Thursday, June 07, 2007
Just popped by HMV the other day. Saw Rammstein's Voelkerball DVD standing tall and proud at 3rd place in the DVD Charts. I went =D. Didn't know Rammstein has such popularity here. Although a more discerning note to notice is that Slipknot's Voliminal DVD stands at second.

Damn proud. It means there's a chance of R+ dropping by for a feuerkonkert.

Es ist Gut. Viele Gut.

Anyway, I just went to Kev's place this evening for a movie. Watched David Fincher's Se7en. I am very impressed by Fincher's work til now. Fight Club was mind-blowing. Same for Se7en, although I have guessed the plot in the middle of watching it. It's still very skillfully executed and directed. Lust's murder was schweet. It's almost as brutal as De Sade. :P Did a read up on John Doe. I just like how well-planned and twisted this fucker is. Not to mention his calm composure. It's really essential for a killer to have that attribute. Heh. Then again, Kevin disagreed, he commented, "Kevin Spacey is that like all the time." Hmm. I guess there's more than enough reasons for me to check out Zodiac now, since his previous 2 films proved him to be very worth-while.

Ah. I have yet to get Marilyn Manson's Eat Me Drink Me. I am utterly low on cash. Ugh. This feeling is shit. To comfort myself, I read online reviews of the album, they said it sucked. I'll wait then, when I'll more money *hopefully*, then I will get it. Bleh.

Tomorrow should be a great day out yet again with flourishers. But I need to remind myself constantly that I need to study rather urgently. Fucking mid year exams right after holidays is bad. 4 months til I graduate from SRJC, of which I am very pleased and looking forward to. 5 months plus til I regain total freedom from studying obligations, afterwhich I will plunge myself into a frenzy of philosophy-reading, card-masturbating, film-watching, slacking, novel-writing, metal-listening. Sounds very wonderful for 7 months. *waits*

Back to cruel reality, I have school again tomorrow. *hmphs*

Til then,

EDIT: Got the Marilyn Manson CD. It was pretty okay. Liked "If I were a Vampire", "Just a car crash away", "Heart-Shaped Glasses" and "Evidence" over others. Was an okay purchase, I suppose.
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