Thursday, May 29, 2008
  Are you kidding me?
Because my X-ray film was the 666th image in the school's archive system. Some kind of a sick omen that I'm doomed to that place? Lol.

The teacher asked me when I wanted to save the image to my thumbdrive, "Do you want to change file name?"
I went, "Nope, that's alright." Hehe!

Anyway, here is the thing I did today, oblique and Posterior-Angle of the Palma region. =)
This looks so much better than that manually processed one I did weeks back.

And... everyone is getting pissed at how intricate anatomy is getting. Am I the only one enjoying every bit of it? Because I get the Hannibal Lecter kicks out of it. ^_^

I give you a small taste of anatomy! =D
And that is only the stupid forearm's muscles. *smiles*
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
I really miss my slacking days when I could wake up to Ellen DeGeneres on TV and a nice cup of English tea when the house is quiet.

I just love how Ellen would spontaneously break into a dance. =D
Sunday, May 25, 2008
I am getting incessantly annoyed at how noisy, crowded, unnerving weekends hotspots *malls, MRTs, town areas* can get. The baby cries in the restaurant you dine in, when you are trying in vain to find some balance in yourself, when you can be yourself and let loose. That same stupid song is playing again in the shop, way too loudly, you can only be heard if you speak at the top of your voice. People around talking too loudly, you have to strain your voice again, and again. The phone rings when you're captivated in reading your novel/closing your eyes for a few minutes of peace in the train carriage, your nerves gyrate upon your temples, you unwillingly picks it up, saying into the receiver, "Hey, what's up?" in a pseudo-enthusiastic way. You only wanted to get back to that interesting book or that sense of peace within as soon as possible. You have no idea why the heck are you going to Orchard again this Saturday, just to feel the weekend vibes maybe, just to feel the squeeze in the trains, just to queue for fast-junk-food, just to walk around malls looking at shelves with the exact same things for countless number of times, just to patronise Starbucks just one more time in the week, just to watch some flick on the theatres because it says, "Opening This Week". Then you worry about the last train and your credit card or wallet. That is the idea of a weekend for a modern typical Homo Sapien.

Sad isn't it? Ironically, one has to oblige with such arrangements to remain functionable in the society. What a stupid world, seriously.

I am very tempted to go to a beach or to nature reserve soon. Next weekend, shall make it a point.
  No more wishful thinking.
Well, I got all the replies from the 3 universities. Tough luck for me, not a hint of optimism from any of the 3. I kind of expected this already, knowing the level of *senseless* competition in the field and my set of grades. However, it still brought me some bitterness. Being smooth-sailing all the while in my academic path, the feeling of being phased out at this final junction doesn't feel good. My sister pointed out to me that it is my pride that is my foible. I kind of agreed to that recently. Knowing that, I willed myself not to dwell too much into this piece of news and get my emotions out of the way, and do what I have to do at my current location - a polytechnic. It is indeed a hard daunting emotional task, to overcome yourself and face reality in its truest sense. I think this shall be a metamorphsis for me, at least in terms of academics.

Another way to think about it is that my vocation - radiographer/radiologist (when I work my way up) would be one that is constantly in demand and one that would provide me with a stable, long term, anti-recession income. Which is true. It does sound better than a office-bound job that makes you into a white-collar zombie, in that Shenton Way Horde, looking at some odd paperwork, looking forward to a weekend or lunchbreak. How many engineers do you need anyway? How many accountants do you need? How many businessmen/women? The list is endless. But yes, I told myself, "Do you want to scrap into university and end up doing a mediocre course you have limited interest in, then end up hating your job for life?" Putting aside the prestige attached to the sound of Degree or that opposite of a Dipolma aside, what I really see is the trend of people from JC without any inkling of what they want in life/their interests, choosing a field that is popular and think it's a great way to go. No offence to any reader out there. Haha. Maybe it's just me trying to console myself amidst this grim situation. At least it works. =)

So far, I am really interested in brain-scans and heart-scans and how I can improve techniques of scanning to aid research in furthur developments in psychology and forsenics, for example. It sounds nifty.

Welcome to my full 3 years at NYP. I need to socialise more.
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A vision made flesh. Enjoy.

Monday, May 19, 2008
I just got back from Thekchen Choling temple and underwent something metamorphsizing. I took refuge today, from the above mentioned temple's leading teacher - Lama Thubten Namdrol Dorje. I got my own set of white/maroon novice non-Sangha robes, and they felt amazingly comfortable. It's like a dream that manifested finally, I have been secretly wanting to put on those robes and undergo the ceremony for ages. But it does take some level of skill to put on and look good. Otherwise, they're pretty awesome to wear. One downside of it is that they restrict your pace length, making you walk slower involuntarily. Which is a great way to remain mindful. Haha, so yeah.

Listened to the Guru of the temple expound on the concept behind Refuge-taking and explained the underlying guidelines that the refugee has to be aware of after the ceremony. Then I had to prostrate to the 3 Jewels and recite the Refuge mantras, afterwhich, a Buddha figurine, a stupa, and a cloth-bound Dharma text are tapped lightly upon the foreheads, and throat respectively. That signified the combining essence of the whole Dharma activities into oneself, thus perfecting him.

Afterwhich, the Guru presented each one's Refuge Certificate. My refuge/Dharma name is Thubten Choden. Voila. Done. =)

Namo Guruaya
Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dharmaya
Namo Sanghaya.

Be hailed, The Teacher, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.
Me in my robes, at home, lol. Surreal feeling.


Somehow, I feel inherently different thereafter, in a sense that I feel pretty much clear-headed and subtly inspired. I take it as a good thing.


Thursday, May 15, 2008
  My first X-ray exposure!
Today, I did my first X-ray exposure. It was a very nice experience, no doubt. I especially liked the part when you need to manually process your film like how you develop your old school photographs, in the darkroom. That room just makes you so calm, and the red hues give off a nice ambience. Haha. I really like the place. I did 2 exposures, one with the phantom hand (think real human bones encased in engineered human flesh-like scilicon) and one with my Sony Mp3 player. Here are the outcomes after the manual processing procedures.

I have no idea but the whole process of aligning the X-ray casette and the object of interest under the beam's scope and the manual processing gave me a very meditative sensation. It calmed me and brought my mind to a subtle sense of peace. Perhaps it *is* my vocation. Ah ack.
In other news, I received a ''negative'' letter from SMU. Not too concerned about that, since I don't really like their mentality and how they operate. =)

I really have nothing much to rant about recently. It's just school, physics, listening to people speaking with a very odd accent ("burst --> bus, furs --> far, determine --> determine"), eating prata at North canteen, eating Macs again and again, gossiping about a certain 26 year old guy in my course, and having a great time with my coursemates. Time flies, it's the 5th week I am in a poly now, and it doesn't feel that long. I think this is the second best school experience besides Nan Chiau's. ^_^ Be honoured, Felicitians/Integral people!

On a personal note, I really wonder how did I survived slacking for months at home using the computer all day prior to restarting school. I use it for 2 - 3 hours now, and I got bored of it. Lol.

On a cosmic note, I think it is ever more probable that planetary destruction will set in by 2012. Just look at the proximity of the dates of the 2 massively-lethal natural disasters - Burma's giant cyclone and China's demon earthquake. One in early May, one is middle May. With hundreds of thousands died, the Earth is surely fucking furious.
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
  The Mighty Boosh Live DVD

These guys are fucking briliant. I was laughing so hard. I highly recommend "The Mighty Boosh" to any comedy fans. It's like the next British's Monty Python. =D

I need more Boosh!

Monday, May 05, 2008

"I can see you but you can't see me
I could touch you and you wouldn't even feel me
Wait a second and you'll settle down
I'm just waiting 'til you really let your guard down
You're relaxed, you're sublime, you're amazing
You don't even know the danger you're facing
If I'm quiet, I'll slide up behind you
And if you hear me, I'll enjoy trying to find you

I've been with you all day
I'm trying to stay calm
I'm impatient and it's really hard to breathe
I'm going to empty you and fill you in with me

Just keep the violence down
Not yet-Don't make a sound
Oh, God I'm feeling it
It's reaching fever pitch
My skin is caving in
My heart is driving out
No mercy, no remorse
Let nature take its course

Watching-Bring me to my knees
Waiting-I am your disease
Lover-Set my symptom free
Covered-You won't feel a thing

I'm sweating through my veins
I'm trying to hold on
It's unbearable, It's almost worse for me
I'm gonna to tear you apart and make you see-Make you see

Watching-Bring me to my knees
Waiting-I am your disease
Lover-Set my symptom free
Covered-You won't feel a thing

This is the virus, the virus of life
This is inside us, The crisis, The knife

It's almost time to play/It's time to be afraid
I can't control the pain/I can't control in vain
Oh God, I'm ready now/You're almost ready now
I'm gonna love you now/I'm gonna put you down
I see you in the dark/I see you all the way
I see you in the light/I see you plain as day
I wanna touch your face/I wanna touch your soul
I wanna wear your face/I wanna burn your soul

Watching-Bring me to my knees
Waiting-I am your disease
Lover-Set my symptom free
Covered-You won't feel a thing

You can't stop me

This is the virus, the virus of life
~ Slipknot's The Virus of Life"

This song popped into my mp3 player today on the bus, memories came flooding back.

In other note, congratulations on David Blaine's breath-hold world record, a whooping 17 mins 4.4 seconds, very much incredibly impressive. This led me to my sudden interest in the little known extreme aquatic discipline called Static Apnea. Haha.

Otherwise, nothing much to rant about.

Oh yes! I am so amused by the concept of The Mighty Boosh's Stationary Village, here's it:

Gawd, hot guys (referring to Noel Fielding only) and excellent comedy = bestest.
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