Friday, December 07, 2007
  Kitaro in Singapore

I just got back from my first non-metal/rock live concert experience, it's New Age this time, surprisingly. Haha. The artist is above-mentioned and as you have probably realised from my past entries I have ranted abit about him and his work and wisdom.

Now, about this concert today at The Indoor Stadium.

I was in an extremely delicately good mood at this evening, feeling at ease and full of the positive energy or metta, if I were to use Buddhist terminology. Haha. So yeah, the show started. There were more camera flash lights than the stage lights at first, that was rather annoying. After the first song which sounded totally alien (it's probably a new song, when I discussed with my father laterwards in the car). Then I wished there was the Song Name flashing out like how you would see from music DVDs. Haha.

I wasn't very sure of what song it was and in whatever chronological order, due to the fact that most Kitaro songs sounded fudamentally similiar. But I was very much sure they played Heaven and Earth, Koi (with a weird twist), Kokoro (not sure) and Matsuri. Of the last, I went totally ectastic and grinned like a total motherfucker and closed my eyes in total auditory rapture, my fucking dream coming true. It was my favourite meditation tune and my A Level De-stressor before I head to school for exams, besides Maha Kali, anyway. Haha. Rapture it was, I could almost ran down to the stage like what I did for Rudra, but I restrained, *reminds: not a metal gig!*. Sigh they didn't play Silk Road, it was quite a pity. They played around 2 to 3 new songs in total, and around 10 songs in grand total, in the span of 2 hours. I am quite taken aback by their rendition of a famous Hokkein song, originally by Soong Sisters.

Pretty darn sweet and tight sound. Cool lightings. A rather uncomfortable seat I had (it was quite hard). And one fucking briliant musician/composer/artist/thinker/peace-adovcate - Kitaro. I hail you, Kitaro. This tour was aptly titled! Love and peace everyone! Metta! Metta!


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