Saturday, March 25, 2006
  Have no idea.
Due the mounting worry of me not getting able to appeal successfully into Temasek Poly, I went down to TP itself and have a talk with Course Manager. I really hope they can appreciate my effort in coming down twice, once for the appeal, once for the 'interview'. Please... just... let... me... in... I beg you... Please. Please. Bitte...

Well, the Course Manager said she would take special notice of my case and seriously consider me. I hope so, really. I really want TP... My gut feeling tells me that my appeal might be succcessful, let's just hope so... Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Have faith, as advised by Travis who graduated from TP.

I want TP! Badly!

Anyways, ever since school started, my novelette has been on a halt indefinitely and it's a wasted effort, I have planned on the plot and everything, but my worn body and soul (all thanks to school) have disagreed on my writing endeavour. See? Jc makes you so tired and fucked up, you can't do anything you used to like to. There's something seriously screwed with Singapore's education system. It's still too acamedic after various changes, how do you expect creative people to emerge who are ground-breaking when all the young people are fucking tired every fucking day?! There will no time to do anything at all to let the young think for themselves and all.

Fucking. Conformity.

No wonder Kev can be so successful in his magic/flourish, as he's in Singapore America School, and not any MOE-governed school. No wonder Buck twins can flourish so well (in both meanings) and be so successful in their magic dvds, because they are in fucking USA!

Fuck. I hate this.

MOE is restricting us, making us conform unnessecarily. This is wrong! I will not conform and you cannot force me to. I see no point in getting so tired because of studies... Tyler Durden says,' You are not your studies. You are not your A Level Grades. You are not how many As you can score. You are not how well behaved you are in school. You are not the Student Council title.' Come on, get a life. Breathe. Life is much more than school. Think. Do not follow. Think. For yourself.

Other than the above angst-filled comments, I have a few more to go. =)

I see no point in doing Economics. Just don't like. No reasons.
I see no point in doing PW. Come on, people use Google everyday.
I see no point in doing General Paper. I think critically already.
I see no point in doing PE. I am not going to be a runner in anyway. Sweating wastes body fluid. <>
  • Rammstein's Mutter.
  • Cradle of Filth's Dusk and Her Embrace.
  • Immortal's Pure Holocaust.
  • A dozen of Tally Hos.
  • Interview with a Vampire VCD
  • Can't think of anything...
  • Actually, I feel rather contented. I just need a fucking mp3 player! Herr Diskmann is dying.
Random: I feel extremely hungry... I wanna have juicy chicken right now.

Bah! TP, let me in! I will be highly grateful!

Nocturnal death knells of keyboard typing reverberates my void house,
25th March 2006 AD

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