Saturday, September 01, 2007
Yet again, my all-time favourite teacher, Mr. Dalvey Neo, has successfully re-inspired me. We had a great chat at his table today when I went back to Nan Chiau High in the name of Teachers' Day. He's still the anti-religious, egocentric, extremely popular, cynical (although we have both toned down in that aspect) person that I absolutely enjoy talking with. I only got to know he is a deist today, which was relatively shocking, seeing how such a cynical person would still believe in a form of cosmic force or higher authority. I guess people do need a form of excuse or 'feel-good' factor to get by life.

After chatting with him, yet again, after so long of a hiatus, I certainly felt I have matured quite abit from what I used to be, even compared to early last year, when I was still into my rebellious/angsty/anti-Christian ways, which was redundant. I think I shocked, or surprised him quite abit by my recent decision to lean towards a more Buddhist stance in my philosophy and thought, which I am going to stick with for a long time.

All in all, I am just plain glad to have found such a great figure to look up towards, always up for a great chat on all things philosophical and everyday life, which never failed to make my day better. And, moreover, he listens to Pain, so that's another plus point. He introduced me to Nailbomb today, whose one of their song titles goes "While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World" and album name is "Proud To Commit Commerical Suicide". You just go "wow" when you know you have known such a great man whose musical tastes/thoughts are even more superior. Talking to him is such an pure pleasure, I just hope our friendship will last long into my adulthood and beyond, for I treasure such a great chatting/musing partner. And, I will definitely look forward to more book/music recommendation from him. Surely, I shall not disappoint him by doing decently well for my A Levels.

Mr. Dalvey Neo. You will always be my unceasing source of inspiration. Thank you, so much.


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