Thursday, April 05, 2007
Recently, things have been such a blur around me, the school, the people, the fake smiles I put on for people, the even more pretentious laughter I had, the work I have incessantly scribbled and of course, that constant shift of consciousness and unconsciousness during school.

The dread of school, the dudgery of it. Dull as an old knife. Monotonous as a speech giver.

Every week, I embraced the thought of a good weekend out with friends, just chilling, chatting, flourishing, drinking (sometimes), and just leaving my mind away from school and all its related issues, for a while.

But now, those once-fun, worth waiting for congregations are dwindling to their demise, the perpetural sense of staleness around, we meet, asked the same questions, got the same answers, talked about almost the same things, went to the same places, did the same things. Nothing is exciting any longer.

Plus the fact that two of my favourite hang out(s) has closed down, namely Street Magic and Tricky Business, made everything worse. I started my *awesome and very fruitful* forary into the world of magic and flourishes there, had many great memories and laughs with the shop demostrators like Daniel and Ada. They showed me alot, and taught me alot, and last but not least, cheered me up despite over-charging of their services. I couldn't be the Ling Nemesis now if weren't for Street Magic, I'd be a hermit who listens to metal and can't do any shit. The memories of my first stage flourish experience at Magic Unlimited 2005 was bittersweet, those back stage trembling, those damnable new decks, the cheers from the crowd, the fact that I showed the general public that girls can flourish. It was really an heart warming sensation.

Tricky Business. Another place brimmed with memories. Jimmy and Mark. Those 2 guys made my year in 2006, endless laughter over lame jokes in the small shop, the whole fabrication of Jimmy being my Godfather and Mark liking me and causing Daren to be envious of him, it was too funny, I played along. We went out to eat often, watched movies, drank (alittle!). Jimmy even gave me a Christian name, he wanted to call me Monday. I insisted on Alexis. There were no apparent conclusion to this naming session. What used to be a Must-visit place whenever I am in Bugis was no longer now, I am incensed over the sorrowful fact that I will enjoy less laughs now. I seriously wish I could go back, to listen and be amused by Jimmy's jokes.

I now declare social life is inversely proportionate to age.
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