Monday, January 28, 2008
  Drudgery and reminiscence
I was out today with my mom to Orchard to do some shopping. I gotten myself a pair of seemingly comfortable shoes and had a hair cut, although it was more of a trim than an actual change of hairstyle.

Vanity matters aside, while I was out in town this afternoon, I saw many uniform-donning students out having fun with their classmates after school, especially on such a bad, moody day like Monday. I am acutely reminded of how much I miss school. I know. I contradict myself very easily. I used to loathe the process of going to school and being in uniforms, all the angst, non-conformity and jazz. Just being out of that system, and in the reality for a mere span of 2 odd months had already made me reminisce about the days being within it, I am doomed for full fledged adulthood. Haha. But really, life back then was much easier to deal with. You just have to go to school, open up your mind for a stream of information to retain and bear with the dull schedule of the school abit, and one school year will be gone. How very easy! Next, uniforms. First, they are relatively comfortable and definitely more airy than usual civilian clothes. Bah, I just miss the experience of entering LT5 on a nice morning, knowing I will learn something awesome after the lecture and getting entertained by either Mdm Anion (GP) or Mdm Sadiaah (Econs), both of which are great lecturers, I now realised! Here's an extract of what happened in one of the more memorable lectures;

Mdm Anion's 2007 AQ Lecture:
*students given a lecture exercise to attempt on the spot"
Mdm Anion: I know, you people [us, students] come from Third World countries ah! Cannot afford foolscrap paper! So I, kindheartedly, allowed some space on the paper for you to write on."
Me: Hehe, haha! Amusing. *follows to finish the exercise quicker than others*

Mdm Sadiaah's International Economics lecture 1:
Mdm Sadiaah: "... [sniped for brevity] governments cannot always opt for this policy, because they have as many opportunity costs as the number of pigeon holes in the staff room..." *tries her very best to keep a straight face for a few seconds, then burst into a fit of Sadiaahesque laughter*
Me: Wtf was that?! LOL! *tried to contain my hysterical laughter within myself*

Mdm Sadiaah's International Economics lecture 2:
Mdm Sadiaah: "XXX [student's name], if I catch you talking/sleeping one more time! I will make sure you go outside and buy 20 burgers, sit down and eat, I tell you!" *points at the not-at-all-disraught student, trying to keep a serious face to no avail, then ruptures into her signature laughter once more*
Me: LOL! Oh that sounds like a great example of the demand curve! Haha!

One highlight of my stay at Serangoon Junior College was last year's National Day/Thanksgiving (in a non-american way) concert. That was the bestestestest school concert I have ever, ever, attended. Everything was planned and performed by the teachers, students weren't informed about any performance details at all. Everyone was in utter suspense of what is about to happen. Anyway, not even one slight glitch in the equipments, sound, or whatever. It was just 2 hours of smooth great entertainment. I swear I never laughed so hard in a school compound. =D The introduction was already absolute ownage. It goes like this;

Emcee: "SRJCians, please rise for the arrival of the Guest of Honour."
*students, in their usual expectations of some old fogey School Advisory Chairman to show up, got up, not suspecting anything to differ this time*
* Star Wars' Imperial March tune started playing*
Me, in my mind: Oh, what the heck are they doing now?! *looks in the direction of the isle*
Holy smokes. There was Darth Vader sauntering in, complete with his signature breathing sound. The rest was history. =D The effort to go to school at night that day was not wasted. Heh.
Another epic scene was during the skit performed by the English Department. This scene was from the famous Shakespeare play of Hamlet, I believe. Mdm Anion threw in many many GP puns in her lines, sparing nobody a chance not to laugh. It was "... why do you always do this? Another absolute proposition!" and "To what extent was your love to him?" Abit forced now I think back, but it was remained very entertaining in my memories. =)

I went back on the first day of school this year, looked at the Staff board. Didn't see Mdm Anion's picture there, didn't see my J2 maths tutor - Mr Lee's picture. I am in sympathy of the future batches of SRJCians who will, regrettably, miss out on great lectures given by Mdm Anion. Too bad! And, Mr Lee was just a nice teacher who will stand beside you and guide you gently, even when you might be exceedingly weak in maths, like myself. Lol.

So much about year 2 in JC. There's one scene from J1 that is rather fond to me, it happened in one of the first few Chinese classes in 2006.

Ivan (I wonder how is he now): “老师,你是不是要我们写作文啊?
Mdm Loh: "我那么笨吗?第一堂课就要你们写作文害自己吐血?“

Bah. I miss drawing benzene rings. I miss counting chiral carbons. I miss getting pissed at maths. I miss feeling like a smart motherfucker at Biology classes. I miss that "Mixed Vegetables Rice" stall. I miss visiting Decknique.net at the computer lab. I miss GoodNews Cafe and their 1 dollar Tea. I miss drawing economics diagrams. I miss the times in lectures when people's desks fall and cause their belongings to scatter all around the floor and subsequently hearing them say, "SH-I-I-TT!" I miss trying my best to evade PE. I miss so many things. Contradictions. Contradictions.
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