Monday, December 17, 2007
  Life seems better, by alot, actually.
"What's up?", you might want to ask. Instead of the ubiquitious answer people usually offer like "Oh, nothing much, really." *insert yawns* I shall attempt to give a more exciting peek of "what's up".

Firstly, I have reached the ending few chapters of Christopher Hitchens' god is not Great book. One particular chapter - There is no Eastern Solution, irked me to a certain and significiant degree. The way he slams Buddhism is rather severe and unrelenting. He has given himself a serious concession by trying to pin everything possible to its end, in this case, it might not be neccessary. I would love to meet up with him. Over a nice cup of Ceylon tea, I will try my best to explain Buddhism and its pragmatic nature to him, and I only hope he will listen to it. Lol. Ugh. In his own words from the book: "A faith that despises the mind and the free individual, that preaches submission and resignation, and that regards life as a poor and transient thing, is ill-equipped for self-criticism." I could find so many misunderstood statements in that one single line. Not going to prosetlyze here, in case people think I'm a fanacial Buddhist-facist. Hahah! I just think the western mind is not receptive to Eastern way of thinking to grasp the gist of our culture accurately. Ah wells. Not going to be pissed by a single paragraph in the book, anyway. =D

Next, Kev will be back here in Singapore on Wednesday. Everyone will be happy. I cannot wait to resume the film-watching sessions with him. I reckon we should have a movie-stayover or what not. It will be a blast. Speaking of card flourishing friends and card flourishing, I have finally stopped procasinating and went out to film my footages for the video last week. I'm fairly satisfied at the output, considering I was constantly threatened by the volume of the incoming rain this monsoon has to offer. Yeah, if you even bothered to infer, my video will be an outdoors video. =) Now, it all boils to the editting problem. Being technologically challenged of myself, I have encountered many hinderances with the Sony Vegas 8.0 I downloaded. Half-discouraged, I think it's still better if I were to ask help from Jaspas or something. Haha.

My article on local politics has rendered some online retialiation. Haha! :P

Christmas is coming. As much as I cannot be bothered about this festival of consumerism, I must thank Jaspas for his gift - which is a nifty fabric-covered non-lined notebook. I foresee many deviant things and imagery in that book soon, but I will have to overcome the "I don't bear to write on clean resplendent notebooks" syndrome. Haha. Thanks, Jaspas! Oh, J, after almost 2 years of calling you "Jaspas", it seems vaguely strange that your name is Justin. Lol. Hmm, back to Christmas, I have 3 events on stimultaneously. A) KTV session with Justin (I make it a point), his girl, Leon and perhaps Kev. B) Family/Relatives Gathering C) Movie outing and monologue-giving/listening with Count. Drasula Matyn and his acquintance, we should be watching 30 Dazes of Blight. We will have to book tickets in advance or choke on the ropes of hope (I just love this maglinant foul word play of his, extremely sensual, eh?), if we were to take a gamble on that wretchful day itself.

On domestic issues. I have been having fun with my mom (oh, don't give such bad, boring notions about mothers) at home. She's getting cranky and really comedic on almost every action she does. It's quite funky. ^^

I want to buy "Kampfar's Kvass" album, but I am pretty much broke. Hate school-less life, no regular allowance.

Speaking of metal, yours truly and my friend - Darfina Carlito, has attempted to do the impossible - to initiate the First Ever Metal Festival in The Entire Span of Asia. To be even more amazing, we are focusing on the rarely-discussed and almost entirely-unheard-of Viking/Folk metal genre, we intend to bring in bands such as Korpiklaani, Kampfar, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, to name a few. To make this concrete, we decided to use an online petition. Metalheads and Pagan-lovers, if you happen to chance by this blog, leave your mark at Pagan Metal Fest in Asia Petition. Thank you! I can't play shit in terms of music, but hey, I am creating opportunites and making history. I think it's very kvlt still, don't you think? Haha.


No offense or anything, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that Singapore, by the way of life and upbringing was more western than eastern. Like, to give a radical example, Japan.
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