Sunday, February 03, 2008
  A premium Saturday and a pair of ruined feet
What about today? Well, it was a quite a premium saturday that I had today, as compared to my other saturdays in the past few weeks. Premium because I finally got to witness that equally premium movie dubbed "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" with another top-notch companion of mine. He dubs himself "Count Drasula" because he aspires to be a "neck-romancer" as he sweetly puts it. But I usually dub him simply as "Matyn", which he refers to as his imaginary self. Intricate, it is.

Alright! What about the movie? It consisted of indulging myself in the intense soul-piercing stare of Mr. Todd (Depp), wondering how much Helen Bonham Carter resembles Dani Filth in certain angles, very resplendent and plentiful of glorious blood, me relishing in how Judge Turpin (glorious Rickman) moves/looks/talks/gestures and how he threatened that silly boy lover and his locked up lover. I could almost smell the Snape qualities diffusing out of him. Glorious, glorious. I just hate it when Todd ended Turpin's life, it was a real tragedy, from a viewpoint of a Rickman fangirl. (Sorry to Depp, but I favour you a great load, too) I was like "No! Don't take his life!!! Please! I implore you! Don't!" Bah, dramatic dramatic, I know. But yeah, to see how such a beautiful man (with a great alluring voice) die is rather (very) heart-wrenching. Other epic scene was when Todd flunged Mrs. Lovett into the infernal furnace after a swansong fugue and a final dance (of mortality? Lol). It made Matyn laugh, so I think it's good. =) Anyway, to prevent anymore leak of spoilers here, I shall just say the ending was absurd and morality is an asshole! I didn't regret dispersing so much currencies to witness this particular film, for it was well worth the currency dispersed!

Besides the movie and an outing with a top-notch companion, today wasn't so premium if I were to consider the desecration of my feet after wearing my new pair of shoes. Blistered, they are and my archilles area (right foot) bled and I didn't even realised it after I came home to inspect my tortured feet. Fuck! It sucks to be a woman in this particular aspect. Til then, I just I will have to think along the lines of "Pain is pleasure" to sedate my angst. It works, usually. =)

Alright, enough of my mininature talk. I am heading to NTU's Biological Science faculty's event where they are screening a movie/documentary of how the DNA (deoxyribonuclei acids) is discovered and a FAQ session of their faculty. I am quite excited. But I am more excited about their lucky draw prizes, which are iPod Touch(es). ^^ Haha!

Ah, I need to repose now.
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