Monday, March 31, 2008
  The Battle Rages On...
I am so hungry.
I am so worn.
I am so tormented.
I am so deprived.
I am so in desperate need to get well, entirely and very much quickly.

I am so hungry because while you readers gorged yourselves mad with fast food/soda/chips/whatever delicacies during that whole of the past week, Ling has been surviving on a wild diet of water, thin porridge, milk and pieces of fruits. I am so hungry. What's worse is the fact that my diabolical toothbrush that I used previously carried the infection from my throat back up to my gums, infecting them altogether. So, I have red swollen gums that hurt (alot) whenever I attempt to chew something normally. Hard to imagine the level of agony, well, um, just visualise having sandpapers all around your mouth. ^_^ There, there, you're getting close to the stage that I am at. Then, deterred by this hellish experience, I get even hungrier.

I am so worn because having to put your body through a guantlet of pills and self-imposed hunger strike is not something enjoyable at all, self-explanatory. I got so worn out that I have been sleeping at 8/9pm and waking up at 10/11am for the past few days, and I still feel sleepy in the middle of the day. I don't (can't) even flourish now. I just can't. I try to do a few simple routine things, they fall apart in the middle. The deck is starting to feel funny in my hands... I try to distract myself being online, after half an hour, I got tired again, as in really physically tired. Thereafter, I just flop myself on my bed and stare at the ceiling and getting killed by the overpowering silence. I am so worn.

I am so tormented. I think I can skip this point, as you can sufficiently gather my level of torment from the above.

I am so deprived, hmm, not being able to eat decently for 1 week plus, being constantly tired, having a torture chamber for a mouth, go figure. Just don't let me smell anything. Even Satan has his limits...

I long to walk down the streets with a clear mind, good level of energy, and being able to eat well...

I am just glad that I am not needed to deal with school at the same time.
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