Friday, January 12, 2007
One week of blogging action absence is the result of an extremely (well, quite, if I choose not to exaggerate) hectic work schedule. School everyday until 4/5pm on on average, plus many other (quite unneeded) CCA obligations and ectera tra. I feel myself seeping away into the cracks and crevices of my skull, my back forever stiff from sitting still in class and my sleep never really sufficient. I wonder to myself, "Is any of these really essential? Everyone is getting so tired and busy, over stuff that seemed trivial. They have the wrong priorities, man." as I descend into the abyss of melancholic misanthropy once again, like always.

Amidst all the buzz, I longed for a day where I could awake early fresh from a good night's sleep into a world where I could read my favourite novels whilst breakfast and listening to the glorious sounds of the nature. Followed by practising card flourishing with my music player on with metal until evening, then I would go for a stroll in the forests and some meditations. All these without phone-calls, text messages, people telling you to attend this, to do this, to complete that, to reach a deadline, to follow timetables, to observe rules. Just you and the nature. [I am very much inspired by Die Grosse Stille]

Putting aside my sorrows that many would dismiss for being impracticable and escaping reality, my 18th birthday is getting nearer by the day. 16th Jan is the day, people! I will be finally legal, I can consume intoxicating drinks, contribute to the negative externalities to non-smokers, watch shows that contain nudity and more violence when we are bound to bump into Porn websites or slasher films even when we are 10, cause the emission of Carbon Monoxide into the air. Yay! I want to be 18. I have absolutely ran out of ideas how to celebrate. Everyone seem so busy. Bleh. I'll be honouring late Dead Per Yvgne Ohlin's birthday as well, yes, I share the same birthday as the man who sounded like a possessed man from Hell while doing vocals and who killed himself using shotgun. Rest in Eternal Peace, Per Yvgne Ohlin. You are remembered.

Will be going out to get a life on the morrow with Valie, (perhaps) Huron, (perhaps) Adam for my mini-birthday celebration. I have no idea what to do as well. Everything seem so boring. Ah wells. Will be visiting Jaspas at Tampiness Mall and perhaps we might drink. :P

Remember my Gen Y PlayBox Review? They finally sent me the Prize. It's a $30 cheque. Pfft. Bleh. Going to use it to get Dan and Dave's Trilogy DVDs.

Other than that, I'm contemplating to perform Flourishing during Chinese New Year, I need stuff in my Graduation Certificate. So, expect something visually astounding to come your way!

My heartbeat decreases itself into a nil,
12th Jan 007
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