Saturday, July 21, 2007
Today was a relatively good start to an even greater weekend, I woke up rather early for a saturday - 9 plus am. Had a nice cuppa tea and was still wondering where did my burnt copy of Burzum's Hvis Lyset Tar Oss went. So I went to sift throught my morass of CDs and DVDs, no, I did not find the Burzum CD. Instead, I found all my old CDs that I have bought in my lower secondary school days - mostly rock compilations.

Wow!, I went, and I popped them into my player, hoping in vain to recapture the lost memories of my early teenage years. Yes it did recapture quite abit of memories. The CD that accompanied me in my secondary 1 KL School Trip, still so fucking good. All the scenes of me in the tour bus with the greatest class I have ever been in - Felicity, flooded back. The ferryride to see fireflies. The scene of having seafood dinner amidst the trip. The long climb towards the peak of Batu Caves. The cold-like-fuck hotel the school spent the night, we played hotel catching until the wee hours, and finding ourselves drugged with fatigue the next day. The barely enough time to shop at the insanely huge shopping centre - KLCC, where I remember I bought a X-ecutioners' CD from. The confessional session on the tour bus, where SiPing and KaiLing made me say who I liked, I said, "Alden." LOL. The photo-taking session at Malaysia's Government house - Putrajaya. I am amazed how I could remember such details. And also, it made me realised how fast time has gone by, and how great Felicity was as a class. I miss my days at NCHS, at Felicity, alot. I only can say I did not treasure my time there, which is a real loss and pity. Ah wells. I'm going to remain in close contact with those great people for a long long time, I foresee. Besides, knowing the fact that I have known Yvonne, Jia Hao, Aaron for around 8 to 10 years is really mind-blowing, knew them since my middle primary school days.

I guess it's a great thing to do, to recall the past happenings in one's life, it could be an overwhelming experience. Do it yourself, it's truly amazing.

I miss Felicity,
Ling, 21.
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