Thursday, February 14, 2008
  To break the hiatus
I stand here in apology for my abrupt lack of new entries, for recently, my life is really rather barren of interesting or groundbreaking news or events. You cannot expect much from one who leads the life of being cooped up at home majority of the time, indulging in online happenings and feeling constantly misanthrophic due to my lack of involvement in the society. =)

If you are so demanding to pry into my private life, I can divulge some details.

Ok! A good friend of mine - Scott, from England, London, had recently recommended me to watch BBC's (or is it Channel 4) Big Fat Quiz of The Year over at Youtube. It featured Noel Fielding and Russell Brand, amongst many other outstanding English entertainers. But who in the right fangirl's mind would care to remember any others' names when Noel Fielding and Russell Brand look completely smashing? To prove my point, I shall provide you with a very sufficient picture of them as below:The Goth Detectives are in the lead!
Smitten, aren't you?

If you are still in skepticism, I shall quote something from them;

The quiz asks what did a certain guy ate during some reality show. Noel Fielding and Russell Brand wittyly put, "Wine Gums, Envy, Pieces of Rainbow" when the correct answers are "Eyes, Kangaroo's Anus and a crocodile's penis". Brilliantly random! Got to heart them just for that one! I implore them spiritually to have a series of Goth Detectives show, it's just too good to be missed.

Next, I went to watch "No Country For Old Men" alone this afternoon. This is my second time watching that, actually. I couldn't stand the half-assed pixelated crap that I first saw online. =) Support the originals, children! Besides that, that movie is one where you need more than one viewing to let that experience sink in real deep. I left the theatre in utter *weird sort of* admiration and "liking" for the ruthless, no-frills killer Anton Chigurh. He grows in you slowly, like a virus. :P He's just damn... callous, to the extent of even surpassing Doctor Hannibal Lecter Himself, that's really an achievement.
Anton Chigurh and his signature weapon of intrusion and headshots.
You are fucked.
What's worse? Your fate could sometimes be decided on a coin toss.
Either way, you are fucked.

Bah! I cannot stand it. Anton Chigurh is destined to be the next cult killer icon. Just plain awesome. Next to rewatch/watch are There Will Be Blood and Persepolis. Heh.

Besides the reel and the telly, I have been reading Herbert Jr, Kevin J Anderson's Dune: The Bulterian Jihad, which is rather enjoyable. It is great to read about how did Frank Herbert visioned the beginnings of his epic Dune saga, especially about the origins of Fremen and the popularity of the spice-melange. I really hope the entire Dune series would be made into a series of movies like Lord of The Rings, it will be a great hit and it will surely make Frank Herbert proud. After all, I have never seen a series of novels so endlessly intriguing and entertaining, to remind you, the Dune series now stands at a total of 13 books and still counting. Lord of The Rings does pale in comparison now, hehe!

I think I have ran out of things to rant. I want to meet Ren Hui to go on some abandoned place tour/photosnapping fun and to wave at tourists, most importantly. =D
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