Thursday, November 23, 2006
I can't even remember when exactly I have flourished for more than an hour straight. Been too long. Due to incessant work and school, the first draining away all my time away.

Yesternight saw the crazy 8 hour long flourishing session by myself, spanning from 8pm to 3am. Plugged to my headphones with a good source of metal songs, cards in my hands, and flourish away. Yay. It feels good.

Other things, I loathe Singapore's censorship so bad. 3 days into the release date of Völkerball DVD, and not one copy is out on the shelves yet. And visiting Herzeleid.net makes me feel even more agonized, seeing people from other countries already have their Limited Edition (which costs US$100).

Still on the censorship, I look at the movies that are opening soon. 80% of them are either M-18 (50 or so days to go!) and R-21. Come on, shows like Tenacious D - the lame-ass comedy of Jack Black, are M-18 due to coarse language. Oh pleeze, kids are cursing "CB", "KNN", being exposed to various forms of violence in games, internet at ages as young as 13 or so. I don't get it. This world and society is going retrograde. Let's go back to the caves, tribespeople! Hiaz.

It's good to be the Little Horn,
23th November 2006 CE
Have been anxiously waiting since the supposedly 20th Nov release date!! Tried to ask the staff at HMV and Gramaphone, but all were none the wiser :(

Hope we'll get the DVD soon!
Those staff is baboons. =( Ugh. I'm dying from the wait!


Btw, you are?
actually.. i'm just some random person.

your blog came up when i was googling for it. :)
I saw the DVDs in the CD section of the local "mall" today... Rammstein are popular enough around here to actually be in the CD sextion of the local "mall"... I felt sorry for you. =/ There I was, holding Voelkerball in my hands and put it back on the shelf, and you still haven't got it.

I usually feel like that when it comes to the Cinema. The worst was when every single foreign person I knew had already seen Saw and it wasn't even out yet here. -_-

But it doesn't happen when it comes to metal. Our metal (and wanna be metal and emo and the rest of the "darkers") scene is too big for that. =/ Not that I'm complaining.

(I'm sick and stuck at home and cranky, sorry. XD)
Ugh. I hate youuuuu.


Damn HMV, call me with good news soon!
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