Friday, April 29, 2005
  Babble babble the Nineth...
Today - 29/4.

Went home straight after school which ended super early today because of Sports Meet - being a uber bo chap slacker, I don't give a dang about it.
The freaking weather is so humid! Kept having the sticky feeling... So sickening.

Then, I rushed to Bugis with Alden, Yuting, Jia hao and Zhi Peng. FuggingGodDammit, Alden's cobras still looked so neat and impactful. We went to Golden Landmark to get some decks for ourselves. I think Alden got a green Rider, and a Tally Ho Fan Viper. Whilst, I got myself a green Rider and a Tally Ho Fan Back Normal. Zhi Peng got Invisible deck, I doubt he know how to use it... But anyways.

Then... Edwin was supposed to be a magic wannabe and noob, as a net friend of mine, wanting to see more magic and magicians. Due to some unpredecented situations, this spying plan screwed up. Self destructed. Argh.. Otherwise, there shall be fun. Missed a golden opportunity. Dang!

Then Alden and gang left on their ways to check out Kumon Tong -- that dead foetuses in glass bottles thing, in some temple, I think. Hope they will have good luck on that.

Then me and Edwin went to Orchard to meet Mac, where we slacked and waited for time to tick by for 6pm.
Went to HMV, check out the metal CDs. Gosh! I have been out of touch of CDs! Temptation arises! Dang, I want to save more money for them. I'm thinking of getting either a CoF or Iron Maiden CD. Hmmm.

After chilling out in HMV, we decided to jam outside HMV. Edwin was trying damn hard to teach me the correct way of doing Cobra Cuts. (shit, I suck at this thingy...)
After around 30 minutes of hardcore dropping and picking up cards, I got the correct feeling of the vemon of the cobra! The advice, Just Do It. Develop love with Cobras and they will definitely succumb to your wimperings. Intergrate those bothersome cards into yourself, fusion of gametes. Sexual Reproduction. Hehe.

So a stupid guard chased us out of Heeren, because of ''gambling'' with cobras and armspreads. How INTELLIGENT! What Rubbish!

When 6pm was finally here, we went to Spinelli to wait for Ning. Saw JasonL, -.-... Nevermind. Then Aloy came along, woah! It's the first time I'm seeing him in such casual apparels!

They were chatting, chatting... Ning looked so worn out and tired. She needs some aroma bath and a good long hiberating sleep. =)

Then, since there's nothing much on. I went home.

Been practising my cobras for 2 hours! Getting the hang of it, hopefully. =)
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