Saturday, August 09, 2008
  Olympian spirit
I am somewhat inspired by the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony, no, I am not forgetting about the Tibet issue. And, no, I am not impressed their barrage of fireworks or massive parade of dancers and performers. Or how finely executed and planned is the whole ceremony is. Any rich nation can pull that off within months. 

I mean, just look at the spectacle when the sportsmen from all the countries in the entire world congregated in one place, standing in close proximity, waving and smiling at the crowd, as if forgetting the woes of the 21st century Earth is facing and the past (and ongoing) human-created troubles. Then the commentary went, "Look at the all athletes standing there! That's how the world should be like!" That's a very very very immensely powerful statement to make, and an extremely optimistic one, too. 

It made me warm and fuzzy for the rest of the evening while I watched on. Just as my thoughts went bleak about humanity earlier in the day when I contemplated upon mankind after reading some philosophy. Of course, it is much easier to declare that statement than to actually envision the physical change occurring. But, I really sincerely hope that countries would cherish such a time amidst this chaotic situation to take a break from money-earning, winning-prestige, feeding-one's(and the country's)-insatiable-ego and let the experience in the games be a timely and slightly overdue precursor to a global reflection of her own predicament. Time to reset your priorities, my friends! 

Is it really worth it to let people die for the sake of oil or other resources? 
Is it really worth it to restrict the other generations of the chance of viewing nature in its full glory for your industrial plans to jack up your annual GDP?
Is it really worth it to attack other cultures so as to let yours appear almighty? 
Is it really worth it to commit grave violence in the name of a divinity that you merely read in a book? 
Is it really important to appear powerful? 

What is really extremely important is to know that we are all humans on this planet for a time together, and let's just have a good time together. Shall we? 

Yours with hope,
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