Sunday, July 31, 2005
  Wow! I'm a GENIUS!

Check out my first edited picture!

Cheers! :)
Friday, July 29, 2005
  My Metal CD collection.

Well, here's my puny Metal CD collection. I'm buying Cruelty And The Beast and Love Metal soon enough. :)
  Decks galore and some fans.

I was playing with my webcam out of utter boredom and took some pictures of my deck collection and some flourishes here and there. So here's it. :) The fugly green deck armspread is badly done, anyhow, it's sort o f my own creation, it's called Whirlpool II. :)


Oh yes, my class has successfully driven Mr Mok out of the class. Here's the story behind all these crazed frenzy. Mr Mok asked the class if we needed a break or not. We all said in unison, 'Yes!" Then, Mr Mok said, "If you want to rest, go out and rest.', in a semi-joking tone. Then, Nicholas Tan and Luthur rebuked him, 'This is our class. It's you who should get out. Not us.', also in a semi-joking tone. Me, stunned by the rude reply, just looked on to Mr Mok. He then proceeded to pack his stuff and walked out of the class, mumbling something like this, 'Since I'm not welcome. I'll leave then. Fine!'

Mega drama!

Thursday, July 28, 2005
  Just a few pictures.

Here's a few pictures from a few movies that I really enjoyed watching.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
  Excerpt from Post Secret.
Here's it.
Read from left to right. :)

Enjoy more by clicking on the link on the bar on the right. :)
Sunday, July 24, 2005
  Had fun with my brother.
Haha, what a rarity!

I had a hearty time watching Tv with my brother. We both laughed like nuts at some pathetic woman on Tv, which happens to be Variety Big Brother. Cranky people in that crappy show. I like.

I just realised I have a rather hunky guy for a brother. He's starting to become tanned and toned, and he's starting to syle his hair and his image. Cool! Just that he has to go out for an eye-opener instead of rotting at home gaming and to read more. He's rather funny too, he will integrate chim chinese cheng yu(s) to suan people very very very very badly, and all those yan yu(s) too. In all, he's growing into a fine man. Good. :)

Oh yes, I'm delving deeper into reading again! Hooray! My old pastime before the manifestation of magic and flourishing which has took up so much of my time for the past year. Reading is fun! Though constant hardcore reading can hurt your eyes quite a bit. Time to put a pause to magic and all which are so time-consuming, and expand my knowledge and language prowess till the level of Dani Filth The Master. And, time to get serious in my studies too. Well, not too serious. Just driven and fuelled enough. :) And, SM is becoming so boring and mundane for me, as Absence maketh the heart growth fonder, I think it's better not to waste too much time there, hanging around. Time management. ;) I feel myself maturing, forgetting past useless habits like wasting time at SM, doing nothing... Haha, I've grown!
Thursday, July 21, 2005
  A little about my school life.
Hey this post is going to be related to my school life, obviously.

Well, I'm having some intense fun with a strangely enough girl named Tan Yee Shin aka Tan Eat Shit aka Tan Gu Gu (wait long long in hokkein) aka Mrs. Chew aka Boonie Shin and the list goes on. I have declared that I'm her stead on Wednesday when me and her wanted to go to Compass Point for a Rotiboy feast. Upon hearing the declaration, Jiao Bin aka JelpFINE became so traumatised, that SHE grabbed my arm and said ,"Yee Shin is MINE! Don't take her away from me! I very scared leh!' Anyways, I'm female one, because I'm shorter. Then she abruptly abandoned me, just because of that Wendy and some other girl. Sigh I guess the Boy have to wait. Before parting ways, I broke off with Yee Shin. That's a very romantic relationship indeed.

Yee Shin sucks! Yee Shin cannot make it lah!

Anyways, there have been seat changes in my class. Now, there's a prisoner style of seating, each person will occupy a cell of a x-coordinate ranging from A to G, and a y-coordinate ranging from numbers 1 to 6. It's pretty much like a graph paper. So I'm incarcerated in this Cell D4. Great. My fellow inmates near my vicinity are Alden the Depressive Kid, Junjie the Ninja?!, Eveline the Outcast, Pin Jing the I-Have-Not-Found-Out-Yet, Adrain the Bear with the mind of a Pentium 4 HT computer with a 512 RAM blah blah blah, Lincoln the Uber Fast Typewriter, Calven the Chink in Detriot, and finally Darwin the Evolutionist or whatever you call it. I want Yee Shin to come nearer! I want to bully her! That's my only sane pastime in school. Please... Keep me sane, bring Shin nearer!

And, Mr Mok says he's SEXY. Doubt so. What a narcissist?!

Andm the school food officialy sucked. And the class have spammed the school with numerous suggestion forms saying Let Us Eat In Class! I have cooked up a notion of a mass Hunger Strike in the Parade Square, but no one seemed to be bothered, not a bit. Sigh. It works! Enough said, like what I wrote in the form.

Oh how great! The common test has been brough forward, which means no more clashes with Slipknot's gig! Hooray! But the CONs ultimately is that I have less time to study. DANG.

Ok I'll stop ranting here. Folks reading, have fun and stay (sic)! Haha, Slipknot fever is resurfacing! Damn the media, it's too commericalised, for Christ's sake!

Oh yes, last but not least, Yee Shin sucks. ;)
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  I'm getting lighter!
I have lost 2 kg without me even noticing it. Wow.

Maybe it's because of my school canteen's lousy offer of food that encouraged me to go hungry. That's definitely the reason.

So, yeah, my BMI index has reduced from a 19.3 to 18.4. Almost a whole number!

I guess, now I can indulge myself more since I've lost some weight. :p
Thursday, July 14, 2005
  Bizarro Rocks!

Bizarro rocks! Long live alternative humour!
Monday, July 11, 2005
  Presenting Babylon AD video.
As you have noticed, there's now a video streaming.

Well, that's Cradle of Filth's mega Damnation and A Day's Babylon AD (So Glad For The Madness).

Well, on lookers, enjoy this visua; insanity flung at your bestial eyes. \m/

And, don't pick up unindenifited objects such as cameras on toilet seats.
Thursday, July 07, 2005
  If I had a chance...
If I had a chance to learn some extra languages, I would surely choose German and Norwegian.

Reasons being, for German :

Rammstein being my hot favourite band, so I wan to cover their songs one day with ease and emotions instead of just mouthing the sounds. Rammstein is good!

Adolf Hilter, enough said.

I find German very intriguing, and an almost brutish sound but they still sound so majestic and full of meanings. It's intricate.

I want to learn German!


Dimmu Borgir, a true blue Norwegian band, has some briliant songs that were sang in beautiful sounding Norwegian. I want to cover them with ease and mastery as well.

Norway, being the ''Fatherland'' of Metal Music. Enough said.

Norwegian, just fantastic sounding. Enough movitation to spur me to learn Norwegian.

Ah wells, these are just my dreams. After the bloody Os then. =D.
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Soon enough... I will be a female vocalist in a Black Metal Band. \m/

Soon enough... I shall own a band, a black metal band, with heavy influences of the newly born genre Love Metal.

That means, my band will be covering extensively on HIM, Cradle of Filth (my chance to shriek like Dani with unbridled ferocity!) and maybe a little of Dimmu Borgir and Hammerfall.

Gosh! This is TOO good to be true.

Ok, I shall go think of a good and impactful name with loads of meanings to it.

Hereby, I sign a pact to Metal Music.

Monday, July 04, 2005
  I got it!

I got hold of my first even metal gig tickets -- Slipknot's 'The Subliminal Verses World Tour 2005' Live in Singapore, Fort Canning Green.

Joey and Corey, here I come!

Oh yes, second thing, I have no idea but I feel so bored and emotionless about magic and even flourishes nowadays. Maybe it's the peak of it, now is the maximum curve, going downwards...

Ack, anyways, it's about time for me to get serious about my much yearned fantasy of being a vocalist in a metal music band! It's time.

The dream of being a vocalist has been ingrained in me for close to 4 years. So it's about time. =) Maybe I can try asking Joesph if I could join his band or not. Woot!

Anyways, they got a record label deal already. Their debut album is called Unnatural Forces. \m/

Yup, the more I think about it, the more I want to delve deeper into the metal scene. \m/ Metal music is kind of my real soul saviour, when I come to think about it.

Metal made me feel truly alive, added new never-before-seen dimensions into my life. The more I listen to them, the more I feel attached to it. It's like signing a pact with the devil, selling your soul to metal. (ahem, not rock n roll)

The human destiny is forever limited by the idiocy of bureaucracy and the excesses of social expectations. - LingNemesis, 2007 C.E.

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