Thursday, June 09, 2005
  The Big Day -- Magic Unlimited 2005
Well. Today's the Big Day!

To cut a long sotry short. Went to SM early today. That place was already bustling with lots of people. Happening man!

Then things started to happen so fast, I don't know how to say.

Went to the stage, seasoned myself to the atmosphere there. Didn't feel much then. This is the Prequel of the Apocalyse.

Then went to SM to open our Brand New decks. Wei Ping got my name wrong! Now I'm LS, not LX... What the... Nevermind that.

Anyways, I'm still not very tensed up or anything. Prequel still.

Then we need to go the the backstage already. Still fine and going. =)

Then Pei Hong went up. He restarted his routine.... Wooo...

Ok, then it's MY TURN!

I went up, feeling numb, emotionless, just want to end this real quick!

Got my decks, feeling the stress now... Mounting, like dead bodies.

Ok, Creatures that Kissed Cold Mirrors blared. I can feel that Dani Filth The Man is with me, the Fitlh is with me.

But Stress was with me more.

Ok, so I started my bullshit. Very dull, monotonus. Lousy Opener.

Then, I trembled so MUCH, I had a little trouble starting a simple sybil...

I took a deep breathe and brace myself. DO IT, I commanded myself. JUST DO IT.

Ok, so I went on and on.

Bad Habits, Madonna, WTH (alot of these!), Werm, Crucifix Disarray, Vertigo Variations, Damn Straight... And that's what I remembered.

My mind was in a state of pure blankness and void then. Blank. Just numbed out.

I think I had dropped a total of 5 to 7 cards. Sigh.

Anyways, it's OVER! Muahaha!

And yes, the MC is weird, calling Bone as Mr. Bone. -.-

Bone is da Man!

He's cool, very XCM-ish, and god-like. Perfect Fans, Perfect Filpback fans with brand new deck, and an insane L Cuts.

Bows down to him!

After jamming and all, and sitting as the Stoner's Gang. Went to Macs for dinner.

That's the end of my day.

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