Thursday, April 19, 2007
So the Virginia Tech Killer kid wrote a play called after a rock n roll song from Guns' N Roses - Mr. Brownstone, the whole world is going to point their fingers at the violent, anarchic nature of rock/alternative/metal music now?

This finger-pointing never ceases. Once in Comlubine Schooting, Mister Marilyn Manson and Rammstein got blamed for influencing the two killers because of their lyrical theme and all. Blame! Blame! Keep blaming! We are all dead-end kids anyway. See why the that South Korean kid got so infuriated? Stereotyping, classification of people, the entire act of discrimination. Fucking stop the blaming, assholes.

And, Mister Bush, fucking use your brain. If I were you, I will put forth a nation-wide ban of all firearms, no exception to anyone. It's a simple matter, why let it repeat again and again? I lament.

Anyway, I have not touch any form of fast food for the past 2 weeks. Personally, I think it's an achievement, especially in a world where you see those golden arches every-fucking-where you go. ^^ Also, not to forget, this is another programme that the magnanimous Big Brother has planned for the interns for all Outer Party members, we are required to stop all input of proletariants' lifestyle habits and all. Now, our diet consisted of Vic Set Meal, Vic Gin, Vic Cigs, new videos on our telescreens, 7 new razors free-of-charge, and the increased frequency of Two Minute of Hate sessions. It was rumoured that there were spontaneous demostrations outside the MiniLuv complex, the interns were seen parading bloisterously with extreme joy and gratitiude while brandishing their new razors and cigs. Some of the witnesses even saw a couple of the interns stamping on pictures of Goldstein and spitting on it with increasing frevour.

Haha! I love my personal devil's adovcate.

And, also, I started learning some latin and greek some weeks ago. Both awesome.

I have also started, or rather, re-started my meditation habits, thanks to the inspiration of Ram Bahadur Bomjan. I've been in a state of emotional equilibria for half a month now, this is good. Usually, when people pisses me off, I'd have violent imagery in my mind, like smashing their heads with glass bottles, visualising the foes being used as sexual slaves in Hell, stabbing them to death with swords, or if I am pissed with the school, I will visualise the school grounds on fire, and me grinning evilishly. But no! I have no haboured such thoughts for an amazingly half a month! I usually have an average of 2 to 3 imageries per day, and I have none now! This is amazing. Hehe. *continues meditation*

The dharma is complete,
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