Friday, September 19, 2008
  The babies are dying.
I am not one bit surprised when I am informed that the China-manufactured milk powder and other dairy products are contaminated with some malignant substance, in this case, melamine, which is an amine group (-NH2) and usually found in plastics, in case you are, like me, a proponent of the organic chemistry geekdom.

Melamine, with 3 NH2 groups.

Just wiki-ed melamine, it has 3 NH2 groups! No wonder the fatality it could incur in the infants.

Academia flowery aside, this just proved itself to me that doomsday is nearer than you think, which consoles me in a weird morbid manner. "The quicker, the better!" =D In addition, this also proved to me that the world is heading in the wrong direction with their current diet and ways of approaching things in life. Fancy adding this amine to seemingly make your product appear protein-rich? Folly tactic. Well, this is karma in your face, SanLu. You are fucked. =P

Why do I proclaim that the world's habits are getting ill? Everyone is merely looking for ways to increase their own benefits at the stake and risk of others, ranging from the individual level to the corporate level to the national level. Like my previous post about the Jonas Brothers, we have been consuming trash unceasingly, whether through entertainment quality or foodstuff-wise. What a senseless cycle. Gradually we don't know if we are consuming good healthy food or not. Just look at the latest McDonalds' advertisement tagline for their lunchtime offer - "A good meal doesn't need to cost much." McDonalds can never be good healthwise, my degenerates. There are countless examples everywhere, the list is non-exhaustive.

So what is my point of denouncing the world in such a dejected and otherworldly manner? This whole poison milk brouhaha is sufficient to point out we need a new diet, a diet that relies far less emphasis on heavy industrial treatment, a more natural diet. Even such a simple product like milk could get infected, what could be imagined for more complex ones? I would like to quote Albert Einstein here: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." There, Herr Einstein has put it for us in a very apt way.

Now that I have made my point, I shall fuck off to my pit.
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