Thursday, July 21, 2005
  A little about my school life.
Hey this post is going to be related to my school life, obviously.

Well, I'm having some intense fun with a strangely enough girl named Tan Yee Shin aka Tan Eat Shit aka Tan Gu Gu (wait long long in hokkein) aka Mrs. Chew aka Boonie Shin and the list goes on. I have declared that I'm her stead on Wednesday when me and her wanted to go to Compass Point for a Rotiboy feast. Upon hearing the declaration, Jiao Bin aka JelpFINE became so traumatised, that SHE grabbed my arm and said ,"Yee Shin is MINE! Don't take her away from me! I very scared leh!' Anyways, I'm female one, because I'm shorter. Then she abruptly abandoned me, just because of that Wendy and some other girl. Sigh I guess the Boy have to wait. Before parting ways, I broke off with Yee Shin. That's a very romantic relationship indeed.

Yee Shin sucks! Yee Shin cannot make it lah!

Anyways, there have been seat changes in my class. Now, there's a prisoner style of seating, each person will occupy a cell of a x-coordinate ranging from A to G, and a y-coordinate ranging from numbers 1 to 6. It's pretty much like a graph paper. So I'm incarcerated in this Cell D4. Great. My fellow inmates near my vicinity are Alden the Depressive Kid, Junjie the Ninja?!, Eveline the Outcast, Pin Jing the I-Have-Not-Found-Out-Yet, Adrain the Bear with the mind of a Pentium 4 HT computer with a 512 RAM blah blah blah, Lincoln the Uber Fast Typewriter, Calven the Chink in Detriot, and finally Darwin the Evolutionist or whatever you call it. I want Yee Shin to come nearer! I want to bully her! That's my only sane pastime in school. Please... Keep me sane, bring Shin nearer!

And, Mr Mok says he's SEXY. Doubt so. What a narcissist?!

Andm the school food officialy sucked. And the class have spammed the school with numerous suggestion forms saying Let Us Eat In Class! I have cooked up a notion of a mass Hunger Strike in the Parade Square, but no one seemed to be bothered, not a bit. Sigh. It works! Enough said, like what I wrote in the form.

Oh how great! The common test has been brough forward, which means no more clashes with Slipknot's gig! Hooray! But the CONs ultimately is that I have less time to study. DANG.

Ok I'll stop ranting here. Folks reading, have fun and stay (sic)! Haha, Slipknot fever is resurfacing! Damn the media, it's too commericalised, for Christ's sake!

Oh yes, last but not least, Yee Shin sucks. ;)
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