Tuesday, April 22, 2008
I met Yvonne in school today before I was about to depart school for home, it's a great feeling to meet someone you know for years in school. It made my day easily. I hope she'll be free enough for us to meet for lunch sometime soon. =)

I received a deck of Absolute Vodkas from Morten who is from Norway, very nice gift indeed. The deck is significantly thinner and they handle well for cuts. This made my day too. Thanks, Morten! Nifty namecard you got there too. =)

I also received my Subway membership card this evening, now my wallet is getting abnormally thick. >_>

I realised my blog is getting scant and very uninteresting, my apologies. I am developing a thing where I have difficulties getting my thoughts out in complete coherent sentences, people call it "Writer's block" I believe. I have no idea, but I know I have nothing much to rant about, since my teenage angst is largely gone. I'm 19, hardly a teen now anyway. Lol. Speaking of teenage thingies, I have been relishing my earlier days recently, by listening to my old burned CDs of songs I used to listen to obsessively in my lower secondary days. It was a highly pleasurable experience, to remain in touch with your memories from time to time and to just let go of your "worries about the future" and be noslagtic.

Like for example, when I clicked on "How you remind me" by Nickelback. My inner core just went, "Awww" and I kept a smile listening to it. That song reminded me very heavily of NCHS' Secondary 1 trip to KL, Malaysia in June 2002, of which the above song was on frequent play in my discman. I was only 13 then, such an incredibly young age that I have difficulties relating to right now. I remember very vividly the long night-long bus ride to the Firefly attraction, to the seafood restuarant at the side of the barren highway, to Coral Hotel where we wrecked havco by playing Hotel-Hide-and-Seek all night... It was just incredible, surreal too. I could recall Kailing, SiPing and some others who started a Truth or Dare thing in the tour bus, when I got interrograted by the entourage, I spilled that I have a thing for Alden. Such silly things... =P Good memories though. It's not something you will get to fool around when you start to reach adulthood. I wonder how people can get so conceited, fake, unnecessarily complicated and hypocritical in such a short time during their teenage years. If only people carry some of their purity in their lives, everything will be much more pleasant, no more backstabbing, no more stupid rumours, no more unneeded gossipings, no more bad karma, no more politics, no more mindgames. Isn't that much appealing than feeling constricted with doubtful thoughts all day long? =)

Then again, my sister would rebuke me but stating, "Things are like that! Stop whining and just do your own shit." True, but it's not a very pleasant way to think of things. One must always have a hope...
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