Friday, September 26, 2008
  Of a makeshit aviary and eugenics-yearnings
So today, I was having a lazy afternoon nap on the living hall couch and enjoying the tranquil qualities of a nice afternoon (one that is not too hot, for once). Then my sister yelled the most blood-curdling and the most heinous sequences of screams ever, I tried to ignore her because I'd had thought it was one of her encounters with insects or bugs in the kitchen. Next, I heard her announcing the infiltration of two birds into the territory of our dwellings (the little balcony next to the kitchen to be exact), my attempts to feign ignorance had to cease as I jolted off the couch and out of the tranquil qualities I was immersing myself in the previous moment.

There I saw 2 creatures whose locomotion functions purely by the means of their twig-like bipedals and makes illogical deductions using their heads whose resemble the ones of our less intelligent forefathers - Homo Erectus. Not used to the sight of birds in my abode, I look upon their inflitration with slight fascination as they flutter around the service balcony and occasionally defecate upon the floor and *ahem* my family's undergarments.

Trust me, it isn't exactly nice to know your place has recently been converted into an aviary without any prior notice and that your undergarments have been their toilets. My inital fascination was swiftly transformed into a surge of unsurpressable agiation as me and my 2 siblings started hurling random vuglarities at those bowel-troubled creatures and tried to use our hands to do the "clapping loudly" gestures in a bid to intimiate them to their exit. Apparently that method wasn't too well recieved by those flying creatures as one of the duo continually flew towards a closed windowpane and subsequently mashing his/her/its yellow crown onto the hard glass, thus leading up to the thesis that they function based on illogical deductions as stated above. This situation also aptly reminded me of Jean-Paul Sartre's play - No Exit.

Me and my sister started encouraging my brother to do the "Man" thing by chasing the birds out of our dwelling. Inspired by our cheers, he sallied forth into the warzone and opened the windows wide open. Some comic relief of the encounter was when my brother said, "Heck! I am no Steve Irwin!" That made me lol-ed in real life.

Finally, those airbourne organisms figured their way out. And, I do not wish to describe the aftermath of their toilet-trip, for it saddens me to know that 2 lonesome birds could potentially cause some considerable destruction upon three humans' afternoon.

So much for some stupid birds.

Now, onwards to the second installment of this evening's entry. Eugenics-yearnings? Yes. I want to launch a program of eugenics. If there is an external history-maker for Planet Earth right now, I would register with great haste to be elected to be the next Hitler/Stalin/Kim Jung Ill and start the Vierte Reich and propose the Intellect-based-Holocaust. It's either the comments they make or the idea of bumping into people who make those insignificant comments without prior arrangment that causes me to cringe unceasingly. Spare me the agony of letting such content enter into my mindstream.

Your orchestrator of words,
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