Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  Wake up call?
The sensation of being immoblised and the images of falling into endless pits of infinite darkness is still very much fresh in my mind. Well, last night, in the middle of my sleep, I was suddenly jolted into a very queer 'dream', which consisted of me falling into neverending pits of darkness, causing much panic and dizziness in the dream. I wanted to wake myself up from this almost terrifying dream, then I realise I couldn't command a single bit of my muscle. I believe this hapless sense of panic lasted for a minute, I estimated. In this span of time, I recall hearing Kampfar's Lyktemann playing faintly in the background, with that wrathful growls, deepening my fright. Using all my willpower, I finally managed to prye open my eyelids which weight like lead bars. Lyktemann was still heard by me, this diabolical cacophony of agnoised gutteral screams. Rousing myself up, ableit finally, I see the CD I have been listening to before bed. Nemesis Divina by Satyricon. That damned eagle on the CD cover looked into my eyes forcefully, even though the room was very much darkened.

I said to myself, "Oh no... Can't be black metal that caused this fucked up thing." I entertained myself with endless questions like, "Possessed?", "Satan's here?". Then, I could almost feel myself speaking in tongue. The Christain Hebrew tongue. Thank Loki that I controlled it, otherwise, I'd be scared shitless.

I fearfully lied back on the bed, looking up the ceiling, thinking wildly.

Is it time for me to quit listening to Black Metal?, I questioned myself.

Or, denouncing such blasphemious unevidenced claims, would it be caused by uncomfortable sleeping positions? Not enough rest recently? Low blood pressure? Rapid eye movement during sleep?

I have no fucking idea. All I know is that I want a good, uninterrupted night sleep today.
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