Monday, June 09, 2008
It's the end of the first half of the school term, and it's holidays again now. I woke up feeling great after a very satisfying 9-10 hours of sleep, had my Ceylon tea and flipped to Channel 5 to my favourite daytime show - The Ellen DeGeneres show. Yay! So long since I am able to watch that, ever since I started my tutelage at a polytechnic. It's a gentle contented feeling, haha!

Then I went out for a solo movie outing at Cathay's Picturehouse, to watch Paul Verhoeven's BlackBook. It's quite awhile since I went for a movie at the theaters, with me being excessively picky in watching films in cinemas. Erm, let me recall when was the last time I watched in a theater, hmm it's either There Will Be Blood or Persepolis in February, heh. BlackBook is a pretty decent film, it follows a typical Nazi Germany Jew-dissents' Resistance plot basically. With my prior viewings of films like Sophie Scholl, this film was rather predictable, but still, it does stand out from the normal blockbuster Hollywood stuff, with a good story development and all. =)

I am still waiting for Forgetting Sarah Marshall to open here, bloody hell, why must they have to wait for months for it to reach here? I have been waiting to see Russell Brand on the big screen so badly... Gah. And, to add on to the annoyance, the DVD rental shop downstairs couldn't be any slower, both the DVDs for No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood have been released, and both aren't brought in to that shop yet. >_>

Anyway, anyhow, it feels great to resume my slacking schedule like the one after my As, although I need to study for the Radiation Physics ICA. And, most of all, no shitty Life Sciences lectures in a cramped LT (I spent most of the time there thinking other stuff anyway) and night Physics lectures from Soma!

Going swimming with my brother tomorrow morning! And, a movie outing with Kevin too! Sounds great! =D

On a an unrelated note, it seems that fooble doesn't like me. It obliterated my chatterbox. Need to revive it... soon. *procrastinate* In the meantime, you can leave a word at the comments box below each blog entry. =) Otherwise, this place is going to look so barren and desolate.

I have been thinking quite abit recently, due to reading a book on the summaries of the classic philosophy works. The concept of morality interests me suddenly. I was never too concerned about that previously. I read that Immanuel Kant proposed the idea that an action would be deemed as moral if the intention behind the action is a positive one, regardless of the consequences it will incur. On the other hand, John Stuart Mill said it's the consequences that dictate the morality of that action. I got to say my stance leans towards Kant's on this issue. It surprised me by the fact that I used to be rather close-minded (yes, I am confessing my foible) in slamming Kant down by the fact that he's Right Winged, he does have some good points essentially. Maybe just not provoking enough. Lol. Either way, I still dislike his a priori argument, anytime, anywhere. =D Nobody in the right frame of mind will accept any a priori deduction.

I am also getting interested in The World as Will by Arthur Schopenhauer, partially because his thoughts are inspired by Eastern philosophy especially Buddhism, I am really curious to see how a Western in the 1700s/1800s would view and interpret Buddhism. Heh.

Enough ramblings.
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