Thursday, September 11, 2008
  I cannot take it any more.
I cannot bear it within myself any moment longer. Even with my minimal exposure (thank goodness, it lasted less than 30 minutes of wiki and youtube) with the Jonas Brothers have resulted in a violent surge of me yearning to cringe and say out out, "Oh my God, take that out of my sight!"

In case you are more kvlt than me, the Jonas Brothers consisted of 3 sexually-intimated (they also abstain from alcohol and stuff) homeschooled boys that sings nonsensical Disneyland songs that could be done without. I mean, one of the boys is only 15 years of age, of course, sex and drink are out of the picture. He isn't even of the legal age, for fuck's sake. What is this? A publicity shit? Oops, I got your tactic to attract pre-teen girls. >_> Go learn your algebra instead, you might have some chance of salvaging your mental capacity that way. This just reminds me of many secondary school people who think that getting an older friend to get drinks for them is something to boost about. And, those clubbing events that serves carbonated water. Get a life. Get a brain. >_>

And, homeschooled? Who in the right mind opts for that? That is a sure method to deny any chance of becoming socially apt and relevant, my poor boy. You are fucking yourselves up real bad.

And, I am not even going into the religion part...

What's more annoying is that their videos at Youtube has considerably same amount of viewerships or not more (28 million for 1 video!), than the true legend - Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, my friend. How can 3 homeschooled testertone-surpressing boys who hasn't seen any form of reality be any musically proficient than Michael Jackson? Why?

Because people watch trash and listen to trash today and neglect their grey matter entirely. Those impressionable kids. So, in turn, they become trash themselves and the cycle repeats. We live in a toxic wasteland of stupidity and that is making me feel very inhumane and very depressed.
come on ling...
the jonas brothers aren't that bad.
n i do think that nic has the talent.
how many kids could have sung/ can sing like that at such an age. there's nothing wrong with being home-schooled. in europe, being home-schooled is considered a better culture than going to public schools... and american public schools don't give kids that wonderful an upbringing, you know that yourself.
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