Saturday, October 25, 2008
  Friday movie therapy again!
Went to watch Meirelles' Blindness this afternoon, the third consecutive time I have committed myself to a movie on a Friday, I think this has became a ritual of sorts. Haha, ritual or not, it's an awesome auto-healing process which the misanthropic Ling needs.

So this film was recommended to me by Kevin, saying it's somewhat like a quasi-dystopic film that I would enjoy. Damn straight (flourisher's pun), he was right! It somewhat reminded me of Plato's Theory of Forms - The Allegory of the Cave. As exemplifed by the blindness the people in the film experienced, this is likened to the one of the men in Plato's allegory, where everyone is deprived of sight and only could judge via other means of perceptions, everyone becomes brutish and inhuman and conditioned to remain callous (despite the fact that there was a slight peaceful moment in the movie). It takes a person to remain hopeful of the situation and remain visually-capable to mend the rest of the group. What I liked was the fact that the Blindness was a blindness that rendered people viewing in shades of white rather than the conventional black, which meant to me that it is a type of optimistic blindness that would change and purify people (as shown by the joy expressed when one blinded is cured of his malady).

End of movie ramblings now.

Why do I smell japanese food (chicken udon, I think) in the house at this ungodly hour of the night and when everyone is in bed? Speaking of that, I think it will make a good perfume - chicken udon scent. HAHA.

And, happy 20th birthday to Vika - my tea-drinking, Blind-Guardian-listening, nifty things, ugly-Lenovo-laptop, geeky friend! Have a great one!

It will be less than 3 months for me to hit my big 20th, speaking of which. Not a great thing!
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