Hmmm...

Ask Clement Sim on his comments on Metal Music. I can gurantee that he's a pure non-metalhead before I met him. I have testimony, you? Try digging, you will most probably find nothing but filth.

And, The Filth legion is coming for you. Haunt your ass down. Slay you.

I shan't waste anymore efforts. As Anton LaVey (in case, you are being ignorant again. He's the FOUNDER of Church Of Satan.) says, don't waste too much an effort on your enemy. (yes, you have earned the title.) Or your curse or hex's success rate will drop. (And, again, you can infer all you want.)

Think about it.

Courting trouble, young fellow. Learn the way before sprouting. It helps.

Stop watching Russell Peters, he's insulting Chinese. You are Chinese. Go Infer.

Go read more. Talk less. God gave us 1 mouth and 2 ears. (God wants us to listen more, be more open minded in opinions. You aren't the right one all the time. Be more receptive. You may find something worthwhile.)

No offence, as you said.

Go beg the Pope for forgiveness. It works.
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