Sunday, June 01, 2008
  The Kransky Sisters
Just got back from Esplanade, watched a comedy/music show performed The Kransky Sisters called Heard It On The Wireless.

"We are the Kransky Sisters, from Esk Queensland, Australia. That is Eve, on the left, and Mourne in the centre and the half sister - Dawn in the background."

Just look at how awesome they look. With generous amount of droll/deadpan humour, absolutely bizzare country tales to share, even weirder rendition of songs performed using a saw with a voilin's bow, old casio keyboard, toilet cleaner, spoons, pots, toy recorder. It's a sweet combination of strangness and delight. I especially liked it when Mourne and Eve insulted Dawn repeatedly for many insignificant domestic transgressions she committed - like making crop circles in the garden using a rolling pin when asked to mow the lawn, and Dawn merely looked ahead, and kept silent with a weird grimace in her face. Haha! One especially memorable tale goes by when Eve told Mourne that their neighbour was looking for their lost pet pig and asked Mourne had seen it while she was out in the garden. Mourne said no, she hasn't. Then Eve aptly reminded her that she was pouring cement to make a road with their neighbour's pig was around. Then, Mourne merely responded by her signature grimaced face. It's just so macabre, that it's bizzarely entertaining and appealling.

Oh, Mourne said in the end of the show that Singapore is such a nice place and has such nice food that you eat with those knitting needles. HAHA. She also commented that she liked the carrot cake with no carrot in it. Haha!

The Kransky Sisters performing Psycho Killer:

And Sweet Dreams:

It's such a rare occasion here to see comedy groups coming here to perform, I grabbed this chance to witness it live, and sure enough, I have no regrets!

If you have a chance to catch them live, go grab it! =D You will be immensely entertained.


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