Sunday, November 05, 2006
  Die Große Stille
With no idea of what will be confronting me, I sat down at my seat at the National Museum's Gallery Theatre and embraced myself with the thought that I am about to sit through a nearly 3 hour long film. With no dialogue or background music. At all.

Darkness, grainy imagery, red candles flickering are things that greeted my curious, unknowing eyes. After getting myself comfortable in my seat, I placed more focus on the film. With the monks shifting their feets around the chapel in darkness for another good 5 minutes, my ears are taking notice of the silence of the film. Shifty I am, with eyes darting around glancing at who's seating near me and much thoughts in my mind, I have yet to be subdued by the silence. Yet to learn the appreciate the silence. Yet to integrate into the silence.

More imagery of the monastery life, monks getting initated, praying in their solitary cells, washing of plates, shaving, shoving of snow out of pits, prayers, trees, the aerial view of the monastery, hymn-singing sessions, walking along the hallways, eating, cooking, walking up the snowy hills, rains. The sequence of the above repeats, loops again and again, maintaining its solemn pact for absolute silence.

Soon, an hour into the film, surprisely, the thought-filled mind of mine transformed itself into one that gave thoughts into the rich imagery that the film offers. My ears, following suit with my mind, grew accustomed to silence. It's quite an achievement considering I'm on drugs for metal almost 24/7. To the extent of feeling uncomfortable if I were to shift my posture in my seat as they caused considerable amount of noise. Now, I am in the monastery. I am the monastery. I am silence.

Soon, the film was over as soon as I am getting increasingly appreciative of the eternal silence. I stepped out of the theatre, commenting to myself, "What an unique film!", adding, "I haven't wasted 6 dollars."

Sure a refreshing piece of work, and an obvious achievement in the documentary genre. If you are free for 3 hours and 6 dollar rich on next Friday night, treat your tired ears to a feast of silence and be mesmerised by it. Today's noise-polluted generation needs a dose of this. I assure you that you would come out a different person with greater appreciation for images and silence.

I rate this 5 sound-proof rooms!

For more silence: Here.
I'm fascinated by the description, I've just failed at an attempt to find a cinema hall around here that would might be playing it, but I'll keep a lookout.
Oh. It's part of Singapore's 10th German Film Festival. =)
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