Tuesday, April 17, 2007
I am absolutely delighted at the prospect that the new cafe at my school, also known to SRJCians as Good News Cafe, sells professional tea at an affordable price of $1.20. And, besides, so cool is their menu! Baked potato, muffins, salad, sandwiches that actually look tempting, a counter that looks professional. Tea enthusiasts from SRJC, like myself, now have a place to indulge their parched throats and then, subsequently, suffer from a throat orgasm. They store tea packs from Earl Grey to English Breakfast to Deejarling to Ceylon. A real pleasure and sight to behold and taste. Plus, the cups they use are not the usual tacky ones you see in school canteens. They are the ones that resemble from coffeeplaces, a real breakthrough in the school eatery history. Monumental it was, I went berserk and plunged myself into the *long* queue and gotten myself English Breakfast. Sat down on one bench and stared at the lonely steaming cup as if I were some sexual predator, ready drink it up good and dry. After much fumbling with the sugar packs, I took a legendary sip. I looked up with my spectacles fogged with the tea's condensation with a ear-to-ear jackass smile, this is the first time this year I felt fulfilled in the school premises. Heh. I forsee myself a tea-o-phile regular at that cafe. It's a good future, too. Tea-drinking.

Tea is good. Tea is God. Tea is infallible. Tea is everything to you. Tea never betrays his Country. Tea is doubleplusgood. Tea refuses to be drank by dirty proletariats. Tea is adovcated by The Party for increased work productivity and awarness of dissents. Tea is unlimited in supply. Tea sourges the tongues of UnTruthful Thoughtcriminals. Tea is good. Drink Tea. Today.


As you have observed, my ranting skill improved by leaps and bounds. This is a predicted outcome of being a comrade at the Newspeak Dictionary. You just cannot stop rumbling on and on, because why? Word count is essential for medals!

Tea-lover, I wonder if Tea has an extra-martial affair, if he did, I will fight for my rights,
"Tea is the definition of Love."


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