Friday, February 16, 2007
  Festive mood
Twas a tiring week generally, especially today. I believe I have been out for at least 12 hours today. To keep this paragraph-free, I shall post in point form:

- Witnessed the worst Chinese New Year concert ever, and coincindentally, it was SRJC's. God, it was so uneventful and diluted.
- Went back to NCHS, the place which I missed dearly. It feels odd looking at those secondary school kids, they look small, weird. Lol. Everything looked small, the serving of canteen food, the hall. Ah wells. Not like I'm a Gandalf or anywhere near.
- Hung around NCHS, I was looking at the table where The Felicitians will congregrate in the mornings, and those corridors with much nostalgia, hoping to revert back, thought unsuccessful. Ah, how I appreciate those strong friendships with them, so much joy, so much jokes, it's almost perfect. Okay! Enough of being an emo.
-Met the Good 'ld Mr. Neo and chatted with him, I realised I converse with greater maturity now as compared to those when I was in secondary school. The angst, the rebellion, are certainly gone within me. Bah, I just love how me and him talk, with such cynical tones and sarcasm. I still must hail Mr Neo as the best teacher/guidance I'd ever be bestowed with, for he is paramount, in all ways possible. I have yet to educate him in the ways of ordering a Subway Sandwich, he says it looks complicated. Lol.
- My second favourite teacher, and equally cynical as Mr Neo, Mr Mok left, much to my chargin. He left for SJI. Ah! I can chat about him with Shade and Adam! What a small world.
- Watched Epic Movie despite many obstacles.
- Still preferred Scary Movie series.
- Went home shit tired.

Otherwise, I am in the festive mood. Can't wait to go visiting Jaspas' house, cards, alcohol, red packets, flourishers equals unlimited joy!

I did a roman salute in front of a picture of Herr Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and went insane over the Hitler Youth League's dagger at Caesar's. Rh agreed that I'm a facist pig. I am not! [defenses herself vehemently] The bloody dagger is fucking $189. But it looks fucking impressive as well. Me wants! [writes on Wishlist to Santa]

I am off to watch Volkerball again,
LingNemesis, at your service for more nonsense.
16th Feb 2007 C.E.
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