Friday, April 13, 2007
  Long rant ahead. You have been warned.
You Are 98% Non Conformist

You're incredibly strange. And a weirdness like yours takes skill to cultivate!
No one really understands you. And you're cool with that. You just hope you never have to understand them!
Are You a Nonconformist?

Firstly, I am really honoured to have that high percentile. [big smile] My efforts ain't gone to waste.

Secondly, I am so inspired *still* from Ram Bahadur Bomjan, that I am comtemplating taking classes in meditation and learning it the proper way. I remind you, I'm not a wannabe or poser who gets influenced easily, as you can draw conclusions from the above online test, I'm not that sort of weaked minded person who gets manipulated by the capitalistic world we are in now. =) And, besides, I do always feel I have a higher spiritual calling to fulfill, and I used to read shitloads of New Age/Metaphysics, it's time to get proper. Yep, so I plan to learn meditation - Buddhistic styled, and have a 3 day long stint of continous meditation (Yes, you read it right, 3 days without stop/food/water). In fact, I am really very hyped up to do it now, at this very moment. However, unfortunately, I'd have to adjourn it to a much farther date due to my hectic schooling schedule. Will do it early next year, in a monastery. I will have to try very hard to convince my parents that I am not insane or mad though, and that will be doubly/triply a tough task to accomplish. But I am determined enough. I have in mind the aims of this big spiritual plan I am set to execute. They are: To have a peace of mind finally after 12 years of formal MOE Education, I want to have a retreat. I have a basic foundation of what my philosophical stance will be, I think a intense meditation will benefit and enhance this set of beliefs I hold. Lastly, I want a personal spiritual challenge. Sigh, I will have to wait until next year to do it. And, I hope my parents allow this unusual request. [waits]

From that, I came up with one fitting conclusion: The huam destiny is forever limited by the idiocracy of bureaucractic processes and the sheer excesses of stupidity and lack of foresight. [I claim copyright of that line, if you thought of copying it.]

Next, Jaspas have left Singapore Mainland for his National Service at noon today. I felt quite devoid now, I will have one less person to chat with. Until 2 more weeks, that is. [can't wait to see his new image, with the shaven head and tanned body] To have a final swansong for him, I met up with him yesterday to watch Smokin' Aces. Convoluted, weird plot, it was. And, the flourishes performed by the Bucks were the most sloppy ones I have ever seen done by The Twins. But again, Jaspas commented, "Of course lah. He's comtemplating suicide. Don't expect him to do [air-flourish a perfect kryptonite]" I nodded. lol.

"Thou shalt not speakth of mundane issues here." have been the motto of my blog with effect from today onwards, reading blogs that only describe teary break-ups, busy school lives, sucky grades and annoying parents must have been a great bore, aren't they? Heh.

On the other hand, I have finally attained the title of ''Glorious Citizen of Oceania-3rd Class" last week. It was good. Now, I am 24 posts away from being transferred into The Outer Party, where I am required to slog my life away for the benefit and honour of BB for a generous duration of 18 hours a day and then enjoy equally magnanimous gifts of Victory Gin, half-broken cigarettes and a new Telescreen, and the prestigious Two Minute Hate ceremonies. I cannot wait. I'm not trying to sound sarcastic. I am being doubleplushonest now. Vika told me that she re-read 1984 again a few days ago. I said, "I read Goldstein's The Theory and Practice Of Oligarchical Collectivism once a few days, so I can fully maximise my emotions during Two Minute Hate sessions." Vika said, "You win XD." Thank you. My faith in Ingsoc is unshakable, not a mere bit.

My brother commented it's a waste of money to buy Sunn o)))'s album, I beg to differ. It's a good diversity to my collection and it's good mugging music. I win. Haha.

Next, I recently burrowed a hell lot of books from the college library. I am really amazed (and slow to realise) that they store such awesome obscure stuff in the rusty corners of the shelves, which include, "Astrophysics", "Latin and Greek roots in The English Language" and "Star Names and Their Lores." to name a few. I consectively burrowed "A guide to Astrology.", "A Guide of Facism." and "Latin and Greek Roots in The English Language." in the span of 1 week. Heh. I'm a whore for books, you would have probably realised. Now, the library doesn't suck so much now, plus the fact they have a brand new copy of 1984, all the better. [Vic to BB!]

Next week is JC2 Common Test 2, weird, I feel rather prepared even without much mugging. Good sign or not? I don't know. I must thank my Chemistry tutor for drilling so hard on Organic Chemistry, I am 90% sure I have committed all the facts and stuff to my long-term memory. It's queer, I used to despise her, all the bureaucratic checking of work and crap, it did pissed me off a bit. I guess that is the love-hate relationship of schooling. Still! Mine leans more towards hate. For Biology, it has always been a case of remembering how the teachers described and their often-ugly diagrams, their voices are my writing cue cards. I am personally inspired by Jaspas for maths. GP. Newspeak Dictionary. Economics. The Great Mdm Sadiaah. She seriously pwnzorz most teachers. She requires nothing but a single marker and she could come up with things just like that *snap my fingers*. She is Solman Economics Textbook itself. Infallible. Ok, too epic. *stops*

Another note on my academia life. Considering I am one self-confessed slacker of a group member in Project Work who surfs net all the time during PW and spends time text messaging, getting a grade C is not bad already. Now, I have a cumulative 10 points ready in my University entry point bank, which requires a healthy 70 points for a direct safe unquestioned place in any course. I am 60 points away, thereabout. I admit I'm in a danger. *dies* Studies = spawn of Satan. Ugh.

I think there's limiting factor in my flourishing now. Everything stagnates, I'm practising the same old fucking moves over and over again. Jaspas said, "Don't let it be your saturation point, not so fast." I agree. I need The Trilogy to re-inspire me, to make me feel n00b once again. The cuts in the DN Trilogy Trailer was delicious enough.

I haven't touched a drop of Tea since weeks ago. This is not good, definitely. I need to get my lazy arse out of that chair and buy a dozen of stachets. Like. Now. *continues to sit here*

The process of reading Palanhiuk's Haunted was a whacked one, eg. "hacking off toes to fight hunger because the landlord - Mr. Whittier died". It was very ROFL-inducing, not to mention the Foot Reflexology lady which made the most impression on me. Speaking of books, I haven't went to the national libraries for months now, showing how filthy rich I am, getting books from bookstores. ^^ Thank you. :D I am thinking whether I should get Hunters of Dune, I actually sat down and thought the opportunity costs not because I lack the money. Because the book is written by Brain Herbert The Son and Kevin J. Anderson, of the latter, cannot write sci-fi for nuts. It's a risk to get it, but I need more Dune to satisfy my Spice-Agony. My eyes are forever stained blue and orange stimultaneously from the melange and Water of Life respectively. Lol.

I think I have ran out of things to rant about. Scheisse.

Lastly, being a Word-whore, influenced by Newspeak Dictionary forums, let me count the words here, it brings a grand total of 1361 words!

Ling "Nemesis"
Friday the 13th.


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