Friday, December 08, 2006
I can't listen to them. Watching them is even worse. I can't stand the power of steel, brotherhood of metal, fight till the last man is devoured by a giant rabbit bljah.
- Vika on Hammerfall.

The sky was full of funny things that year. There was a rainbow during Hammerfall. I'll never forget that one. We were jumping around in the mud screaming Gay pride.
- Vika on Hammerfall and unforeseen manifestations of rainbows.

Shockingly enough I never read anything about Cthulhu.
- Vika is wasting her life. Sigh.

Vika: The most known book is the Year of the Hare. About a guy who's going from a trip with his co-worker. They stop by a forest because... I don't remember why. And he goes into the forest to see what the noises he was hearing were. He found a little bunny and decided he isn't going back to the job he hates, the wife he hates, the friends he hates.
Me: Alice in Finnishland!
Vika: LOL!
- Vika spoiling a story for me.

They're angels compared to Dissection or something like it.
- Vika on Rammstein. =)

Most tr00 metalheads would say you didn't miss anything.
- Vika on missing Dimmu Borgir's gig.

I block and delete them. They usually buzz off if I tell them I don't like kids.
- Vika's 101 tips to ignore a mallcore metalheadzzz.

I just don't like them. They were here on a fest in the summer and my cousin and I stood there for 5 minutes and decided going to sleep is a better thing to do.
- Vika on Dimmu Borgir again.

I like your writing style.
- I feel flattered.

Vika: Yeah, it is amazing. It's been a while since someone confused me like you do. All the names and everything, I never look into the band memebers and I rarely remember the titles or CDs... even if I know them by heart.
Me: Haha. Yes, metal is my religion.
Vika: LOL
- I need a life.

I can teleport to Singapur and you can see Immortal.
- Vika being generous.

That's it! Till then, go melt your brain in front of Mediacorp shows!
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