Saturday, September 06, 2008
  Done with free toiling and other things
So, my month long stint at the hospitals is over. I am relieved, because I could resume my long on-hold misanthropic activities and dwell in my own existence and live by my own timezone. Most of all, I need not face the idiocy and fa├žade of the general public. Wahey!

Other things include the procuring of a new laptop. Sad to say it is not a Mac product because of the fact that my Sony Mp3 Player functions on an entirely different basis which disallowed the means of "drag and drop", let alone say its compatibility with a Mac. >_> So, my new mechanical machine hails from Toshiba, complete with 4GB worth of ram with a Vista Home Premium. Not too bad a deal for it only costed slightly over a thousand. But this also meant I cannot abuse this spouse as liberally as I would on a Mac spouse, of which is highly resistant to domestic violence *viruses and crap*. Ah wells.

I am informed that Moltey Crue would be performing on Singapore soil on 16th October. I am slightly disappointed, because I was half expecting the organisers (Lamc Productions) to bring in something heavier and blacker. Apparently, they don't think in that manner. Le sigh. Nonetheless, I would be there on the day of the gig for a free listen to see what Moltey Crue is all about, since I heard from Vika that they are a real fun band to watch. =) I am still waiting for Cradle of Filth or Rammstein or Immortal or Opeth or Pain (if I am unrealistic) to arrive here. Such is a long and terrible wait. Meanwhile, I can settle for the arrival of Cradle of Filth's and Pain's new fugues and Cradle of Filth's book to satiate my innate auditory yearnings and feed my mind. *Halloween!*

I ran out of things to ramble.
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