Saturday, April 30, 2005
  Babble Babble the Tenth...
Saturday-- 30 April.

Apparently, my brother has been diagnosed with a weird Eating disorder. Let me tell you what he ate in 2 hours. 2 chocolate donuts. 2 large cups of chocolate ice cream. 2 slices of bread. 1 huge bowl of rice with loads of meat. What the hell... I was absolutely astounded at his voracious hunger... Ah wells, he's having puberty.

And, I read the papers today. Huron is on the papers! Uber cool! Tomorrow there shall be a page-long article on card flourishes! Hooray! Finally there's some light on flourishes and flourishers. Virtuoso are still the 1337s reigning strong. They rock big time. Check out Gen Y tomorrow!

Then, I attempted to study for my Mid years... But to no avail. Duh... When is studying ever appealing? Managed about 100 pages of Biology, did some A. Maths and browsed through some Chinese. Can you believe I chiong-ed through the sec 3 chinese in 4 days? Crash course.
I am still not at all stressed. I think I'm immunised to stress already.

Yay, I'll be going to have a family dinner later at some restaurant. My big aunt of mine is damn funny, weird talking style with weird expression. But heck, it's buffet style. =)

Double yay! Tomorrow is SMC outing! Kovan only. So convienent! Looking very forward indeed!

Okay, I'm going off now. Adios, my fiends.
Friday, April 29, 2005
  Babble babble the Nineth...
Today - 29/4.

Went home straight after school which ended super early today because of Sports Meet - being a uber bo chap slacker, I don't give a dang about it.
The freaking weather is so humid! Kept having the sticky feeling... So sickening.

Then, I rushed to Bugis with Alden, Yuting, Jia hao and Zhi Peng. FuggingGodDammit, Alden's cobras still looked so neat and impactful. We went to Golden Landmark to get some decks for ourselves. I think Alden got a green Rider, and a Tally Ho Fan Viper. Whilst, I got myself a green Rider and a Tally Ho Fan Back Normal. Zhi Peng got Invisible deck, I doubt he know how to use it... But anyways.

Then... Edwin was supposed to be a magic wannabe and noob, as a net friend of mine, wanting to see more magic and magicians. Due to some unpredecented situations, this spying plan screwed up. Self destructed. Argh.. Otherwise, there shall be fun. Missed a golden opportunity. Dang!

Then Alden and gang left on their ways to check out Kumon Tong -- that dead foetuses in glass bottles thing, in some temple, I think. Hope they will have good luck on that.

Then me and Edwin went to Orchard to meet Mac, where we slacked and waited for time to tick by for 6pm.
Went to HMV, check out the metal CDs. Gosh! I have been out of touch of CDs! Temptation arises! Dang, I want to save more money for them. I'm thinking of getting either a CoF or Iron Maiden CD. Hmmm.

After chilling out in HMV, we decided to jam outside HMV. Edwin was trying damn hard to teach me the correct way of doing Cobra Cuts. (shit, I suck at this thingy...)
After around 30 minutes of hardcore dropping and picking up cards, I got the correct feeling of the vemon of the cobra! The advice, Just Do It. Develop love with Cobras and they will definitely succumb to your wimperings. Intergrate those bothersome cards into yourself, fusion of gametes. Sexual Reproduction. Hehe.

So a stupid guard chased us out of Heeren, because of ''gambling'' with cobras and armspreads. How INTELLIGENT! What Rubbish!

When 6pm was finally here, we went to Spinelli to wait for Ning. Saw JasonL, -.-... Nevermind. Then Aloy came along, woah! It's the first time I'm seeing him in such casual apparels!

They were chatting, chatting... Ning looked so worn out and tired. She needs some aroma bath and a good long hiberating sleep. =)

Then, since there's nothing much on. I went home.

Been practising my cobras for 2 hours! Getting the hang of it, hopefully. =)
Thursday, April 28, 2005
  Babble babble the Eighth...
This few days are both good and bad...

Let's talk about the Bad side first.
Did so badly for my physics test. Screwed it up, totally. I sucked. Hiazzz.
After doing so many cobra cuts, I still can't really catch them nice and correctly. I sucked again. Hiazzz.
The freaking weather is so bad! Humid and freaking hot. Early in the morning, found myself dripping in sweat. WTH. I hate humid weathers. Make me so frustrated.
The exams are coming! Apocalyse is near! Where's Noah's Ark? Looks like I must send my decks away in Noah's Ark and concentrate on my studies right now. Endure...

The Good things now.
Haha, Mr Mok said I'm english powerhouse. So he challenged Lincoln and me (supposedly 2 powerhouses) to make a 30 word sentence. Ok, so we got it. Then, we got 2 packets of tidbits. Hooray. Ah! This made me felt alot better after that sickening physics encounter. =)

Today, just now. The New Paper reporter, Mindy Tan called me. So I will be on the papers once again, New Paper this time. Will be interviewed on 13th May, 5 pm, Esplanade dancing area, right after the last paper of my exams! Don't really know what to say or do. I'll just crash. =) Will those soccer fanatics in my school mob me? Treat me like Michael Jackson without the nose? Well, I leave that to fate. I'll still be myself and be crappy in school, cutting queues. =)


And I taught Alden Cobra Cut on Wednesday. And he can do it rather well the next day! Fuck. Why guys are better? I hate this totally. ARGH! He wants something more challenging that the basic cobra. I suggest he can go and jump.
But hey, I can do sybils and more magic effects than him. That's enough to put off a stupid cobra. =)

Alrighty, I'll just stop here for now. Be sure to come back for more of Babble Babble.
Saturday, April 23, 2005
  Babble babble the Seventh...
Went to Golden Landmark for decks with my dad. Waited hell long for a parking lot. Guess what, my dad had a good conversation with Betty Hoe. They even chatted about casino and my dad helped me for a better baragain, kewl. LOL. So, I bought 3 Bicycles, 1 Bee and 6 dices. I saw Tally Ho Viper Fan Backs, looked delicious! Betty offered $13 for that, cheap. Then my dad asked which is the most expensive deck around, Black Tiger Gaff Deck -- a whooping $45 for Ellusionist stuff.
Then, me and my dad went to Zion Road Hawker, to patron my favourite Khar kuey Toew. Aw man, they still taste so fabulous after so long and so many times. Not to salty, not too dry, not too wet, just nice. =) I encountered a MAJOR CatasphROBE-ic Blackout. (Intgeral people should know about what does this mean. :p) I think I'm the Khar Kuey Toew reviewer of Singapore, I have tried every possible Khar Kuey Toew stall, most of them FAILED my expectations. Only this Zion Road stall made me longing for more and more.
I saw this drink stall called 'Swee Wat'. Erm, I doubt so...

Today is a rather boring day generally... Hiazzz...
Friday, April 22, 2005
  My lovely Cobra Cut...
Hell yes!

I have got the hang of catching cobra cuts! After like struggling like a toad in a well for 2 fucking months, I have gotten the gift. The gift of pure evilsonic venom of the cobra cuts.
After getting advices from Edwin/Mac/Kev and finally Siyang, after dropping those damnable cards for an bilion times, after bending down to pick up those cards for months, I have got it. The holy moment of my flourishing life.

For this, I have practised about 5 hours today solely on cobra cuts alone, setting up around 70 cobras, catching about 40 of them. Do your pobability. 4/7. Not bad!

But no, I shant be booastful. For this is just the start of the end. Ok I'm talking nonsense. I'll work on it hard and improve... Be humble =)

Okay, I'm still feeling europhic! Sedate me!
  My school life is getting better....
Haha, I have no idea why but it seemed to me that my class people are getting extremely funny and lame. I like it! Now I liked going to school to listen to the jokes. Hehe.

We are having a paper form MSN frenzy right now. Everyone is shouting 'Tu Lu Tong!' -- indicting a new message written. Haha, then we'll have more and more people joining the ever crappy MSN conversation that included the details of the gang rape of MJ. Haha, fun times. We faced technical problems like server lag and server disconnection due to the paper being passed to girls who took forever to write a few lines, or with the fate of the paper being passed to Yvonne. (who will slowly read and laugh at them...)

And, we did the comprehension corrections today. We were supposed to change the word 'houses' into something else. Then, Jankin shouted out, 'Use Kampong! Kampong!' ROLF! So the answer is 'They reluctant to give up their kampongs and jobs.' For more info, check out EL Ten Year Series June 1995. This caused a major laughing fit in me. Then Lincoln suggested that I'm still thinking about the Kampong thing after 15 mintues. I said Yes! Then the laughing fit starts again.

And, we have witnessed a live mass Orgy today. Done my Mr. Greedy 2 Timer Solenoid and his two faithful spouses, who were magnets, who did the poking diligently. So the Love Galvanistor shot up and down, this is HOT business.

More to come!

Haha, Integral Jokes are superior lame.
Tuesday, April 19, 2005
I finally got The System!

But then, it's fucking hard. Hard like rock.
I was totally zoned out watching it for the first time. WTF, can he do SLOWER? Then I gave up.

The second day, I was more awake and started to get the feel of the Buck's style. Ok, so I could do (very slowly, at a rate of a sybil/cut/whatever at around 30 seconds.) Genesis, Madonna, West Coast Chaos, 360 Spider, Mary Jane (I modified the last part, it's so confusing!), Werm, False Sybil, and a little of Madonna II.

Buck's style is definitely very complex and troublesome, with alot of details that you need to pay attention on. It almost deny you of any chances of breathing and relaxing your eyes, you need steel of concentration, precision, and determination to get them. I found out that their style originates alot from Tudor's Bad Habits and WTH, but theirs are two to threefold more demanding.

Demanding it is. This had resulted in cramps in my palms and the back of the palms. I ended feeling like trash, and looking like trash with lots of cards on the floor. Hiaz.

But heck, I have not gave up. Today shall be my Flourish Sabbat Day. Let my cramps fade away. =)

Most of all, I'm a Systemer! =)
I remember one article saying that The Art of Conjuring or Magic appeals to loners.

Rather true. But I obviously don't like the term Loners.

Weekdays are boring days. Nothing much to blog about seriously.
Sunday, April 17, 2005
  Lestat de Lioncourt.

Lestat is the infinite warm-blooded man, who combines a penchant for action,with a lack of regret and a refusal to compromise. Lestat lives according to his own whim and in defiance of society's rules. He courts disaster and at times lands himself in considerable trouble, but in the end he usually ends up gaining from his excesses. As a vampire, Lestat wants to use his evil image to do good. In his own words, it is better to be evil in appearance yet good inside, than good in appearance yet evil inside. His goal is eventually to redeem himself and so he chooses to feed on those mortals who commit evil against their own kind. He is a bloodthirsty vampire, who aspires to be good, but can't be. Lestat loves style and excess, and as a vampire shows a predilection for velvet, no matter what the dictates of current fashion.

Nicknamed the Brat Prince, Lestat is 6 feet tall, with long blond hair and vivid blue eyes. He is the seventh son of a minor French aristocrat and decides at the age of twelve that he wishes to join a monastery. He is driven in this by his love for order and goodness. His father forbids him from pursuing this goal and takes away his books.

Dissatisfied with his life at home, Lestat attempts to run away with a travelling theatre group, only to be returned to Auvergne a short time later. Lestat's mother, Gabrielle is hurt when Lestat runs away. She is the only member of his family that he really gets on with, although he sometimes resents her for her tendency to indulge in long periods of silent reading.

One day, Lestat's desire for adventure leads him to try his luck at hunting a pack of wolves. He manages to kill eight of the wolves, although he almost dies in the attempt. His bravery wins him the friednship of Nicolas and together the two of them set out to seek their fortunes in Paris. When they arrive there, they gain employment in a theatre and Lestat quickly becomes a famous actor.

Eventually Lestat is abducted by a vampire called Magnus, who forces him to accept the Dark Gift. He teaches Lestat the rudiments of being a vampire and then destroys himself in a roaring fire, leaving a wealth of priceless treasure to his chosen successor. Lestat uses Magnus' material legacy to buy the theatre and a series of presents for Nicolas.

Lestat is visited in Paris by Gabrielle, who informs him that she is dying. In order to save her from her fate, Lestat transforms her into a vampire. In the middle of their explorations together, they encounter Armand's coven. Armand mobilises his coven against the two newcomers and uses Nicolas to try and lure Lestat, but it is Lestat who is triumphant in this conflict.

Lestat then decides to make Nicolas into a vampire. Unfortunately, this action does not bring Lestat and Nicolas closer together. Instead they quickly begin to drift apart. It is then that Armand asks to join Lestat on his travels and tells him the story of his existence. Lestat refuses Armand's request and persuades him to take up the management of the Theater des Vampires, where the remains of his coven await him. He then sets off in search of Marius, an ancient vampire who has been described to him in considerable detail by Armand.

After ten years of searching, Lestat is so stricken by the departure of Gabrielle and the death of Nicolas that he goes into the ground to experience what is described in The Vampire Lestat as the first death. It is then that Marius seeks him out and brings him to the island where he lives. Marius tells Lestat his life story and shows him the mother and father of the vampire race. Lestat awakens the mother vampire, Akasha, and she permits him to drink her blood. The two are then separated by the father vampire, Enkil. When he discovers what has happened, Marius feels compelled to send Lestat away for his own safety.

Lestat travels to New Orleans to be with his ageing father. It is there that he meets Louis and later Claudia, both of whom he transforms into vampires. These three then live together for sixty five years, until Claudia's hatred for Lestat drives her to try and destroy him. In a greatly weakened state, Lestat goes into the ground once more in 1929.

He is awakened once more in the 20th century by the sound of rock music and becomes a rock star himself. His music awakens Akasha and she abducts him. It is Akasha's belief that all humanity's problems are caused by men and once she has wiped out most of the vampires in the world, she sets about destroying them. Despite the fact that he loves Akasha and gains great strength from drinking her blood, Lestat cannot stand to support her in this. In the end Akasha is defeated by another ancient vampire called Mekare.

In The Tale of the Body Thief, Lestat agrees to temporarily switch bodies with a human called James Raglan, so he can experience being human again. Unfortunately, James Raglan doesn't return Lestat's body at the allotted time and Lestat is forced to embark on a lengthy quest to retrieve it. He is aided in this by David Talbot of the Talamasca, who he ends up making into a vampire against his will.

Lestat's final adventure (to date) is described in Melmoth the Wanderer. He is visited by a creature called Melmoth, who purports to be the devil himself. Melmoth shows Lestat heaven and hell, and asks him to join him in his struggle against God. Lestat refuses, but is so shaken by the experience that he surrenders himself to abject misery.

Ar. Lestat. My Lestat. I succumb to you... Make me your fledging!

Saturday, April 16, 2005
  Babble babble the Sixth...
Friday (15/4) :
Had extra chinese enrichment lesson. Boring like boredom. That crazy teacher was abit haywire, keep laughing at herself. Weird people do exist.
Then I rushed off to Forum, met up with Ren Hui and Lloyd at Toys R Us Fantasma. Hung out there, Lloyd gave me some advices on my Rings. Then Ren Hui and I became full fledged Toys R Us freaks cum ambassdors.
Then I went to PS Tims Bookshop. Read the entire chapter of Antichrist of some book there.
Then I went home.

Saturday (16/4) :
Did a magic performance for DSA Charity. It's merely 1 hour performance. I did mostly metal bending and cards. The reactions were rather good, I might say. A couple, a bunch of crazy girls, some white kids were actually stunned! Woot! The reactions are uber cool to see! Satisfaction of magic. Haha, and I puked cards here and there. It was rather fun! And, I got approached by a The New Paper reporter, who got my number, and who wanted to do an article on me and SMC again, just because I did a medicore spoon bending. Haha. I'm getting more and more famous! But that sucks, seriously speaking. You'll become Michael Jackson without the nose.
Then, more people from SMC started to fill in. Siyang, Clemet, Kev, Aloy, Raoul, Tom, Gordon... We had to be stooges for Gordon, what the?
But heck, I'm 20 dollars richer. That's enough. =)
Then I went to Magic Supreme to get JJ's fanning powder. (damn, when can they get stuff for themselves? And, not via me?) Then I saw Jeremy (not Tan or Pei) and Justin (not that BuaYa Justin.) too. Did some flourishes there.
Then I went to Magic Castle to get back my money for Pen Thru Anything. Yeah, 8 dollars more richer now.
Then a guy asked me for filpback fan advices. Do I look like a pro to you? Haha. Then I did an uncatched Cobra cut, that guy asked me again. Do I look like a pro??? Ha!
Solo showed me a very good spelling trick too! Brilliant trick.
Then, being extremely worn out, I rushed home. Finally home! So bloody tired.
Ate my dinner at 9 pm. I think I stood for about 7 to 8 hours in total! Tired man!
My legs are still aching and half numb after sitting for 1 hour. Fathom that ache in my legs.

Oh yeah, I'm wanting to learn dice stacking too. Looked really neat!
Thursday, April 14, 2005
  Rotten mood...
Shucks, tonight has been a really lousy and rotten night!

Firstly, my favourite TV show -- Trigger Happy TV is no longer showing on Arts Central. Fuck shit. Now even my littlest indulgence of superior comedy and entertainment is being absolutely deprived. Fuck. I can hardly fathom life without that fantastic show! Life is unfair, this is a very good example. Fuck it, totally.

Next, my ever irritating brother snatched the computer from my rightful use. Damn it! Now even my friends are deprived of communicating with him. He has just successfully made my day even more rotten. Suck shit. Is playing CS very constructive? Fuck. I hate gamers who lost their lives fragging. Useless activity.

No mood to do anything. The mood is completely fucked up.
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  Babylon AD - So Glad for the Madness!
Babylon AD - CoF. (One Great song it is.)

I bled on a pivotal stretch
Like a clockwork Christ
Bears sore stigmata, bored

And as I threw Job, I drove
Myself to a martyred wretch
To see if I drew pity
Or pretty litanies from the Lord

So the plot sickened
With the coming of days
Ill millennia thickened
With the claret I sprayed
And though they saw red
I left a dirty white stain
A splintered knot in the grain
On Eden's marital aid

So glad for the madness

So glad for the madness

I walked the walks naked to the moon
In Sodom and Babylon
And through rich whores and corridors
Of the Vatican
I led a sordid Borgia on

I read the Urilia text
So that mortals wormed
As livebait for the dead

And as I broke hope, I chocked
Another Pope with manna peel
Dictating to DeSade
In the dark entrails of the Bastille
And as He wrote, I smote
A royal blow to the heads of France
And in the sheen of guillotines
I saw others, fallen, dance

I was an incurable
Necromantic old fool
A phagadaena that crawled
Drooling over the past
A rabid wolf in a shawl
A razor's edge to the rule
That the stars overall
Were never destined to last

So glad for the madness

So glad for the madness

I furnaced dreams, a poet, foe of sleep
Turning sermons with the smell
Of Witchfinder fingers
Where bad memories lingered
Burning, as when Dante
Was freed to map Hell

I sired schemes and the means
To catch sight of the seams
And the vagaries inbetween...

And midst the lips and the curls
Of this cunt of a world
In glimpses I would see
A nymph with eyes for me

Eyes of fire that set all life aflame
Lights that surpassed art
In sight, that no intense device of pain
Could prise their secrets from my heart

I knew not Her name
Though her kiss was the same
Without a whisper of shame
As either Virtue of Sin's
And pressed to Her curve
I felt my destiny swere
From damnation reserved
To a permanent grin...

So glad for the madness

So glad for the madness
  If I ever got a Band...
It has always been a fantasy or dream to me to get a Metal Music Band, since I was 14 years old.
It's rather interesting and fun to think about what songs I could cover. So here's a dream list of the songs:

1. Hallowed be thy Name (CoF)
2. Wait and Bleed (Slipknot)
3. Heretic Anthem (Slipknot)
4. Spit it Out (Slipknot) -- I have to learn how to talk really fast for this!
5. From the Cradle to Enslaved (CoF)
6. Filthy Little Secret
7. Coffin Fodder
8. Her ghost in the fog
9. Gilded Cunt
10. Dusk and her Embrace
11. Fuel for Hatred
12. Mother North
14. Sonne (Rammstein)
15. Stormblast (Dimmu)
16. Progenies of the Great Apocalyse
17. Versebyrd
18. Metal Heart
19. Funeral of Hearts (HIM)
20. Buried Alive by Love
21. Close to Flame
22. And Love said No
23. The Sacrament
24. Right Here in my Arms
25. Wicked Game
26. In Joy and Sorrow
27. Babylon AD
28. Mannequin

More to come, my blessed fiends.
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
  I feel real bad inside...
Aw shitty shit. Crappy Crap.

After watching Daryl's new INSANE flourish video called Reloaded, and those misc. magic videos of Farid's, I suddenly feel like as though I'm so so so lousy.
The last trick I learnt was in Jan or Feb.
The last flourish that I got the hang of is Bad Habit and it's various variations.
I am so darn far behind time!

I need new materials to expand my arsenal, seriously!

I am officially depressed.
Monday, April 11, 2005
  Magicians really have no life....
Come to think about it, Magicians really have no life.

Just practise, practise, practise and practise even more. Then perform for a few minutes. Then go back and practise again. And I have realised that I have sort of lost touch with my peers in school, about the latest stuff in shopping centres. Gosh, I have lost alot of time. I felt that I have became a very old person, not liking any of the stuff that my friends are crazy over now. It's only cards, cards and more cards now that have replaced everything. (nearly, with the execption of metal music - that I'm 110% committed to)

This is sad as well as a good thing.

The sad thing, I only talked about magic and metal music and dark stuff mostly. Lost a fucking touch with the rest! And, I have no interest in anything that aren't related to magic/metal music/dark stuff... I have also developed an abhorrence against non-magic/metal music/dark stuff things... I don't take any Neoprints at all... I hated soft toys... I'm going megalomanical about all stuff... Oh my fucking God.

The good thing is that I would excel in the stuff that I'm solely interested in, it's better than Being a Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

But heck, Do you think I have a damn?

Well, No. I just need to remain sane and healthy.

- Mega Lamenting Ling.
Sunday, April 10, 2005
  My First....
Here's list of my firsts.

1st CD - Christopher Lee (I know he sucks, but that was eons ago when I bought it.)

1st Rock/Nu-Metal CD - Linkin Park's Hybrid Thoery. (My dad bought it for me, just because I said I liked it. Ah wells. :) )

1st Full-Fledged Metal CD - Slipknot's Iowa. (Went to 5 shops to get it, heck.)

1st Magic trick that I owned - Disappearing Egg (And, it has disappeared as well.)

1st Magic trick that I learned - 21 Card Trick. (Aw crap, I have forgotten it totally.)

1st Magic trick that I have successfully performed - Card Transpo effect using DL. (During my sec 3 camp at Labrador in Feb. Shit, I was a total noob at Magic then. The good old days when I was noob.)

1st Card Flourish down - Thumb Fan (or rather Finger Fan... I could do it around May 2004)

1st Song that I fell in love with - Macy Grey's I Try. (I was around 9 or 10 then. But that song really left a deep impression on me. The lyrics is so meaningful and her voice just haunts. After listening to it for so many times, I still love it.)

1st Sport that I took up seriously - Basketball. (I was in Primary 4, after watching NBA. Loved that sport, but I haven't bounce that ball for 1 year plus already.)

1st swearing word I have learnt - IDIOT. (Taught by my sister, or rather influenced by. It seemed to be extremely chim and insulting back then in my primary school days.)

1st Nu Metal song that I fell in love with - Linkin Park's Points of Authority. (I fell in love with it after watching MTV Asia Awards 2001, I think. Chester seemed really like God back then. It's a good starter for me into good and impression-making music.)

1st Metal song that I fell in love with - Slipknot's Spit It Out. (Ungodly speed. Raw Agressiveness. I succumb to it almost immediately.)

1st Bicycle deck that I owned - A red Rider one. I got it when I joined Street Magic's membership. It was so expensive to me back then, as I always gotten cheap brandless plastic ones. And it is almost a holy object, as Bicycle decks to me seemed as rare as dodo birds.

1st Magic Trick I bought - Dark Card (It's more like a free gift when I joined the membership.) But rethoerically, it's Spoon Bending. (It looked almost impossibe from a noob's point of view then.)

1st discman that I owned - Thomson brand. ( It accompanied me for my sec 2 Malaysia Education Trip, and kept my sanity/homesickness at bay.)

1st book that I read seriously and finished - Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events : Book 5 : Austere Academy. (I really liked Snicket's style!)

1st book that I actually managed to persaude my mom to get it for me - Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets. (It has always be a holy crusade to get my mom to buy books for me. She believes everything can be found at the library at fingertips...)

1st novel box-set that I bought (and the only one still.) - Dragonlance Twins Chrioncles. (and I still have not finish them, fantasy is getting stale.)

1st handphone - Motorola's C365. (Which I am still using right now... Dang. I need a fresh look for my phone!)

1st book character that I fell in love with - Count Olaf and Draco Malfoy. (I have a queer liking for baddies, don't ask why.)

1st time that I got punished by my school teacher - Kindergarten K1. (Just because I have no mood to answer that stupid chinese question of yours, you 王老猪。I will rememer you always, you irritating ass!)

1st time I uses my middle finger to good use - When I saw Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16. I knew that the middle finger is very useful.

1st TV show that I became fanatic about, and that I stayed up to watch - WWE Wrestling. (My hot favourites being Stone Cold (I liked his beer.), Undertaker (I liked his stare.), Kane (I liked his outfit and mask.), HHH (I liked his mouth fountain.), Dudley Boys (get the Tables!). Particularly hated Kurt Angle (You suck!), Vince Mac-whatever. (action shit, and I hated his face.), and Booker T. (spastic shit that is a narciuss for his nigga hands.) Favourite event is of course, WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. I have a liking for hardcore matches. BLOOD!

1st song that I hated - National Anthem and school song. (I hated the time when they force you to sing or even asked you to stay back to learn how to sing them proudly. Brainless shit.)

1st time that I scored full marks - Primary One's Maths. Haha. So glorious!

1st time I performed on stage - Kindergarten Nursery Year End. (I was acting a Tree.)

1st time I got on newspaper - Friday Weekly Issue #689. Featured as a part of SMC. (And that resulted in many juniors spotting me and treating me as if I'm Michael Jackson without the nose.)

1st time I got to fiddle with computers - Around 1996. When my dad's company is endorsing a music CD-ROM programme, he brought home a notebook. Everyone was like fighting to touch it, as if it's Satan's ass.

1st time that I surfed PORN - Around 2001. I was around 12. Just stumbled into a FEMDOM site with tons of pictures. Then I got into erotic stuff. Delicious eh?!

1st time that I idolised an actor - It was Cheng Han Wei. Nothing more.

1st time that I went to a camp - Primary 5. This is for everyone, I guess. (It was at a strange outcast corner of Singapore I couldn't remember. A scary place that you aren't allowed to even call home, bathe for more than 3 minutes, sleep on decent places, have decent chairs to sit on, decent food to eat. I tell you, it was hell.)

1st time that I began to question my spirituality - Around 14 + going 15. I was totally strange to religions, then I started to read about religions. Narrowed down my scope to Christianity and Buddhism after 6 months of reading, but I'm a Buddhist Purist now.

1st time that I got intrigued about Paranormal/Occult/New Age - Around the age of 14. It was telekinsis that got me hooked. That psychic bending the spoon using the mind. Then I got into serious Astrology/Astronomy/Palmistry/Dreams/Tarot/Ouija/Meditation/Telepathy/ESP etc. Now I'm 95% accurate in my tarot readings. And a Ouija activist in my class.

1st movie that spooked me out - Jurassic Park. (That darn T-Rex! Scary!)

1st movie that got me laughing like crazy - Home Alone 2. (Culkin is good!)

1st ECA I joined - Science Club (I remember that I was the Head. Haha, what a nerd and teacher's pet I am! And I only remembered seeing if peeled oranges could float.)

1st movie that got me really saddened - Titanic. (Desperation of the lovers!) And The Ghost (also desperation of the lovers.)

1st time that I had not enough time for an exam - Primary 4's Mid Year Maths. Then I got a real dose of real adrenaline.

1st time that I got hit by a guy - That Pierre from my Primary school! He stone cold stunned me 3 times in a row in the school hall! But it is a rather good experience, that stunner(s) sent a real fun flying sensation.

1st time someone asked me if I masterbated - That sicko Pierre again. I said I'm straight.

1st time that I influenced by friends - That Pierre again. He introduced me to Stickdeath.com. and all that gross jokes, and we are the 馆材组。Thus I am sick now, blame him for that.

1st time that I went for a shopping spree - Primary 2 or 3. The shop? School's bookshop. Haha, got tonnes of country erasers and pencils. And we had a compeition of who got the most stationeries.

1st time that I got rough in school - Started playing monkey bars around primary 2 or 3. Then I had to Monkey Bar Fight with someone. I couldn't remembered if I won, but I remembered I got hell lot of blisters on my palms and fingers. And that hurt. But I dumb enough to keep playing even though the bars were like hot branding rods in that sun.

1st time that I tried fasting - I was in sec 3 then. Influenced by David Blaine and his stunts. So I tried a simple 12 hour fast at first. It went okay. So I proceed to attempt a 24 hours full day fast, it was agonising to watch time pass by and not to be tempted to eat. I remembered one line: Real hunger doesn't come from the mouth. It comes from the stomach. I have tried about 9 12-hour fasts, 5 24-hour fasts up to date. All went well. Once I was really sick from food poisoning, didn't eat a thing for 2 to 3 days. That was my record. Beat it. :p Now I can not eat for 10 plus hours easily. Hehe. I have planned to attempt a self-imposed 3 day fast after my Os.

1st time that I tried not sitting down for a long time (or a prolong standing period.) - I was also in sec 3. Also inflenced by Blaine. So I forced myself not to sit no matter what when I was out. Numbed legs, aching backs happened all the time. My normal length was 4 to 5 hours in a row then. Usually done when I was hanging out at Street Magic, time flies there. But my record was 8 to 9 hours. I believe it's during an extra long shopping session. After that, you can consider me dead. Too tired. But standing does improve leg strength. And, I also planned to attempt a 12 hour long stand after my Os. I can't believe how Blaine did his Vertigo -- 35 hours! I rather kill myself! Call me an endurance freak.

1st time I had a movie marathon - At Yong Ming's house, it was all horror night. I believe it's on 14 August 2004. So we were up for like 30 hours, all pale faced and spooked out by the movies. But it was fun.

1st time that I broke through my self-limits of fears of amusement parks - 2002. Broke free.

1st time that I didn't had a wink for days - Sec 2 class chalet at Changi Village. Didn't sleep for like 30 + hours. Now, my record is 40 going 50 hours, during sec 3 class chalet, went to beach to stargaze all night. And got my decks ruined by my rowdy friends playing Tai Di.

1st time I saw a real transvittie - During sec 2 class chalet, at Changi Village. Fun man! Look so chio, but their voice so sexy!

I think that's about it. More to come.
Just chatted with Bone just now.
He sent me his Cobra Montage, it was SICK. No need to say anymore.

He's called Bone for a reason.
  Babble babble the Fifth.
Babble about the happenings of yesterday.

Yesterday. 9 April.

I first went to Alden's house, to be a loan shark for The System. He's watching Samurai X as usual. But hey the cartoon looked rather nice, I might say.

Then I went to Heartland Mall. Was supposed to wait for Chris to come. Time was tight, so I went off quickly.

Went to Orchard next, met Edwin and Mac at Wisma's Mac. (Mac in a Mac?!) Got my blank deck from Mac, looked really delicious.

Then, we had a weird jamming place in front of Topshop in Wisma. Really out of place.

After a long time at Topshop, we decided to go to pay WeiPing a visit at Magic City in Queenstown Shopping Centre.

That shop looked rather neat. Jeremy Tan and Nicky was there.

After hanging out there for a while, WeiPing was stubborn that he could do the filpback fan. So I demo-ed for him several times...

Then then, I am the lab rat for Edwin and Mac to test out their watch steal. Damn. I'm sick of it, alright.

Then, I became the second Justin, to be splattered all over with cards, from the failed attempt of Cobra Armspread.

Alright, I think that's about it.
Friday, April 08, 2005
  Babble Babble the Fourth...
Weekdays -- certified boring days of the week.

Nothing much to babble about, just that Jankin is teh man for the 2nd 1337 rated jokes besides Kev.

Potted plants = arigculture?! ROFL!

Just one example of his 1337 jokes.

And, I had a long engaging and stimulating chat with Mr. Neo and Mr. Mok after my oral today, about LIFE and its indiosyncrasies. Crap O Crap. Anyhow, we all die afterall, which is a good thing.

Anyway, I finally got ONE succesful Cobra Cut! But only one. Pathetic number.
Need to improve!

Yeah, I'll be going to Xin Min Open House tomorrow! Meeting Siyang, Hanyong, Edwin and Mac and perhaps Chris (for The System).

Need some pointers for my cobras from Siyang, Edwin and Mac seriously.

And perhaps we'll be going to Castle after that.

Babble babble.... Bleah, Life is like a piece of paper. You can beautify it as you liked if you are in good moods. If you are foul tempered, you crumple it, and it shall never be perfected again. If you are aimless, the paper shall be white and BLANK forever. However I shall burn it with zippo, then it shall be my method to vent my pent up irritation, and serve its purpose. Geesh.

- Ling
Monday, April 04, 2005
  Boring day...
Today, as usual, was a very boring day.

But then, I finally could do a decent Long Distance Spinner! Hooray! After like 1 month of utter dilemma... I've got it! Feels so good to see the cards spinning off in incredible height!

Today is my Brother's 14th Birthday! He's da man! Happy 14th Birthday, Bro!

Sunday, April 03, 2005
  Some calculations on Pope John Paul II.
These are some of the stuff that I've noticed about Pope John Paul II's death.

He died 3 hours 33 mintues before Sabbat Sunday, on a Saturday. 333.
Tomorrow is the 4th of April - so 4/4 is the date. 444.

So Jesus had became alive 3 days later.

So 3 days after the Pope's death, it will be on Monday or Tuesday.

On the time of the death, the planet ruling is Moon -- linked to occult, subconscious and bestial lust.
The Angel ruling at that time is Gabriel.

Gabriel -- One of the two highest ranking angels. He is the angel of mercy, annunciation, resurrection, vengeance, death and revelation. He presides over paradise and is the ruling angel of the first heaven. This archangel is a primary messenger of God, bringing divine announcements and revelations to humankind, acting as an intermediary between heaven and earth and helping us to interpret our dreams and our visions. Gabriel grants wishes and hopes to mortals, as well as joy, mercy, understanding of mysteries, truth, justice, miracles and love. Essene prayer: "Gabriel, Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body".

And, Gabriel's divine name is Elohim Tzabaoth (Aka God or Gabriel is God's will.)
Gabriel's zodiac signs are Cancer Cheth, Scorpio Nun and Pisces Qoph + al (Remeber? Jesus = Pisces / fishes?)

Yesod is also linked.

Elohim, meaning Gods, with Fire as the element and Venus is the planet. The Evil Demons are Ghareb Tzerek - The Ravens of Death.

Venus -- Love and Friendship :
Forming Frienships; Kindness and Harmony; Social Affairs; Love; Women and young people; Physical Attraction, Sexuality.

All Pleasing Undertakings; Luxury; Self-Indulgence (Satanic : Indulgence instead of Abstinence.) ; Beauty and Harmony.

Moon :
Love and Friendship:
Reconciliation; Love

The Feminine Principle; The Mother and Wife; The Soul; Sensual Reactions, Fecundity; Changes.

Business and Travel :
Good for Embassies; Enoys, Messages, Voyages and Navigations. (For the much awaited AntiChrist to surface!)

White for Moon:
Purity, truth and sincerity, innocence, cleanliness, peace, goodness, light and Hope (For the Divine Truth of the AntiChrist.)

Cowardice, weakness and impotence, corruption and infrimity. Impurity. (of God's folly plans.)

Black for Saturn (The Pope died on a Saturday = Saturn):

Positive: NIL.

Negative: Evil, despair, loss, confusion, melancholy and sadness. Used in rituals of destruction and malevolence, defamation and malignancy and injury and ruin.

That's about it. More to come.

  SMC Outing 2nd April.
Yesterday was a very long and exhaustive day.

At around 3pm, I went to Heeren to meet up with Edwin and Mac and his cousin to collect Ning's sponsored Vanilla Cokes. (6 Cartons -- 144 cans!) Okay, it was raining and the 4 of us were struggling with the heavy load, stopping every now and then in the rain. Finally, we reached Somerset MRT, managed to cross the ticketing hurdle. Waited for the train to Bukit Batok. Those 2 guys' veins were popping up like don't know what. So we had a very very very long train ride. Dull and boring. Not until, I met an alive and kicking Ringu's ghost (that girl with insanily long hair draping over her head, that's the her.) in the train. She was really freaky and motionless, just her long hair that was swaying away. Looked rather amusing, I might say... Then she suddenly vanquished. Woot! Powerful ghost eh.
Then, at Yew Tee station, the train stopped abruptly, I said, "Maybe, there's one guy jumped onto the track, then ya know ya know..." There comes several bumps. oops, so many suicidal people nowadays?!
Ok, it's my pure imagination. The train continued smoothly, luckily. Otherwise, we'll have to carry those coke and walk on the tracks...

When we finally reached Mordor (oops, it's Signature Park), with One Ring (or 6 Cartons), Edwin and Mac are totally tired.
Saw Gordon and Pam there already, setting up the PA system.
Had our attendence taken. (attendence? Is this a bloody school???)
Then Our President came and spoke about the new changes about SMC. blah blah...
Q and A time.
Kev (with a serious look on his face) asked ,'How are we going to have dinner? ' Still looking very serious. Kev is DA MAN! Teh 1337 H4XXOR! Kev REIGNS!
'Any other relevant questions?', asked Aloy again, looking at Kev. Hahahaha, with Kev around there's always plentiful of 1337 Jokes!
Then the performances came.
Daryl, J (with Kev as a living Mic stand), then Kev's turn.
About TEH Kev performance:
Kev acted very very very seriously and said he would teach us how to do the effect. So, blah blah blah, he droned on. He asked J to touch on one card and take a look. Okay, the card was 2 of Diamonds. So the card was lost in deck, LOST. Then, he transpo-ed the card to his pocket. Wow!
That's not the end, my folks.
Then Kev taught us, to do a overhand shuffle with the backs facing the audience. DUH. LOL.
With a sharpie, J signed on that card again. The signed card was lost again. Then Kev succeed again, to transpo-ed the signed card to his pocket. Yes, the card with YOUR SIGNATURE. ROFL!
Then soon enough, it's my turn. Did a Tear and Restored Routine.
Trembling and zoned out by the long journey, I SUxxORED. That's it. And, the audience actually laughed at my very screwed-up final relevation. Great! Very Great.... I SUXXORED.

Ok, so the peformance went on.
Pam's act was fantastic with a lot of brutal flinging action, you DIRTY heads. Haha.

Soon, we have to go.

A whole gang of SMC people were at the bus stop, with cards and flourishing. Seemed like a big Family, how heart-warming! I loved that feeling!
Jaren shot cards onto the roads, very crazy stuff.

Oh freak, I finally caught a glimpse of THY 1337 Jerry Nuggets, for like 2.345 seconds. GOSH! Holy moment of my life!

One day, I shall rob Kev.

It was a long journey back home. Nonetheless, it was a fun time with so many of us pissing others off. Great time together!

- Ling
  Pope John Paul II
You are DEAD. (And, I shall see if you could get to that so-called Heaven!)

The Rise of the Great Beast - 666!
Mr. Lucifer, please take your rightful seat on that throne! For it is rightfully yours.

The Antichrist is doing well and flourishing! I expected it all!

Next, there shall be CHAOS.

Watch OUT.

- Ling
  A little about Pope John Paul II
--An anti-Christ is one who presents himself as a faithful Christian
while at the same time acting in opposition to the true teachings
of Jesus. One who acts according to the goals of Satan.

The belief is growing that "Karol Wojtyla" -
AKA: Pope John Paul II is an antiChrist. Many in the Catholic faith believed when he became pope that he would resolve many of the internal problems of the Church. The reverse has been true. Discipline in the Church has declined to such a degree that priests, bishops, and cardinals are openly participating in or permitting opposition to matters of doctrine concerning faith and morals without the perpetrators having fear of being disciplined.

"Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh; 1 such is the deceitful one and the antichrist. Look to yourselves that you do not lose what we worked for but may receive a full recompense. Anyone who is so "progressive" as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God; whoever remains in the teaching has the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him in your house or even greet him; for whoever greets him shares in his evil works." [2 John 1:7-11]

Pope John Paul II by kissing the Koran (Muslim holy book containing antiCatholic doctrine) and joining in prayer with Mohammedans – who do not believe in the most holy trinity or in the divinity of Jesus – and with Hindus, Buddhists and various pagan sects is in essence saying that the God traditionally believed in by Catholics was not incarnate and in effect is no different than any other belief in a god or gods. The effect is at least a variant of the belief condemned by two popes and by Vatican Council I called "pantheism"
( 1. a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe;
2. the worship of all gods of different creeds, cults, or peoples indifferently;
also: toleration of worship of all gods. – Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

The statement, "coming in the flesh," clearly acknowledges a prior existence. By recognizing any sort of religious equality with those who deny the incarnation and who deny the divine nature of Jesus is to commit heresy. This is the embodiment of a new heresy called "Ecumenism" – The JPII heresy. His acts can be seen as being no less than malfeasance in office.

Saturday, April 02, 2005
  Bad Omens, in a sense...
Guess what?!

I have seen 4 ambulances within 2 days. And, 2 hearses with coffins inside within 5 minutes.

Looks like those are bad omens and that Death is coming my way...

Okay, I'm babbling nonsense.
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