Monday, January 22, 2007
With one step closer to changing my current CCA which caused me much woes and depression recently, I feel very much relieved, ableit the fact that there's now some metalheads in the club. I still feel that the need to struggle through the (often tiring as hell) sessions and having no musical background (except for air drumming, sometimes), it was really quite exhausting. Ah wells, I'll be talking this to the teachers soon, afterwhich, I will be liberated! [smiles] I must say I learnt quite abit about recording/microphone-knowledge/singing/cello/keyboard chords, though. It was an pleasant experience nonetheless, just that I have to prevent myself from getting too tired from school activities.

Would be transferring to Mind Games aka Chess-Nerding-Weirdo-Geeking. Where, I heard from YL, they only require once a week meeting that lasts only one and half hour. That rocked. =D Ah wells, at least I have the prior knowledge of chess, both international and chinese. Plus, Yik Kwang and Barry, my sec 1-2 classmates are there! I think I will be able to fit in there just nice.

Enough of CCA. That word has almost driven me to madness.

It is so refreshing to be able to watch Flourish videos at the end of each tired day, to be dazzled by the spinning packets, the languid movements of those delectable fingers and pasteboards, the fanciful twists and turns. They are like the visual escape from this ugly world. Loves flourishing to its death.

My Chinese New Year Flourish performance is now 90% confirmed, only lacking the technican's (positive) reply that the camera-projector setup is feasible. This will be my second time performing flourishes on stage, *recalls Magic Unlimited 2005*. Jaspas said conquering the stage fright is the easy part. Riiight. I hope this will spawn my series of performances (for my Graduation Certificate!) in school, and gain enough experience to do it for the media afterwards. Now I need to familiarise myself with the move-sequence.

I acquired an Anne Rice book a week ago, the erotica stuff that she wrote under pen name, Anne Rampling. I must say they are delicious. :p

Marilyn Manson the God of Fuck Himself just left his wife, Dita Von Tesse. What the hell is wrong with that guy? Dita is the paragon of virtue and beauty, how can anyone reject her?! It's impossible. And Manson refuses to see her again or to provide her with finanical assistance. I guess my role model image is tainted now. I was still hoping to see if they do have any kids in the future. Sigh.

I need to muggerify myself for Common Test 1.

I didn't know Vika was such a House-addict as well. One more common interest tick in the list.

Mephistopheles now owns me.

I should go continue reading my Anne Rice book,
You din really look THAT nervous on stage the last time. just dont frown like something is going really really wrong. i vaguely rmb some ppl doing that. JIA YOU! =)
Oh okay. I will just do my best up there. =)
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