Sunday, April 03, 2005
  SMC Outing 2nd April.
Yesterday was a very long and exhaustive day.

At around 3pm, I went to Heeren to meet up with Edwin and Mac and his cousin to collect Ning's sponsored Vanilla Cokes. (6 Cartons -- 144 cans!) Okay, it was raining and the 4 of us were struggling with the heavy load, stopping every now and then in the rain. Finally, we reached Somerset MRT, managed to cross the ticketing hurdle. Waited for the train to Bukit Batok. Those 2 guys' veins were popping up like don't know what. So we had a very very very long train ride. Dull and boring. Not until, I met an alive and kicking Ringu's ghost (that girl with insanily long hair draping over her head, that's the her.) in the train. She was really freaky and motionless, just her long hair that was swaying away. Looked rather amusing, I might say... Then she suddenly vanquished. Woot! Powerful ghost eh.
Then, at Yew Tee station, the train stopped abruptly, I said, "Maybe, there's one guy jumped onto the track, then ya know ya know..." There comes several bumps. oops, so many suicidal people nowadays?!
Ok, it's my pure imagination. The train continued smoothly, luckily. Otherwise, we'll have to carry those coke and walk on the tracks...

When we finally reached Mordor (oops, it's Signature Park), with One Ring (or 6 Cartons), Edwin and Mac are totally tired.
Saw Gordon and Pam there already, setting up the PA system.
Had our attendence taken. (attendence? Is this a bloody school???)
Then Our President came and spoke about the new changes about SMC. blah blah...
Q and A time.
Kev (with a serious look on his face) asked ,'How are we going to have dinner? ' Still looking very serious. Kev is DA MAN! Teh 1337 H4XXOR! Kev REIGNS!
'Any other relevant questions?', asked Aloy again, looking at Kev. Hahahaha, with Kev around there's always plentiful of 1337 Jokes!
Then the performances came.
Daryl, J (with Kev as a living Mic stand), then Kev's turn.
About TEH Kev performance:
Kev acted very very very seriously and said he would teach us how to do the effect. So, blah blah blah, he droned on. He asked J to touch on one card and take a look. Okay, the card was 2 of Diamonds. So the card was lost in deck, LOST. Then, he transpo-ed the card to his pocket. Wow!
That's not the end, my folks.
Then Kev taught us, to do a overhand shuffle with the backs facing the audience. DUH. LOL.
With a sharpie, J signed on that card again. The signed card was lost again. Then Kev succeed again, to transpo-ed the signed card to his pocket. Yes, the card with YOUR SIGNATURE. ROFL!
Then soon enough, it's my turn. Did a Tear and Restored Routine.
Trembling and zoned out by the long journey, I SUxxORED. That's it. And, the audience actually laughed at my very screwed-up final relevation. Great! Very Great.... I SUXXORED.

Ok, so the peformance went on.
Pam's act was fantastic with a lot of brutal flinging action, you DIRTY heads. Haha.

Soon, we have to go.

A whole gang of SMC people were at the bus stop, with cards and flourishing. Seemed like a big Family, how heart-warming! I loved that feeling!
Jaren shot cards onto the roads, very crazy stuff.

Oh freak, I finally caught a glimpse of THY 1337 Jerry Nuggets, for like 2.345 seconds. GOSH! Holy moment of my life!

One day, I shall rob Kev.

It was a long journey back home. Nonetheless, it was a fun time with so many of us pissing others off. Great time together!

- Ling
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