Saturday, August 04, 2007
  Five hundredth post
Sorry for that little posting-hiatus, dear readers. *the school's fault*

So, so, so, what's new these few days? You might want to ask me, like any human on MSN would. To complement this, I would like to say, "I'm doing fine, thanks. And, you? Good?" =)

Besides getting incessantly grilled by endless revision lectures, exercises and examination papers from other colleges, I am still amazingly alive. Only one thing in school made me smiled geuninely, my Biology teacher gave me a black file for topping the class in her subject for the Mid Year Examinations, it's not the file that mattered. It's her observation that I like black that made my day when I received the file. I really appreciate people like that, especially if she is only a teacher.

Next week is a good week, I do only need to endure one day of schooling, to be precise, since my Tuesdays are usually crappy. Why, you inqusitive people might want to question? Well, thanks to the separation letter signed by our Minister Mentor Mr Lee exactly 42 years ago that we, Singaporeans, are able to enjoy this 3 day long holiday this year - 2007. Thanks Mr Lee!

Besides getting pseudo holidays in disguise for teachers to flung more work at us, I am still optimistic about having a great time. My friendly Earth friend - Jaspas, has decided to throw a party on the National Day itself, we are to completely ignore the Parade on TV and all the 42th hype, to stone around, drinking sips of Vodka, I dare to visualise. Very eventful.

Speaking of Earth friends, one of them is leaving the Authoritarian state of Singapore for the liberal nation of The United States very soon, treat that National Day Party as a swansong for him. Will miss watching morally repungant and psychologically peverse films with him, for sure.

Bah, I ran out of ideas.

Yayzeez, it's my 500th post.
500th post wow!

its nice that you can have a rest and focus on your flourishing! and my video!!! dont forget about it ;)

just a little spoil for your readers...

holocaust is AWESOME!!!
Thanks for praising Holocaust. =)

Ok, I will remember to do the video, worries not.
42 is really a very lovely number. :)) And Vodka often inspires debates as to what the meaning of life is. Goodluck.
Haha, yeah, 42 is a great number. :p

Why aren't you online so of late? =(

Plus, your latest post on the Tolmin river drowning case made me shiver alittle. Your description of it reminds me alot of Hesse's Siddhartha. lol.
Because my sis decided internet is |v0l. :) That and I actually had better things to do for a change. Like study maths. =/ There's seriously no topic in maths that I hate more than Trig. I can deal with algebra. I can deal with vectors and geometry and functions... just... spare me on the trig. *shivers* Ironically, it's the thing I know best atm. =/ God, I hate trig. Yeah.
And I was out and about. I AM online quite a lot though. :) Just... at hours that are odd for you. :D
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